“Thug” Culture and Responsibility


Today is Father’s Day.  I cannot help but ponder what kind of father young Trayvon Martin would have been.  I also ponder why society and media has anointed this “thug” as a martyr and symbol of racial injustices in America?

My experience on Friday afternoon seeing an unknown black male in our neighborhood first made me think of Trayvon.  Why don’t these kids stay in the neighborhoods where they belong?  WHY do they risk their very life by wandering into places they should not be?

I do not blame police for seeking these young criminals out.  I do not blame the police for doing their JOB and protecting the residents of their assigned neighborhoods. Why is it then, that when someone…anyone… needs help that they RUN to the police?  You can’t have it both ways people.  Either they are “murdering” your young black sons or you desperately need them when your EBT card gets lost.  Or you lose your pack of cigarettes.

Hypocrisy makes me ill.  If you hate the police so much then stop calling them.  I implore you black protesters to get a job.  Educate yourself.  Ween yourselves off of the vicious cycle of promiscuity and welfare.  Attend an adult Bible Study.

Let the story of young Trayvon be a lesson.  Stay in your assigned quarters.  Do not wander or be promiscuous.  Do not live in a way that God would not approve of.  Jesus is both the path and the answer to Salvation

Blessings be to God as always, friends. I wish you a blessed Father’s Day to all and may you be prosperous is Christ.


8 thoughts on ““Thug” Culture and Responsibility

  1. You do realize Maryin was NOT killed by the police? He was walking home from the store, while a member of the neighborhood watch STALKED him…. Martin in fact called the police to say he was being stalked. As for stay in your own neighborhood? I thought this was a free country? Besides he was staying with his father and father’s fiancé who lived in the community…. So wouldn’t that make it his neighborhood???


  2. You’re an idiot, maybe do some research and at least know your topics! I really don’t think God or Jesus finds anything positive on your hateful spewing… it’s pure dribble and beyond disappointing.

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  3. You’re a special kind of STUPID!! God definitely doesn’t love you and the hatred you spew! There’s a special place in hell waiting for you.


  4. He was in HIS neighborhood. He was visiting his dad. He didn’t do anything to deserve being murdered.
    Whites Only much, That’s what they told the Jews when they were packed into war era ghettos,


  5. Is your God a racist God? I live in a neighborhood with many races and cultures. We don’t shoot teenagers walking down the street coming home from the convenience store where they bought a candy bar. Because they’re teenagers.

    I’m am atheist and I’m more loving, tolerant, less judgemental, and have a stronger moral compass than you. I’m pretty sure Saint Peter’s got his job handled without your insight.


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