Freddie Gray & “Entitled” Blacks


Friends, I ask you to ponder the above image for a few moments.  Now, think of all of the hatred and outcry that has come out of today’s verdict.  Freddie Gray was NOT some innocent peaceful black man.  No, in fact he was the usual “ghetto” thug who should have been following the law.

This MAN had been arrested EIGHTEEN PREVIOUS TIMES.  Excuse me? And you expect me to grasp my pearls and show sympathy because a cop was found not guilty of this thugs death?  Pardon me while I don’t swoon or fall on my cross for him.

No, much like the little thuglet Trayvon Martin, this man should have been in his OWN neighborhood.  He should have been following the LAW and then maybe…just maybe… he wouldn’t be dead.

So he had a rough ride in a van.  So what? He should have been sitting upright and acting appropriately.  It sickens me when black people cry about unfairness or mistreatment when they do nothing to change the examples that their own young black men set for themselves.

As I said in a previous post, you can’t have it both ways people.  Blame the police but yet when you need help who else are you gonna call?  Respect the police, respect yourselves and then maybe people wouldn’t look down on you like pieces of trash.  I’m not sorry to say that you bring it on  yourselves.

I know how to follow the law and abide by the word of Christ.  It’s not hard.  My record is clean.  I sleep well at night.  And I surely have never been arrested and tossed in the back of a van.

Consider this an example of what YOUR people do wrong.  Take a long hard look in the mirror of life, friends.  You want to act like a thug and a big shot… consequences will happen.

God’s will cannot and will not be stopped.  Ponder it and let it simmer in your soul before you react purely based on your OPINION of what’s fair and what’s not. In fact if it’s so unfair, how about the next time your “baby daddy” doesn’t pay his child support or your food stamps are short… just leave the police alone.  They’re so evil and no good, right?

This uppity, entitled, self-righteous attitude simply makes me want to vomit in my own mouth.

As always I give GLORY to Jesus Christ above and I worship in His name. Amen and I cherish you friends.


xoxo Jenn

7 thoughts on “Freddie Gray & “Entitled” Blacks

  1. You are spreading anything but positivity. I’ll pray for you. You are really not acting like a Christian. You spout bible verse and how you are walking with Him, honey you are being deceived.

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  2. Jenn,
    I have to start this off by stating that I am a bit appalled by a few of your blogs, especially the way you are presumptuous regarding other people’s feelings. You state things such as “you didn’t have friends because others were jealous”, and claiming your “family was better than the ‘poor’ people”. Maybe they felt you were a bit of a hypocrite yourself. I’m sure being a girl from a family of wealth and being put into a public school did cause a bit of jealousy, but did you ever stop to think that maybe it was a life lesson? Or a chance to see things from other perspectives? Maybe your God was challenging you to help less fortunate people. Think about someone like Mother Teresa. If anyone was a messenger of God I certainly believe it would be someone such as her, not someone who spouts condescending and judgemental opinions, claiming “they know their family was better than others because they were of wealth”. Who are you to judge whether you are better than others? By far I am no Christian, or devout to any religion, but I am educated enough to know that it is wrong to say such things.

    Now that I got that off my chest, I do find logic in a lot of the things you say. I feel no remorse for Nicole Brown Simpson, or the self-entitled ghetto thugs who want to shoot at the police protecting our society, then call on then for help. People are usually the cause of their own downfalls and shortcomings. Let the “haters hate” (so to speak), but I feel you are correct in that people in this world are dogging you because they too often cannot accept responsibility for themselves.

    That is all. Thank you for reading my response!


  3. I am going through and reading all of your blogs. This one struck me because you claim to be this subservient Christian woman.
    “Pardon me while I don’t swoon or fall on my cross for him.”
    Your words.
    Excuse me for pointing out that Jesus did fall on a cross for him. This “god” you insist you serve DID die for the just treatment of this man. Your judgement of this man is irrelevant and seems to only push you farther from the truth you seek.
    “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12 30:31

    Somewhere is concept has been lost in modern Christianity.

    Did you also forget Jesus forgave the thief who was crucified next to him? Or that his followers were the social perias of the time. Tax collecters, beggers, drunks and prostitutes.

    There is also the passage about he without sin being the first one to cast the stone. That story references our struggle for perfection in God’s eyes and the cruel reality that we are not.

    I also wonder if you have children. If so, are you a “do as a say not as I do” mom?


  4. Congrats. You really had me going. For like, hours. Sadly, your experiment worked. Turns out you’re just a gay guy portraying a mixed racist hateful Christian bigot. The gigs up. You need to tell everyone and right this, but you won’t because you’ve made everyone so mad. At least make it right for those who haven’t called you names or cursed you to hell. For those who actually do follow Christ and his commandments and love you regardless.

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