Black People and the “Welfare” Lifestyle


Hi dear friends.  First, I know that I am going to catch a lot of grief for this, but it seems to be a “hot topic” in my Twitter notifications as of late and I would be a hypocrite to not speak my truth.

White people who receive welfare are the ones who actually need it.  This is a fact. These are the working mothers who are put out of jobs through no fault of their own.  These are the families whose father can no longer work because his job has been sent overseas. Families who have to pay so much money in Obamacare that they cannot afford to feed their children.  THESE are the real stories.

Then on the flip side you have your blacks, who were raised in a vicious lifestyle of living off of and ABUSING the system.  They don’t want to work because why should they?  When you can get free food, free housing, free health insurance, free milk for your out of wedlock babies, etc. That leaves plenty of free time to sleep until 2pm everyday and chain smoke your Newports while the rest of the world is actually contributing to society.

Yes I am a wealthy woman and I am so grateful of everything that I have and what my husband allows me to have.  But I see it all of the time. The first of the month when those EBT cards are full…here come the blacks out of their cages like pigs in a barn.

This is why I think we should abolish the system altogether.  Whites will overcome and be resilient and find a way to succeed because that’s the very foundation that America was built on.

Blacks will find a way to blame anyone and anything but themselves and slowly self destruct because they were never given the tools or the education necessary to thrive.  And it’s sad.

I try to make amends for this by mentoring young girls at church and donating canned goods.  But I know that it’s not enough.  It will never be enough, friends.  WE as a whole must come together and lift each other up as high as we can.  Because Jesus demands it.

I ask you to ponder my words and let the reality of YOUR situation sink in.

I ask what will YOU do to help stop this cycle.  #Trump2016

As always I bless you and thank you for your time.

  • Jenn xoxo



30 thoughts on “Black People and the “Welfare” Lifestyle

    1. 32.2 percent of food stamp recipients were white, versus 22.5 percent of African-American households, and 15.5 percent Hispanics.


    2. You are so full of it. There are whites abusing the system as well as all others. I have been on the system because of medical reasons. I said that to say not all that uses the system never work,works, or worked. I wonder how you can claim you help blacks at the same time putting them down. As for this country it was built on the backs of the ancestors of the ones you are calling all these negatives name. Just pray you keep your wealth. While that is what you really waste your time to write this crap. It won’t get you into heaven. In fact with a ♥ like yours, you stand a better chance of fitting through the eye of a needle. Girl bye


    3. At least you are courageous enough to speak the truth. As a WORKING white man, I had no one hand me anything… yet, when I look around the only people on welfare are niggers. It is a shame. It is a culture of “Gibs me dat…”. I am sick of the entitlement system that only has hand out, not a help up… all in exchange for Democratic votes. Let the system fail, so that these niggers will have to care for themselves. I am so sick of niggers complaining “Who will take care of my children?” Here is a clue niggger, how about you! I have two children, because that is what my wife and I can afford. Grown up niggers and be responsible for yourselves and stop blaming others for your problems.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. However it appears you have diverted from the teachings of Christ a great deal. He never elevated one race over another by making sweeping generalizations. You sound more like a radical islamist; who say: all non believers should be killed; or the white man is the devil. Dont forget, they also profess to believe in Christ. There are some blacks and whites who abuse the system. And there are some from all races who really need help.


  2. Not all black people are on welfare. People of all races use welfare because they fell on hard times or are too lazy to get off their butt and work. Instead of spewing hate in the name of Jesus which is in fact against the teachings of the Bible how about you shut that hole in your face and put it to another use…like sucking a sick dick


  3. You can’t possibly be following Christ! You are very much in need of some mental and emotional healing! And you do know that He was a man of color right?!?! Smh


  4. Dear bible reader that is what you say you are. Please read Jesus’ description for me as the bible you say you read describes Him.


  5. You seriously should consider getting psychological help. You are so far away from being a Christian and to use Christianity for your reasonings in your hateful arguments is pure blasphemy in the truest sense. If Jesus could hate – he would probably hate you.


    1. I have to agree with you. This is most sanctimonious, discriminatory and UNCHRISTIAN writings I have seen in a long time. She is certifiably crazy. I am in shock that anyone could possibly think like this,


  6. The 95% of people on welfare are whites many of whom use the system and refuse to work the other 5% I’d divided between blacks, hispanc etc… So stop making it look like we are the only ones receiving hand outs and living off the system. You need reevaluate your place with God.


  7. This (and all of your blog posts) are jokes right? I mean, is this some sore of dark satirical website?

    Welfare in America was created for white people. People of color weren’t even allowed to be welfare recipients for a long time. If you look at the current US statistics there are more white Americans on welfare than any other ethnic group. Do your research first. Your articles make you seem like you’ve never read any facts or checked your history.

    I pray that you go read a fucking book.


  8. OH My….first, this country was built on Slavery…Blacks are the resilient ones. Welfare is a system that has been abused by all of the races and because the largest majority of welfare recipients are Whites…the system has been abused by mostly Whites. Ms. Jenn…you should truly research your topics before you BLOG and spit out non-sense like you did above and other places on this site…Sorry, but I’m really beginning to think that you’re reading your bible upside down.


  9. You without a doubt are the most narcissistic, racist, bigoted person I have come across. You do need mental help. Plus, you have strayed far from Jesus’ teachings of love.


  10. Too bad you will be playing for your stupidly because this site does not Glorify God at all.

    Do your homework before you put some junk out there!!
    Welfare: A White Secret
    By Barbara Ehrenreich Sunday, June 24, 2001

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    Come on, my fellow white folks, we have something to confess. No, nothing to do with age spots or those indoor-tanning creams we use to get us through the | winter without looking like the final stages of TB. Nor am I talking about the fact that we all go home and practice funky dance moves behind drawn shades. Out with it, friends, the biggest secret known to whites since the invention of powdered rouge: welfare is a white program. Yep. At least it’s no more black than Vanilla Ice is a fair rendition of classic urban rap.

    The numbers go like this: 61% of the population receiving welfare, listed as “means-tested cash assistance” by the Census Bureau, is identified as white, while only 33% is identified as black. These numbers notwithstanding, the Republican version of “political correctness” has given us “welfare cheat” as a new term for African American since the early days of Ronald Reagan. Yet if the Lakers were 61% white and on a winning streak, would we be calling them a “black team”?

    Wait a minute, I can hear my neighbors say, we’re not as slow at math as the Asian Americans like to think. There’s still a glaring disproportion there. African Americans are only 12% of the population as a whole, at least according to the census count, yet they’re 33% of the welfare population — surely evidence of a shocking addiction to the dole.

    But we’re forgetting something. Welfare is a program for poor people, very poor people. African Americans are three times as likely as whites to fall below the poverty level and hence to have a chance of qualifying for welfare benefits. If we look at the kind of persons most likely to be eligible — single mothers living in poverty with children under 18 to support — we find little difference in welfare participation by race: 74.6% of African Americans in such dire straits are on welfare, compared with 64.5% of the poor white single moms.

    That’s still a difference, but not enough to imply some congenital appetite for a free lunch on the part of the African-derived. In fact, two explanations readily suggest themselves: First, just as blacks are disproportionately likely to be poor, they are disproportionately likely to find themselves among the poorest of the poor, where welfare eligibility arises. Second, the black poor are more likely than their white counterparts to live in cities, and hence to have a chance of making their way to the welfare office. Correct for those two differences, and you won’t find an excess of African Americans fitting the stereotype of the sluttish welfare queen who breeds for profit.

    So why are they so poor? I can see my neighbor asking as visions of feckless idlers dance before his narrowed eyes. Ah, that is a question white folks would do well to ponder. Consider, for a start, that African Americans are more likely to be disabled (illness being a famous consequence of poverty) or unemployed (in the sense of actively seeking work) and far less likely to earn wages that would lift them out of the welfare-eligibility range.

    As for the high proportion of black families headed by single women (44%, compared with 13% for whites): many deep sociohistoric reasons could be adduced, but none of them is welfare. A number of respected studies refute the Reagan-era myth that a few hundred a month in welfare payments is a sufficient incentive to chuck one’s husband or get pregnant while in high school. If it were, states with relatively high welfare payments — say, about $500 a month per family — would have higher rates of out-of-wedlock births than states like Louisiana and Mississippi, which expect a welfare family to get by on $200 a month or less. But this is not the case.

    So our confession stands: white folks have been gobbling up the welfare budget while blaming someone else. But it’s worse than that. If we look at Social Security, which is another form of welfare, although it is often mistaken for an individual insurance program, then whites are the ones who are crowding the trough. We receive almost twice as much per capita, for an aggregate advantage to our race of $10 billion a year — much more than the $3.9 billion advantage African Americans gain from their disproportionate share of welfare. One sad reason: whites live an average of six years longer than African Americans, meaning that young black workers help subsidize a huge and growing “overclass” of white retirees. I do not see our confession bringing much relief. There’s a reason for resentment, though it has more to do with class than with race. White people are poor too, and in numbers far exceeding any of our more generously pigmented social groups. And poverty as defined by the government is a vast underestimation of the economic terror that persists at incomes — such as $20,000 or even $40,000 and above — that we like to think of as middle class.

    The problem is not that welfare is too generous to blacks but that social welfare in general is too stingy to all concerned. Naturally, whites in the swelling “near poor” category resent the notion of whole races supposedly frolicking at their expense. Whites, near poor and middle class, need help too — as do the many African Americans, Hispanics and “others” who do not qualify for aid but need it nonetheless.

    So we white folks have a choice. We can keep pretending that welfare is a black program and a scheme for transferring our earnings to the pockets of shiftless, dark-skinned people. Or we can clear our throats, blush prettily and admit that we are hurting too — for cash assistance when we’re down and out, for health insurance, for college aid and all the rest.

    Racial scapegoating has its charms, I will admit: the surge of righteous anger, even the fun — for those inclined — of wearing sheets and burning crosses. But there are better, nobler sources of white pride, it seems to me. Remember, whatever they say about our music or our taste in clothes, only we can truly, deeply blush.


  11. So as someone who’s Guatamalan you know you aren’t “white” right? Those who believe in the “white race” like you do see you as Hispanic and see that class is about equal to blacks. They say all those same hateful, bullshit generalizations about Hispanics. How ironic.


  12. If you were to actually live like Christ and not hate on people for stupid reasons, you would get to know blacks and see that the vast majority of them are respectable people just like whites and other races.


  13. First you’re completely wrong as the stats shown above point out. Second, you do realise that by having everyone help one another is creating the exact same system you just said two paragraphs ago to destroy? It’s literally the exact same thing. You’re fighting your own uneducated views in your own post.


  14. I wouldn’t call you a troll, but this is a true story. I will keep it as short as possible. In 2010, my mother made a mistake and went to live with her youngest daughter. She (Mom) was a retired government worker, a Christian, and a devoted mother. She was 65 when she retired and had a monthly pension of 1500.00

    My sister convinced her to move in with her and her family of 6. I begged Mom to stay where she was. She was not sick. She had a pension and Health Insurance. She even had a life insurance policy. She lived in a mobile home and it was in Northern Va. where everyone could visit, easily. She ended up dying alone in a Medicaid ran Assisted living facility exactly 1 mile from my creep sister’s house. My sister would even let us know she was dying. (My mother was not dying.)

    In short, My mother ended up on Medicaid/Welfare in the state of Maryland, just 7 short months after my sister sold her home. We all know what power of attorney can do to a person. So lady of wealth and beauty, ( saw your very wrinkled left hand…) my mother was ousted out of the nursing home 11 months after, because my sister had lied that my mother was crazy and demented to her doctors. She was so healthy that the nursing home had to oust her out in September 2011 and my mom asked creep sister if she could have her place to live back and was told no, she was just too hard to deal with at the present time and my mom ended up not even being able to take care of herself after all and had only 77.00 a month allowance for her personal needs and effects.

    I visited her a month prior to her dying of Congestive Heart Failure. After her death she gave each 6 of her children a small inheritance. Even after all this she used her allowance for that life insurance. (Sobbing now that I am even reliving this nightmare.)

    I miss her to this day, so lady from one white female to another you sure remind me of my creep sister. First you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror. You are no more than a bully.


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