Demanding Great Service

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Tonight my family and I decided to dine at Mansurs in Baton Rouge.  One of my favorite upper class establishments.  As a side note, I usually get a Caesar Salad and the Veal Oscar. Super delicious and luxurious for those not on a budget.

You can imagine my utter horror when our black waitess arrived at our table with the most horrible dry skin, both on her hands and face.  I can’t tell if it’s acne or some other disease but I felt a retched lump nausea come up in my throat. I thought they used lotion pretty continuously? Surely nobody would ALLOW diseased skin into a high class eating establishment?

Anyway I tried to be as cordial as possible but it was hard to look away  or carry a smile the rest of the evening.  I did not want to make a fuss so I barely drank out of the glasses she brought and made sure not to eat around the area of the plate in which her hands had touched.

The lesson to be learned here friends?  Demand great service always.

  • YOU are the customer.  If you receive anything less than perfection, you are under no obligation to pay or leave a tip.
  • YOU are always right.  If something is wrong, complain. If you aren’t satisfied, complain some more.  Service is non-negotiable. Demand the best.
  • My salon is well aware that if one hair on my head is wrong when I leave, that I will not pay them. You should feel like royalty anywhere you go.
  • My manicurist knows that all ten fingers must be pristine.  If not, there will be no tip. Intimidate if you must but NEVER feel like you have received less than what you deserve.

Hopefully these  helpful hints can inspire you, friends.  As always I appreciate the love and Glory be to God always.

A special Father’s Day mention to my late Papi.  He was a fabulous man who showed me how to be a Christian.  From his first passionate touch until he took his last breath, we were very close.  I miss him daily.  RIP Papi.

14 thoughts on “Demanding Great Service

  1. Your dad probably killed himself because he saw how much of a cunt his daughter was and took the blame. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself either in that situation.


  2. You live in a house which you bought for $318,000 yet you think you’re so elegant? Is your house made of sticks? Buy a real house if you want to call yourself elegant.


  3. 318,000 can ve pretty elegant depend where in the US u are…just saying. back to her story…im glad u feel elegant eating an innocent baby animal. i hope someone kills and eats ur kids


  4. If you can only afford Mansurs, then you get what you deserve. Just saying…
    and..btw…get some STYLE. Your profile photo is trashy. Step it up, girl or go back to the ghetto from where you were assembled. I have never seen anyone look so bad in red. Bitch, please. Jesus himself is wincing at your profile. How can you represent the Lord God & Savior looking like that? You husband is surely looking for a well groomed mistress as we speak.


  5. As a rich, Caucasian, happily married woman I am astonished that someone like you lives near me in Baton Rouge.
    $318,000 is pocket change. Please, until you buy a home for AT LEAST $800,000, do not tell us how rich you are. It’s ridiculous and pathetic. I feel sorry for the low income life you lead.
    And though I obey my husband in all matters, no questions asked, he knows better than to put his hands on me. I am better than that. I am a treasure and he better treat me as such. He knows my worth and knows if he ever harmed a single hair on my head, my father and uncles would be after him. After all, he chose ME. If he cannot respect me, he does not deserve me.
    I feel sorry for you. I hope you find a man that truly loves you one day. One who knows what a catch you are.
    I also hope you stop living beyond your means. $318,000? It’s a joke.


  6. “Love your neighbor as yourself” -Mark 12:31. So much wisdom within one verse.
    From one Christian woman to another, please take this Bible verse to heart.
    That woman at the restaurant, maybe she was just trying to make a living for her family.
    The woman who was raped, whether true or not, does not deserve to be shamed, because she is a child of God. You were instructed to love her, no matter what.
    Whether your neighbor is black, white, homosexual, rich, or poor, God instructs us to love them.
    There are no stipulations on that verse. No “except blacks, homosexuals, people with skin problems…”.
    Love your neighbor as yourself.
    If you loved these people you constantly look down upon half as much as you loved yourself, you would truly be spreading the love of God.
    Instead, you are the reason atheists hate Christians.

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  7. You keep mentioning your father ‘passionately touching you’, are you saying you were molested? Because that would explain your insanity and that you need help because you are the furthest thing from normal

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      1. Guys, just because someone is molested does not mean they are going to become a psycho bitch. Remember that you are on a public forum with a lot of people who could have been victims. Tact


  8. There’s so much wrong with this so I’m just say this…

    You describe the touch of your father as passionate. Now I’m the one retching.


  9. I’m seriously so confused… You preach about “Blacks” being inferior to white people, but… You’re Guatemalan? By those standards alone, your race is also inferior, so you have absolutely ZERO room to preach about racial hierarchy and you should learn your place.

    And if you are Guatemalan, then why in the Hell do you have a non-Latino last name? Mixing of the races, I presume? You married a white man in an attempt to be part of the “Superior Race”? You can’t have it both ways – like you said. You cannot be part of a supposedly inferior race and be/act superior at the same time.

    No, I do not believe one race is better than another or that any person is better than the rest. I’m just calling you out on your blatant and gross hypocrisy.
    You are the worst fucking kind of hypocrite.


    1. Taylor Swift is a ham sandwich. Your Dad’s “passionate hands.” God speaks to you directly. You are Guatemalan and white? You claim to spread positivity by trashing everybody who isn’t you, except Celine Dion, who is awesome. I am black, which makes me stupid, so please explain how I’m supposed to believe you are for real? I’ll sit back and smoke a Newport while I wait.


  10. So it’s Papi who is to blame for teaching you about Christianity. I hate to burst your bubble but he lied to you. I bet he is having a good laugh now!


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