Tell Me…

Tell me, is it OK to tell a Christian Mother to kill herself?

Is it OK to tell a wife that she would be better off dead?

Is it acceptable to call me the “C” word repeatedly because you don’t agree with my religion or beliefs?

I ask all of this because I have been subjected to all of these things over the past few days. I have been called a racist, bigot, troll, parody, ugly trash, among many many other abusive terms.  What has this world become where we can pass such judgement on another human?

First and foremost, I am not racist.  I employ a black housekeeper. We allow black people to do our yard work and landscaping. I have donated many canned goods and used clothes to black people at church.  I don’t know how I could be considered racist under any circumstances.

Secondly, I received a lot of simply cruel messages today because of a suspicious black person walking in our neighborhood.  I felt compelled to call the police because we do not have blacks that live in our neighborhood. To see one was very alarming. It reminded me of Trayvon Martin in that he was in a place that he should not have been and suffered the consequences.  The young officer thanked me and told me that there was nothing to be concerned about and I felt relieved after it was over, but I was truly in fear of my life.  I do not think I should have to live in fear of being attacked or robbed by an outsider deciding to stroll through my upper class street.

I have alot weighing heavy on my heart and it keeps me up at night.  I’ll try and gather more thoughts and express them here as needed. As always I give praise to Christ.

17 thoughts on “Tell Me…

  1. What is positive about this blog? Racism oozes throughout. You’re not racist, but there was a black person in your neighborhood and you felt threatened? I’m sure your neighbors think you’re a delight. You are what happens when a person with an eighth grade education and complete lack of cultural exposure is given a platform. Pretty clear that you have no readers, and that’s good because your hate speech borders on criminal.

    And whoever called you the “c word” was wrong… you lack the depth and the warmth.


  2. ‘What has this world become where we can pass such judgement on another human?’ All of your blog posts do just this, and now when you share your narrow minded view with a world that is changing into a place of acceptance and love, you don’t expect that same treatment? What does the bible say about casting stones? And what kind of people do you think Jesus hung out with? Certainly not the likes of you.


  3. Do you even read what you write? Perhaps you need medication. You literally posted a blog yesterday justifying the fact that a mother shit her daughter’s because they might have been sleeping with black guys. Did you REALLY think that it wouldn’t come back to bite you? Why are your words and judgement ok but someone’s judgement of you I not. Maybe you should keep your narrow minded bullshit thoughts to yourself from now on. Holy fuck, it never fails. Just when I think I’ve seen all the stupid the world can muster some idiot like you surprises me all over again.


  4. “First and foremost, I am not racist. I employ a black housekeeper. We allow black people to do our yard work and landscaping. I have donated many canned goods and used clothes to black people at church. I don’t know how I could be considered racist under any circumstances.”


  5. Ummm didn’t you say hou employ black people, your maid and yardwork? Don’t they have to come to your neighborhood to work there? So, your whole thing there makes no sense. You are clearly racist and you don’t even realize it. By the way, Jesus could not have possibly been white, so where is your rhetoric then? You are not the sharpest tool in the shed, that is for sure.


  6. You brought this on yourself. Here you are blaming everyone in the world but yourself for the backlash YOU created. That is a fact, like it or not. Your judgements on other people are all over this blog. Who are you to judge anyone and then turn around and cwy wike a baby when judgements are passed on you? You are anything but Christ’s messenger. You are not even remotely Christlike. You are, in fact the exact opposite of Christ’s teachings. Maybe, instead of getting on here and telling everyone how to be and judging those who don’t fit into your tiny box, you might spend some time reading about the teachings of Christ. You clearly do not get them one bit. I am not even Christian and I know the teachings of Christ better than you. Bigotry, hate, judgementalism, grandiosity and self importance is not it. Go read the bible, get a clue. Unbelievable!


  7. Wtf? You feared for your life because a black person was walking down your street? You called the cops because a person was literally just walking down the street?

    I’m so glad I’m not you. I’m so glad my parents raised me to be accepting of all people, no matter what they look like or where they come from. I feel bad for you.


  8. It truly frightens me when people speak such dark and evil thoughts claiming to be Christian! God is OUR FATHER ! He created each of us ! Red, black, yellow , white! None superior to the other ! Jesus Christ our Savior was not ” white”Christs life was about teaching tolerance,love, kindness, generosity and forgiveness! I pray you find a Bible based church that teach the true teaching of Our LordJesus Christ which was love! Judge NoT LEST YE BE JUDGED(bible quote) I’ll pray for you Jen that you let go of your rage , anger and intolerance and follow the true teachings of Christ ( Hopefully a new church and preacher) May God Bless you and heal your spirit🙏😇


  9. you are akin to the whore of Babylon and will burn in hell for your treason against God, Jesus Christ, and the children he created to love one another. the wonders of this world and it’s inhabitants are foreign to you and any who follow in your path or wake. May no man woman or child believe another word from your mouth, may your eyes burn in sorrow as you gaze upon the true beauty of this world for you cannot see it. may your ears ring in pain as the voices of love respect and kindness sing songs of such. with every truly negative thought you have cause you insufferable pain. blessed let it happen, for she is a blasphemer and traitor to the God she claims to be a follower. burn!


  10. “What has this world become where we can pass such judgement on another human?”. YOU tell me, since you judge people for things they cannot change (their race or the income of their family). I, as 95% of the commenters of this blog, judge you instead for who you are. And you are gruesome, awful and ignorant. There you have your answer.


  11. Tell me…

    Is it okay to support murder and blatant disregard for the 6th commandment?

    Is it okay to pick and choose who you love even though Jesus preached a ministry of love?

    Is it okay to treat poor people like dirt under your fingernails even though Jesus continually wrote that we are to help and love the poor?

    Is it okay to flaunt your wealth and riches when Jesus said that you should love Him over money?

    Is it okay to call other people names because their skin is a different color from yours, okay to assume that they’re criminals and horrible people without even meeting them? Okay to simply pass whatever judgment you want on them without even having spoken a single word to them?

    Is it okay to condone rape? Okay to condone men who engage in fornication and even praise them for it, while believing that women engaging in it should be murdered? Is it okay to treat the adulterous woman exactly the way the crowd of people did when Jesus said you shouldn’t throw the first stone?

    Is it okay to slander and blaspheme the Lord God Almighty by saying He makes mistakes?

    Is it okay to encourage the murder of babies, of life that God has created at the moment of conception?

    Is it okay to be puffed up full of pride and believe you’re better than everyone else, when you are a sinner just like all the rest of us?

    Is it okay to believe that somehow, you’ve never ever made more than one single mistake in your marriage? To encourage people that perfection is somehow achievable in this life when the only perfection ever was/is Jesus Christ Himself?

    Is it okay to take the inspired Word of God and twist it to your own selfish and false agendas? Or to claim to be a follower of Jesus when you’ve either never read the Bible or have read and ignored almost everything it ever said in every single one of the pages?

    Is it okay to hate? To mock? To assume? To judge? To tear down? To lie? To turn an already God-hardened world EVEN FURTHER AWAY from the TRUE Jesus Christ?


  12. Lol- “we allow blacks people to work our yards”. You’re funny! Thanks for the entertainment. Any bikini pics? I’m upper middle class a strong Christian and white so it’s good. Email me if you wanna have a fully satisfied night 🙂


  13. ‘I have alot weighing heavy on my heart and it keeps me up at night. I’ll try and gather more thoughts and express them here as needed. As always I give praise to Christ.’. If you want more abuse then post. If you want help, see a psychiatrist and get on the right medication


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