Taylor Swift: Role Model or Prostitute?


Dearest of friends, I am in the throes of insomnia. Slumber has rejected me. My mind is racing and so I must write.

Taylor Swift.  This once wholesome country starlet has turned into the very definition of a promiscuous demon right before our very eyes.  Why is this?  Do we want our daughters to be inspired by this behavior?  I know I certainly do not want my three beautiful daughters thinking it is OK to make a mockery of your sacred womanhood by flaunting your conquests before the world’s eyes to be dissected and devoured upon.

She moves from man to man so quickly that I’m sure not even her personal stylist can keep up with the changing of underwear.  While I applaud her seeming willingness to serve a man as our Lord intended, I do not believe in her heart she is doing it for God’s grace.

I feel this is a sad little girl who thinks that a man’s lust can somehow take the place of Jesus Christ and his love for her.  At this point she must feel ashamed that her number of “partners” as it were, could fill a small barn.  Any self respecting man surely can see the red flags by now.  If not her past history, then for the sheer fear of disease.

For all of our sake I hope that Ms.Swift has an excellent healthcare plan that affords her regular visits to a gynecological care center.  I pray that maybe she can focus less on exploring the bedrooms of Hollywood’s A-list talent and maybe turn instead to the writings of Jesus Christ.

I know it’s become a cliche but I suggest her next album be called “Maybe I Am the Problem?”

If you can’t love yourself dear, no man will ever want your tattered and loosened scraps of your womanhood.

To God be the Glory as always my friends.  I pray you find inspiration and sleep when needed, for it has forsaken me this summer’s evening.



19 thoughts on “Taylor Swift: Role Model or Prostitute?

    1. Jennifer Mayers, you really need to get out more and mix with real people. I have no clue where your ideas come from, buy you are sick. Real sick in the head.

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    1. Tell me does Rogers Cable know that you are making such threats to me online all the way from Oshawa, Ontario? Because I have screens caps and your IP information if you’d like me to forward it along?


  1. First, how is this blog post spreading positivity? I can only see judgement of another person, which I was sure isn’t your job. Second, how can you speak of her personal life as if you know her? How do you know she has been to the bedroom of every man she is reported to have dated? If the rules of assumption you are following hold fast, there could be a lot that I am to assume about you.

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  2. theres no way this pig is real. i hope she is so we could enjoy the blurp on page 17 when she’s finally laid to rot.


  3. Just because we CAN write when we’re dealing with bouts of insomnia doesn’t mean we should post it up for the world to see.

    You used some vivid imagery here. Please explain to me exactly what “tattered and loosened scraps of womanhood” means. Are you suggesting that a woman with many sexual partners actually has a broken vagina? Because if our vaginas, labias, and vulvas go back in place after delivering 10 lb babies, I’m quite sure 7″ for 15 minutes isn’t going to do any damage.

    What do you mean by “serve a man as our Lord intended?” Are you suggesting that a woman’s only purpose is for sex and then shaming a woman for having sex? Do you pray to your God every time you have sex? And I don’t mean in the “oh God, oh God, I’m coming” manner of speaking. You must be an exciting lay.

    Also, I think she can afford a checkup and some penicillin whenever necessary. In all of my godless sexual escapades (which I’m sure are far more than those of Taylor Swift) I’ve never caught anything, and there are free clinics everywhere in major cities. I think she’ll be okay.

    To be honest, though, I don’t want any part of your God. Some of the worst human beings I have ever met have ensured thier place in heaven, and I don’t want to spend eternity with rapists, child molesters, and murders, or with judgemental, small-minded people like you.


  4. We have all met the people who say “I’d be a christian if I had actually ever met a real one” Jennifer, What the heck are you doing? If you want to raise your daughters by pointing out others flaws, then do so in the privacy of your own home. The above article is nothing like something Jesus would have said. You really should take it down.

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  5. Guys, come on. This woman obviously has some sort of mental illness. I wouldn’t take anything she has to say to heart. This is while it’s so important to eradicate the stigma on mental illnesses in this world.


  6. You claim this blog is about ‘spreading positivity through Jesus Christ’, yet the first two posts I come across on your blog have nothing to do with positivity or Jesus and his message. You may want to rename your blog.

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  7. Do I believe Taylor Swift engages in some questionable behavior that may not be suitable for young girls? Yes. But as a Christian myself, I find it appalling that you compare her to a demon. That is totally uncalled for and so judgmental beyond belief. And the fact that you think she flaunts herself from man to man is also ridiculous because you’re only sources that she does this and that she is actually having sex with these men is from gossip columns that cannot be taken seriously. Of course you need to be mindful of what she promotes and how she behaves in public but she’s not parading herself as some sort of sex machine devouring men.


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