As I was pondering Twitter I saw a hashtag entitled #NoWomanEver and it simply spoke to me so that I may testify on something that I get crucified a lot for.  I invite everyone to read the above image and let it sink in.

I do believe that no woman ever should disobey her husband.  No woman ever should be unwilling to serve him.  No woman ever should dare to do anything outside of his or God’s permission.

To me, this not only includes the home, but also professions.  My heart breaks anytime I see women boasting of “independence” or “equality” in the workplace.  The fact is, to me, that there is no such thing and they definitely should not be boasting or under the impression that Jesus thinks it is ok.

It’s laughable to me that a woman would be a doctor, or a lawyer, or God forbid…PRESIDENT of the United States.  And less educated people wonder why there is so much terror and unrest in today’s world.  The balance is OFF people. This is not the Earth that our Savior intended it to be.

Between unruly and woman who dare to disobey and seek independence, and the depravity of the homosexual lifestyle I am deeply concerned and in fear of the future.  May we all somehow find the peace and salvation to return to a more simpler way of life.  The way God intended.  The way it WAS written.  Glory be to God, friends.  Thanks.


7 thoughts on “#NoWomanEver

  1. what about ppl who dont believe in god or jesus??? they can do whatever the fuck they want..ur not god stop speaking like y r..ia that not a sin in and of itself..u r no better than what homoaexuals r in ur opinion ur judging as well ..i kniw that is a sin


  2. On the off chance that you are real and this is not satire – I must respond. I have practiced law for over 20 years. I have enjoyed a successful practice, and have served the justice system in a number of capacities, including as a judge. I am a single Mom, as my husband did NOT love me as Christ loved the church. So what would you suggest I do? Since my husband left me and our children – it is imperative that I am able to support my family, right?


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