Black Housekeeper: A Dying Breed?



Hello everyone!  I apologize in advance if this post is rambling or maybe angry but I am so frustrated.

I hate my housekeeper ok.  She is poor and black and I’d fire her except she works for low wages and is easy to control.  She is not allowed in our bedrooms EVER and as of late she has been getting sloppy and unorganized.  The linen closet is in shambles and I am constantly finding spots on the hardwood floors.

Maybe it’s her age or her disrespect of me but I will not tolerate it.  She calls me Miss Jenny which I’ve always found endearing but if she keeps this up I am going to ask my husband if we can fire her.

She brings her own disgusting “lunch” if you can call it that and I do admit that I spit in her coconut oil.  It just makes me feel a little better after dealing with her subpar performance.  I used to not even mind when she would be in my home but lately I am feeling very anxious about it all because I think she is trying to sabotage me on purpose.

I find her giving me looks from the side of her eye and her tone of voice is different.  As IF I am some sort of peasant.  She should be lucky we pay her at all.  I know she is on welfare and struggles to take care of whatever black children she has stacked up in her trailer home.

Franky, I just will not tolerate disrespect.  My children know that there is to be NO sass mouth or back talk and I certainly will not take if from a lowly employee ok!

Paula, I am watching you.  You do not want to make Miss Jenny angry because I will take you and your family down.  I am the Duchess of Baton Rouge ok you already know I am not one to me messed with!

Friends, let this be a lesson that if you hire “professional” help to come into your home make sure they are aware of the boundaries of respect and class.  Just because I am rich and basic royalty does not mean that her envy should over shadow her JOB that she is paid to do.  Thank you!

I hope you all are enjoying summer. The humidity sure does take a toll doesn’t it?  Jajaja!

Hope to chat soon, love you!





Father’s Day: A Tribute



Hi everyone!  As you may have noticed my Twitter account has once again been suspended.  In the meantime I will still be blogging and using Instagram.  Find me at jenniferjuanitamayers thank you!

Today is Father’s Day.  I have been thinking of my daddy all week long and pondering what life would be like today if he were still with us.  He taught me so much at a very young age that has shaped me into the woman that I am.

I was never very close to my mother, we didn’t share that “connection” that a mother should have with her child.  Instead my daddy was my best friend.  We played together, he would hold me in his arms, sleep in my bed and hold me in a way that made me feel so safe and loved.

I remember endless nights of cuddling and his hands against my skin.  He would whisper in my ear how much he loved me and that I was his favorite little girl.  He showed me God’s love and what it was to be a child of Christ.  Other than my husband, he is the only man to touch me in that way.  I miss him so much but I know that he is in heaven and proud of me.

I just wanted to take this time to say I love you daddy and I will never forget you and the cherished times that we shared.  Sometimes I think I  can still feel your mustache tickling my neck jajaja!

I hope you all are celebrating your own father today with love and respect.  They deserve it!

Thank you so much for the love and support.  I love you.



An Evening Poem from Within

As I weep into my palms I watch a sunset overhead

Oranges Yellow Green against the horizon God created

My daughters surround me and stroke my hair

Soft and ebony with youthful vitality

We embrace and hold hands and cry as one

Weeping in harmony at the beauty before us

On our knees we give praise to Him

Screams of gratitude and whimpers of meekness

We are His

We are One

I am The Chosen.


  • Jenn

Roseanne : America’s New Martyr


Hi friends!  I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged but after today’s events I felt the need to speak out and express MY truth and MY freedom of speech!  The witch hunt against Conservative females has to stop.  Roseanne Barr tweeting out an ACCURATE description of Miss Valerie Jarrett has caused an uproar unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Look at the pictures above and tell me if you can tell the difference between Ms. Jarrett and the “ape” from “Planet Of The Apes” — the 2001 version of course,  I know I sure can’t!

Why are we punishing strong females for telling the truth?  What is the mainstream media so afraid of? Why resort to bullying and hate and the public crucifixion of such a beloved figure?  This will NOT stand.  The “woman” does look like an ape and I will scream it from the rooftops of every home and chalet in Baton Rouge.

And it has to be said that I am hurt and disappointed by these so-called celebrities who are now turning their backs on Roseanne and distancing themselves from her.  Shame on you!  Shame on you!  I absolutely stand with Roseanne and will not give up this fight.

I hope this ape lady is happy and munching on her bananas and throwing fecal matter like the other monkeys in the “hood” – Trash!

Roseanne is a classic and I have loved watching this new season with my daughters.  How DARE you take this away from families across this nation who have supported and appreciated her humour.  You will pay.  I hope you are proud of yourselves.

Maybe Ms. Jarrett shouldn’t look so much like an ape if she wasn’t prepared for the comparison ok?  Stay strong my friends, this is just the beginning.  Together, we are stronger and we WILL win this fight.

#IStandWithRoseanne  #Roseanne #MAGA #Trump2020

I love you all and hope you continue to share in the prosperity that God has appointed us all. Talk to you all soon!





Jealousy and Envy: Teaching Your Children



Hi dear friends, I’ve been overwhelmed by the comment activity of my latest articles and I thank you deeply.  I’m humbled by your support and following.

I must say these past few days I have encountered a lot of hatred and negativity on Twitter.  It reminds me so much of how people can become so jealous and envious of things that they don’t have or what they wish to become.  I cannot help that I am successful and beautiful.  It’s because I earned it.  If you choose to project your negative and crudeness language to me then I suggest you look in the mirror okay!

Day after day I get so many compliments when I am out on the town and I choose to remain humble and thank people for their kind words and go about my day.  Why is it so difficult for people online to do the same?  Our children look for us to show them the way.  My daughters ask me “Mommy why are people mean to us?” and I say it’s because they are poor and jealous of our family and they want to be us.  We choose not to associate with trash because I will not have that sort of negative energy in my household.

My daughters envy me and wish to be just like me because that’s the type of role model that I am.  Think about your behavior.  Do you want your children to be obese Twitter liberal users spewing hatred and vile threats to complete strangers?  If so, you are trash!

Look within, choose kindness always.  I accepted a long time ago that most people I encounter will be jealous of me and my life.  It’s a natural occurrence being that I’m a charismatic presence.  But maybe your life path led you in a different direction.  I am the light in every situation.

So hon, keep your negative language to yourself ok!  Children are watching.  I am watching.

Thanks so much.   He Is Risen!




A Husband’s Love and Discipline



I see the stares when I am out in public.  They are wondering what happened.  Why do I have that black eye?  Why are my arms bruised?  However, nobody dares to ask me. I only see the daggers of judgment as it penetrates my skin.

Let me be clear, whatever happens between me and my husband is private.  Yes he has hit me.  I have been disciplined many times in my household.  And I choose to believe that he does it as a way of teaching me how to be better.  Every bruise keeps me humble.  Every scar is a reminder that I can do better in my marriage.

How is that any different than a coach encouraging his sports team to be better?  Or a preacher encouraging his congregation to accept Christ and follow His word? My husband loves me so much, I have never questioned that.  I would rather die than lose him.  I am proud that he teaches me and shows me how to be a better wife and mother.  I never want to upset him in any way.

If for some reason I upset him I take full responsibility.  He has every right to discipline me in any way that he sees fit.  I apologize and try to do better.  We have a marriage where I follow his lead and he provides me and my daughters with an extravagant lifestyle.  To me that is a small price to pay.

I do not want anyone’s pity or sorrow.  I am very happy.  We live in a home full of love and adventure.  My daughters worship me and envy me.  I only pray that I am setting a good example for them to follow as they grow up to become God fearing women.

Ask yourselves, friends, what you can do in your marriage or relationships to be a better partner?  What would you sacrifice.  God has all of the answers.

I wish you all a blessed weekend. Spring is coming!




Cigarettes? Trash! Go Away!




Happy Monday friends! I am doing well except I think some sort of bug or insect has bitten my leg!  Itchy and distressed! Prayers welcome.

I was out shopping earlier today thanks to my generous husband as always, and I was almost accosted by this black creature smoking a CIGARETTE in public.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I screamed and hissed and spat at him in a hurried attempt to flee.  My body is my temple and it will not be tainted with your second hand cancer and welfare-sprinkled aroma.  No thank you!

Firstly, if you know who I am then you know the cardinal rule is that you do NOT accost me in public for any reason.  Unless it’s to pay a compliment or to say that I look like Eva Longoria, jajaja!  But in all seriousness, don’t do it.  Secondly, why do these people feel the need to disturb our visual and nasal senses with such trash?

Cigarettes are disgusting, they smell bad, and they make anyone who partakes look uneducated and dumb. I’ve told my husband and my daughters that anyone who dares to bring the scent into my home will me made to leave immediately.  I simply will not have it.  No ma’am, no sir.  Not in my home!

I get so infuriated seeing young and old blacks especially going to town, sucking on these things as if their lives depended on it.  Guess what TyQuil?  You look dumb.  Enjoy the cancer and I hope it takes you slowly because you deserve it.  My beloved abuela wasn’t a smoker but she succumbed to cancer and it was such a burden on me.  The constant driving back and forth to treatment, the early hours, hearing her cough and wheeze constantly.  Nobody should have to deal with that.

Cigarettes need to be illegal along with aluminum.  Outlaw them, deport anyone who partakes and give us back our clean and pure air that Jesus intended.  This is what I pray for.  Will you join me?

Happy Monday to all I wish you all a blessed evening.  #MondayMotivation — rub some lotion on my leg! Jajaja!




Discipline: A Mother’s Right



Hi friends!  It’s been a while.  I’m so looking forward to springtime in Louisiana.  The blooms simply call to my soul.  I’ve been immersed in my paintings and stencil artwork lately.  Design is truly a passion!  This evening I’ve been pondering what it means to discipline children, and what we as mothers have a divine right to do.

Some have crucified me for what they call “extreme” disciplinary measures, but if you want to have perfect children sometimes the punishment must fit the so-called crime.  I am not apologetic to have my children hold a Bible over their heads for hours at a time in our den.  If Jesus himself can die on the cross, a teenage girl can raise her arms for an hour or four. Big picture thinking, folks!

One thing I will not tolerate in my home is back talk or sass mouth, and once when my middle daughter (admittedly my least favourite) decided to show a bit of an attitude, I locked her out of our home and she slept outside in the elements.  And no I did not lose an ounce of sleep.  I make the decisions, I control them.  If they cannot obey then they will pay.

In our home spankings were common.  My father would whip me with belts and switches made from thin tree branches, and then later he would come into my room and love me as only he could.  It brought us closer together.  Some of my most cherished memories are of his warm body against mine.

Do not be afraid to make your children scrub every floor in your home.  Or to sweep the driveway with a hand broom.  I once had Sonnia trim weeds from my herb garden with a pair of manicure scissors.

I remember vividly having all three of them wear the same outfit and shoes to school every day for a week as punishment.  No washing was allowed.  They were to stay in those clothes and let all of their friends see them.  This is NOT abuse.  This is discipline.  In today’s society the “liberals” want to make a big hoo ha about what it means to discipline a child.

We cannot be lenient.  That is what creates the monsters and school shooters and the girls who grow up to be with black men and others outside of their given race.  ALL mothers need to take the reigns and groom their children to be the best that they can be.  I know that I certainly am proud of the outcomes that I have seen.  My girls are bright, obedient stars and it’s because of me.

They are blessed to have me as their mommy and they are the joy of my life.  It brings tears to my eyes that they will carry on my legacy as they become women and have families of their own.  And what could be better than that?

I miss chatting with all of you and look forward to connecting again soon.  Glory to God as always and I will see you soon!




Melissa Schuman: Promiscuous, Obsessed Liar… Trash!



Friends, the ghastly creature before you is Melissa Schuman.  The faded, has-been once upon a time one hit wonder “pop star” who is now accusing my close friend Nick Carter of “rape” FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!

This trash is now jumping on the “#MeToo” bandwagon because it’s a trendy thing to do in hopes of landing TV interviews and articles and reality show appearances.  When is enough going to be enough?  These fame-hungry promiscuous girls are allowed to crawl out of the woodwork and accuse anyone they wish in hopes of gaining fifteen minutes of fame and money.  To this I say you ARE trash! Respect yourself.

Melissa is married with a young child.  It seems obvious to me that she is not happy being a wife and mother and has turned her obsession into a 24/7 hobby while neglecting her marital duties.  What is it within herself that makes her so unhappy and with such a desperate need to be famous? Was she abused as a child?  Is she the victim of parents who did not show her enough love and validation?  Whatever the case may be I urge her to seek deep counseling and spiritual guidance immediately.

Melissa, hon, Nick Carter does not want you.  He never did.  Maybe you had bad hygiene that turned him away after your “encounter” — by your own words you admit you had many opportunities to “flee” yet you chose not to.  Maybe you thought by having relations with a successful member of a boy band that it would somehow reignite your failing career.  Don’t hate Nick because of his fame.  Hate yourself because you were unable to keep yours.

Women like you are the worst of their kind.  Look within and stop this nonsense.  Nobody believes your lies.  I pray that Mr. Carter takes legal action against you and that you are forced to apologize publicly and crawl back into your no doubt rodent infested mobile home.  Trash!

Jesus does not approve of your behaviour.  I do not approve of it.  Accept that you are not famous anymore and never will be.  Take some online classes and find a career better suited for you.  One that doesn’t include accusing innocent men of crimes and talking to yourself using various social media accounts.  Your child needs you.  Your husband needs you, that is if your actions haven’t caused him to abandon you by now, rightfully so.

I implore you to grow up.  Stop these lies.  And condition your awful dry and limp hair.

To my faithful friends and followers, as always I love each of you deeply.  To God be the glory.



Queen REBA has WON a Grammy!



Friends, I am typing these sacred words through tears.  My idol, my queen, my everything REBA has won her third Grammy award!

She looks amazing in a slim fitting gown, a symbol of true glamour and grace.  A DOUBLE album of Christian songs, is a dream come true.  It’s inspired me to start recording my own album.   She is walking the red carpet with her new boyfriend Skeeter, hopefully that horrible ex-husband of hers is regretting his decision.

She looks so natural and amazing and beautiful this is everything she deserves.  I am simply wailing with joy.  This is her first Grammy win since 1994 and to have it be for such a special album is a pure treat!

I hope she has time to text me during the show so that I can share proper congratulations! NEVER give up on the Lord, he will come through even at your lowest times.  Let us celebrate and Sing It Now friends!

Yes jajaja!  What a blessed Sunday! I love you all so much!

Love Reba and myself always and forever