Welcome Friends

Hello all.  I have decided that maybe this was a better way to express myself rather than the 140 character restrictions of Twitter.  I have to say that I’ve been disheartened and amazed by how cruel the users of social media can be. All because I dare to share my beliefs and views on today’s current society.  All I’ve ever wanted to do in life is spread positive action through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

I have been slandered.  I have been abused.  I have been verbally raped and crucified online all for the sake of people’s humor and ill will towards me.  As much as it may hurt me I know that Christ would never give me anything more than I can handle and I have made a vow to carry on and spread my testimony no matter what.

I give praise first and foremost to God.  My husband Stephen who showers me in amazing gifts of love and passion.  My daughters Edlin, Madison, and Sonnia who inspire me daily to be the best mother I can be.

I am truly honored to be a chosen Messenger of Christ and I live my life in His domain and follow his path.  I wish blessings to all.



33 thoughts on “Welcome Friends

  1. The level of ignorance in your blab just baffles me. Don’t understand how some folks like you be so–I don’t know–stupid (sorry for you–no pity) Just than your mom and dad for filling you young mind with this fantasy. There is no hell, but I think folks like you rightfully belong in such a place. Just sayin.


  2. I think you bring the verbal lashings onto yourself with your racial/anti-gay/perverse use of Jesus Christ in attempts to justify your personal beliefs…
    I’m willing to bet you’re just another bored, unemployed, lonely housewife, who’s husband treats like an object, or baby factory, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t abusive. You’re probably not “well off, or High End”…. People that have means don’t feel the need to broadcast it.

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  3. Where are these ‘fans’ she’s talking about lol! I got SUCH a laugh out of her Celine Dion worship and hate-mongering xenophobia! (Sorry that might be a word above her grade level) What a joke. God’s only real rule is to LOVE. This lady is a whackjob full of hate and judgement – which I thought only the Lord was supposed to judge us… hmmm.

    You are the reason why this world has hate.

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  4. “I have been slandered. I have been abused. I have been verbally raped and crucified online all for the sake of people’s humor and ill will towards me. As much as it may hurt me I know that Christ would never give me anything more than I can handle and I have made a vow to carry on and spread my testimony no matter what.” These are your words as you try to present yourself as victim here. But you are not a victim at all. Your own words have brought on the “abuse” you claim to have suffered. The “rape and crucifixion” you say others are doing to you is what you have done and continue to do to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your testimony is turning people away from Jesus not toward him. You will answer for the destruction you are doing to the kingdom of God. I am going to ask you as I have done several other times on several of your other blog entries, take this down for the sake of Jesus who you claim to love as well as for all those whom you are turning away with the evil message you are sharing and finally take this down for yourself so that God’s grace can truly enter your life and heal you and fill you with the comfort and healing God wants to give others through you, not this trash with which you are polluting the internet.

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  5. your husband sounds like a jackass. I’d give anything to punch his face in, he’s so big and bad…he couldn’t take it. Then after I take him down i hope u and ur asshat kids are kidnapped and have to “put the lotion in the bottle”


  6. Let’s see how well you know your bible. Leave a Bible verse for every statement you make regarding races, homosexuality, where it’s ok for a husband to slap his wife in the face, and backup for your hatred and judging of others.


  7. The men in white coats will be coming for you. Then you’ll be one of many “prophets” in the psych ward. You put yourself out there and now they’re going to come for you. You can’t hide behind your phony identity for too much longer. Time to get your house in order.

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  8. You are NOT a true woman of God. You are hateful….God is about loving all people. You will face your judgement day and that will be the ultimate punishment for the hate that your spread. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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  9. Maybe because you deserve it being a hooker for your husband and thinking life worth is physical and monetary and worthless gifts, the exact opposite of what jesus teaches.


  10. You are not white so what is your point? You are such and incredibly stupid narcissist. People are not jealous of you, they just don’t like you. You are an insult to true Christians. And the voice you heard was not God it was the demons from your mental illness.

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  11. It’s funny that she does not reply to all these comments. She is like a Trump-ette – she sees all this love she gets from these imaginary people and swears she has fans. i mean I do believe there may be one or two people who love what she is saying, but it is funny that no one is defending her from all this “hateful” raping…lol

    Maybe she isn’t real1 Maybe she is just writing these blogs just because, just to see what type of reaction she gets. I mean, I know she is mental if she is for real.

    This is so sad!


  12. Are ya’ll sure this isn’t elaborate satire?

    I know it’s REALLY difficult to tell the whack-jobs from the satirists these days, but this woman’s statements are so over the top… I sincerely hope this is all satire.

    Please God, let it be satire…. but I’m afraid it might be real. I’ve met people like her, and they really believe crap like this.

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  13. Jennifer Mayers, Do you realize that you are Not white/Caucasian ??? You’re Hispanic (brown) . Stop acting like you’re better than everyone else , you obviously have mental problems . You are an embarrassment to other Hispanics, Americans, and Christians . I’ll pray for you


  14. This blog is a bag of shit. Anyone who supports this insanity is the complete opposite meaning of God and Jesus Christ. HOW DARE YOU SPEAK ON HIS BEHALF. I feel pity on only your children who may endure the same path, since all this began with your idiotic view. SHE WAS MENTALLY SICK……you sick fuck. I’M IN AWE YOUR FUCKING HISPANIC! The privileged will never claim you even if you agree. Not even donald trump, the Ass Wipe himself. You’re a terrible example. I’d pray for you but it’s not worth thinking. You will reap what you sow.


  15. 1. Those who ACTUALLY come from money don’t make sure to include that they are well off in every sentence. You’re trying way too hard and it makes it VERY obvious you are nothing but OBSESSED with the idea of a luxurious lifestyle and money. Does God not say, “Love not the world,”?
    2. Had you ever come into the country club my family has been members of for years you would have been laughed at if you spoke of “your money” the way you do. No one would take you seriously. In fact, they would either think you’re full of it, very new money with no knowledge of how to be tactful, or a gold digger-except you’re far from a trophy wife.


  16. You’re for white supremacy but the KKK would gladly hang you because you’re Hispanic…you sound ridiculous.

    Here’s a question for you…how would you feel knowing that your husband molested your daughters like you said your father did to you? Do you think your ‘Jesus’ would be ok with that because you were being obedient?

    Oh, and what neighborhood do you belong in? Because it isn’t the white upperclass neighborhood you speak of because you’re not white. I guarantee those rich white people look at you like you should be cleaning their toilets or cutting their grass!!! After all you’re Guatemalan, you don’t belong in this country right? Or do you think that only applies to black people? Smh…

    Oh, and what about your confused yellow babies? I have no doubt your husband is white, so how are your daughters ever going to grow up and be normal members of American society?

    And…for the sake of your own protection. You may not want to post things like where you eat dinner and your children and husband’s names….

    After all…some people may take what you say very offensively and decide to visit you in Louisiana. Maybe stop by Mansurs on the Boulevard, show your picture and ask around about you to the wait staff…I’m sure they would be more than happy to give up details about where you, Stephen, Eblin, Sonnia, and Madison Mayers live!!!

    Not real smart Jennifer, not real smart!!!

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  17. Honey, you’re not white. You’re Guatemalan, your own admission. You are a person of color, a “minority.” Just because your husband showers you with gifts, and you’re a “Christian” who lives beyond her means in an upper middle class home does not make you white.

    What do you think would happen to you if America became white again?

    Sweetie, I’m white. My ancestry is all northern European. Don’t talk about something you’re not familiar with. In polite circles we call that “cultural appropriation.” It’s not cool. It’s not cool when we do it, it’s not cool when you do it.

    And, BTW, I’m still not convinced your blog isn’t a big hoax, or a troll.


  18. You can’t possibly be real, you just can’t. God makes NO mistake!!!!! You are idiotic to say the least, and I believe that you need to seek medical attention ASAP before you do something similar or worse than Christy. You are a what gives Christians a bad name. This is not very Christian, but you are a total STUPID IGNORANT, PSYCHOTIC BITCH


  19. This is a scam. There are to many contrarian views. And I am sure she, is a he. Why? Jen goes on to call other women “Sweetheart” when responding to post. Typically straight women will not refer to other women as “Sweethearts” Something else that I dug up looking over his post. Jennifer goes on to preach about how Nicole Simpson deserved what she got, because she was whiny. Again, another termed used mostly by men. Women hate using or being referred to as whiny. In Jens post “America’s Martyr: NO Race Mixing” Jen argues that Christy Sheats was “correcting the wicked ways of her daughters, and the unjust media that has groomed them to crave the touch and attention of black boys” Jen will than go on to say “It is the media and modern culture that poisoned her daughters into the depraved lifestyle that they ended up dying for” Nicole Simpson Brown is referred to only as whiny and got what she deserved but there was no mention at all about race mixing. How can you feel that race mixing is wicked yet defended the wicked party for killing the race that you believe to be superior than everyone else? I believe this person to be a hoax, and it was a bad joke gone wrong. I also don’t find it a coincidence that you cannot find Jennifer on any other website (FB, LinkedIn etc..) and that there is only 1 picture of Jennifer circulating all over the internet. Most of us who use FB know when a Troll tries to connect with us they will post a single picture in their profile. When you attempt to look at additional photos you find pictures of landscapes, pets etc. Furthermore, I find it extremely hard to believe that such a devote Christian woman with such high morals and beliefs, does not have an additional photo floating around of her family. Jennifer claims to be very involved in her church. How could it be, that there is not one photo of Jen and her family doing Gods work in the community? How could it be, that nobody in this church has commented on Jennifer’s post? Surly someone in this church, must agree with Jens views. If they did not, why would she continue to go that church? In conclusion there are way to may red flags surrounding the authenticity of this Jennifer Mayes. And I believe this to be a sinister practical joke portrayed on us all.

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  20. This blog is an example of freedom of expression’s dangers. People as hateful and useless as you are (unemployed pseudo-Christian bigot) should be at mental asylums.


  21. This is what you have done to others, so why can’t others do the same to you? Is that because you are Christian and you are Caucasian so you have the right to abused someone who does not have the same belief as yours? You have been verbally raping and holding ill will towards others.


  22. I pray that this is fake, but wow. THIS is why people hate Christians. I cant imagine how sad and isolating it would be to live in such a boxed-in, narrow-minded, uneducated worldview. I don’t think any group would claim her- not Guatemalans, not whites, not Christians, not the upper class, etc. I think if she is even real, she will be disliked by anyone who gets to know her, and she will die and meet a higher power who is ashamed of her hatred, contempt, and judgement of everyone she met. Christ himself was kind to everyone, and associated with the poor, the leppers, and the prostitutes, and showed them compassion and love. If she is real, and if God and Christ are real, that will be an awkward moment indeed when she, as a self-proclaimed mouthpiece for God, shows up and is damned for eternity for not obeying the commandments of God.
    Really, this lady just can’t catch a break.


  23. Although I realize that by commenting at all, I’m feeding the troll, as it were. But since you’ve used your freedom of speech so liberally throughout this farce of a blog, I think I’ll use mine, too.
    First, when you said you were a loner at school because you “knew you were better than everyone else?” Yeah — you lied. You told half-truths (common among liars) — I’m sure you weren’t liked or invited to any after-school activities with friends because you had none. But not because you were “better.” No person is “better” than another, you know that. You weren’t invited (or chose not to go — which was it?) because you were insecure and felt that THEY were better than YOU. You’d be tortured at a slumber party with a dozen other girls, all richer, prettier, smarter, BETTER than you — isn’t that how you felt then?
    And that’s how you feel today.
    Your writing gives you away; it’s not that of an elegant, “upper-crest” member of high society who won’t tip unless “every hair is in place” and who declares her anti-racism by saying, “We allow blacks to do our yard work.”
    You’re not writing a blog, you’re writing a fairy tale. You’re nothing at all like this. Sadly, I believe you’d like to be, but alas; you’re not white either, are you?
    And you fucking HATE submitting to your “husband” who you feel should have provided better for you and at least let you TRY and feel “above” the rest. But he wasn’t good enough, was he? So does he put you over his knee or just knock the bejesus out of your face? Or is he, instead, a titmouse who cowers at your degrading, demanding shrieks until you can barely tell he’s there at all? Which is it?
    Doesn’t matter to me.
    What matters is this: You thought that the one way to get people reading your — your efforts — would be to make them so angry they’d pass it along to others, and so on. And when you finally got the attention and financial success you wanted (and you did want that desperately) then you would, in fact, live as you’ve said you already do. Am I close or am I right on the money?
    Your prose suggests an almost bully-type behavior, for example in the Brock rape case (the “Olympic hopeful” who raped an unconscious woman and recieved only six month’s probation.) You struggled with that, because nothing you typed reflects your feelings at all. You hated him for what he did, just as you hate your husband (and also feign being asleep — amirite?) when he wants to make some more of those daughters you speak of? You’re not good enough (there, it is written) to cover your feelings with words, not in this language.
    And you lept onto the tragedy of a father who just lose both daughters to a mentally distressed wife (who was also killed by police after murdering her daughters.) You knew that would stir the pot. But the story wasn’t enough, so you sprinkled in a few “black guys” to make it spicier. Then you “lauded” her (nobody talks that way, including you, so just stop… that’s kind of sickening.)
    Bottom line: You’re as fake as your claim to be a “white woman, naturally a class above your black and Mexican counterparts.” Hello? You’re Guatemalan. Not white. So where exactly do we put YOU people? I’m guessing beneath the blacks and just above what you call “apes” (hoping for a shock with that word, I saw… didn’t come; can’t win them all… besides, you’re not that good at it.)
    You write what you do because you’re the worst of the worst: the ultimate troll. But don’t confuse the number of “readers” with “fans” because they’re not laughing with you, they’re laughing at you. Sure, the anger prevents most from seeing what I think is there, but either way: You’re a liar, a fake, and an absolutely terrible person.
    How dare you use your words in the name of ANY religion? You certainly have no Christian values, you’re not Catholic… I’m guessing Muslim? Atheist? You netted another boatful for your “fame” by throwing religion into this cesspool of nonsense and dumbassery, didn’t you?
    One more time: This isn’t how you feel, and it isn’t journalism. It’s a rather transparent attempt to troll the entire Internet for profit, nothing more. Don’t flatter yourself; you have no reason to.
    Oh, and one more thing…. You’re transfixed on this black dating white issue, I’ve noticed. I’m guessing that that’s what does it for you — I’m right, tell me different! Your fantasy is some 6’7″ built-like-a-brick African American man to come and take you down, aren’t you, oh non-white one? Hey, I’m down… it’s all good! It makes sense and that’s what I believe has driven you to choose your topics/wording as you have: to cover up everything you truly are: a brown woman who’s anything but “better” than anyone at all, with supressed fantasies involving black men (not that there’s anything wrong with that…) who thinks if she makes some coin here, she’ll feel adequate… maybe even — dare to dream — “better!”
    Not going to happen for you, Sunshine. You’re not that good, and nobody likes you at all.
    Rumour is that Children’s Services is going to be checking around over your way, making sure you’re not doing wrong by those girls of yours… Hey, wouldn’t it be kind of ironic if some black head of CPS took your “white” daughters from you? Oh I’d celebrate my very-white ass off!
    Your 15 minutes isn’t over, Sweetie; you never had it. A legion of people who hate you is NOT fame, it’s FAIL. Wanna see the difference? Got a mirror? That’s fail. And you know it. Word.


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