“Falling” Into A Masterpiece


Celine Dion is my ultimate idol and inspiration as many of you Twitter friends probably already know.  My personal favorite album of hers is “Let’s Talk About Love” but the album considered by many to be her masterpiece is her 1996 offering “Falling Into You”.

Not only does it offer many sweeping ballads and top hits, but it won numerous awards and acclaim including the Grammy for Album of the Year.  I am feeling a bit nostalgic and musical so I offer you a track-by-track guide and review of Ms.Dion’s masterpiece.  Enjoy, perhaps with a cup of your favorite tea or enjoying the evening sky.

  • “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” this opening track is a pure treasure.  An epic ballad in every sense.  Her plaintive wail against guitars and thunder as she recalls the passion once felt for a lover. It clocks in at over seven minutes long and it is a true journey of emotions.  A perfect choice for an opener and her voice is in peak form.  “There were moments of gold, and there were flashes of light” she sings.  To me this song is a moment of gold.  I cherish it.
  • Because You Loved Me” this song was the album’s fist single as well as the theme song for a horrid film entitled “Up Close and Personal” — the film bombed but the song soars.  A lovely ballad by Diane Warren she sings “You were my strength when I was weak, you were my voice when I couldn’t speak” – to me this is Jesus.  He is my strength and I am everything I am because He loves me.  I must admit I enjoy singing this song myself.  Whether alone or with my church choir.  It’s so spiritual and has close meaning to me.
  • “Falling Into You” the album’s title track opens with a subtle yet seductive drum introduction.  I call it a perfect “sway” song to move back and forth to.  I picture an upscale Spanish restaurant with an elegant dance floor with young couples.  It brings this sort of vivid inspiration to me.  About 2:30 into the song a lovely saxophone solo comes in.  It’s such a great romantic song, friends.  Truly special.
  • “Make You Happy” is the first uptempo number on the album.  A very nice R&B beat with a huge chorus. She sings “Gonna make you happy, there’ll be days when things go wrong, I’ll be there to make you strong”  she is singing of devotion to her lover.  As it should be.  I found the message of obedience and longing to please her lover as a very strong and important one.  I enjoy a nice percussion beat it is no doubt my Latina heritage showing.
  • “Seduces Me”  I must admit this song is a bit promiscuous for my taste.  It showcases her voice in the most pristine way.  A simple guitar strumming opens it and she wails about everything her lover does to seduce her.  It’s what I would call a PG-13 song and wouldn’t feel comfortable playing this around my daughters.  She does however hit some impressive high notes in this one.
  • “All By Myself” there are not enough words to describe the religious experience that this song is. A remake of the old Eric Carmen song, she truly takes ownership of this one and blows it away.  She is wailing for companionship, for a friend.  For anything.  The high note at the end makes me grasp my chest and it beyond breathtaking.  THIS song, friends, is why Celine is the ultimate vocalist of our time.
  • “Declaration of Love” the second uptempo number.  This one is very “show boaty” as I like to say.  It has live percussion and piano and would probably not fit in well with today’s current style but I still love any uptempo that Celine does because it’s a rarity.  “Tonight to you baby I make my declaration of love” — I assume she means making love to her husband. Promiscuous girls take heed.  As a side note, American Idol contestant Melinda Doolittle covered this track on her debut album.
  • “Dreaming of You” is one of my all time faves of any Celine song.  It has a R&B feel to it but it is so catchy. “You’re the one I’m dreaming of, I can’t live without your love tonight”.  I love hearing her sustain notes because there isn’t anyone like her. This song should be a must have on any beginner Celine student to truly understand her diversity.
  • “I Love You” I get emotional speaking about this song because it reminds me so much of my husband. We like to dance to this beside our fireplace on quiet evenings alone. “I love you, please say you love me to” she is crying to a lover, longing for his touch and embrace. This is another one of those “sway” songs you can just close your eyes and move to.  A very special treasure. Nobody can do romance like Celine.
  • “If That’s What It Takes” again I must confess this is not one of my favorites.  It starts with an almost tribal drum sequence.  It does a great job of building up to when the beat drops, at which point it becomes a nice midtempo number.  Maybe for me it is just too much of a slow build but it is a nice beat once it hits.  The message though is that she will go through anything in order to be with her lover and to show love.  Which of course is very Christ like.
  • “I Don’t Know” funny enough opens with almost the same style of tribal drums as the previous track.  As a contrast though, it remains very seductive with saxophones and her almost raspy voice.  A testimony to her diversity she is able to take a subtle track and make it a memorable experience just with the range and effects of her voice.
  • “River Deep, Mountain High” this is a very adequate remake of the old Tina Turner song.  This becomes such a soaring by the end that my heart races and I am short of breath.  Celine attacks this song with full force from the first note to the last!  This is not for the faint of heart friends.  If you are looking for a good song to get you motivated and in the mood to dance, THIS is it. I treasure it.
  • “Call The Man” opens with a piano and an almost angelic choir background.  This is most certainly a religious song and I consider it one of those masterpiece ballads that can only be described as perfection. “Call the man he’s needed here” Never have we needed those words more than in today’s society.  God, we need you.  Now and always.  In every way. I can almost cry just typing these words.  I implore you ALL to experience this song.
  • “Fly” the perfect song to close out such a spiritual audio experience. It’s saying goodbye to an angel.  Sending someone on their ultimate journey into the arms of Jesus.  Appropriate for funerals or hospice care memorial services.  Her voice is absolute perfection “The sun has set, I won’t forget” as the then rises her voices to almost chirping levels of falsetto.  THIS is religion, at it’s finest.

Thank you Ms. Dion for your work.  You have enriched my life in so many ways, I can only hope you continue to inspire for decades to come.  I love you.



3 thoughts on ““Falling” Into A Masterpiece

  1. Hello! I’m a 16 year old Christian young lady, and your work has really opened my eyes, in many ways it is safe to say. In particular on your views of Christy Sheats. The reason I commented on this blog was because I wanted to make sure to get your attention. I would like to just ask you a few questions about your views on the situation. I promise I am not here to hate or make you feel horrible as others have. If you would like we could talk in private. Please email me at alexisnicole2199@gmail.com. Thanks😊


    1. you should not be taking any of this obviously crazy woman’s views seriously. it’s concerning that you feel this person has opened your eyes to anything at all, except maybe how easy it is to spread hatred on the internet. Christy Sheats was a severely mentally ill person who murdered her daughters to punish her husband. That is the end of that story. “Jenn” and her opinion on the matter are delusional and the furthest thing from Christian I can think of.


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