I AM God’s Messenger


I have mentioned this before on Twitter but I feel that is has gotten lost in all of the hate, innuendo, and vitriol that is thrown my way. The reason I am so devout in my testimony to Christ is because I am God’s chosen messenger.  He came to me when I was a child and told me it was to be this way and from that day forward I have devoted my life to Christ.  Every breath and every move is for Him alone.

I was seven years old and he appeared to me in a way that almost felt like a fugue state.  I was awake but yet not awake.  I was present in the moment but yet not.  I felt so warm and wrapped in an intense love.  He appeared to me with outstretched arms and told me that he had chosen me to be his Messenger and that it was my sole duty to spread His word throughout my life.

This was shortly after my father had touched me with passionate hands for the first time and I had truly began to understand God’s love. I had never felt so secure as I did in that moment.  Even as I type these words I have tears in my eyes.  Often I am accused of being hateful of a bigot but the truth is that I just speak my truth and the truth of God as it was written.

Being misunderstood has always been a way of life.  As a young girl in school I didn’t have many friends because they were jealous of my self confidence and that I came from a wealthy family. As I got older and more secure in my body and femininity it was very hard to maintain friends due to the intense jealousy.  I had to rely on God.  He’s never failed me and has always been by my side.

The bullying, the harsh words… the pure hate…none of it will ever break the bond that I have with Christ.  From the first touch of my Father until that fateful night that God himself spoke to me I have prided my self on being a pure warrior in His name.

I speak of this tonight hoping to inspire.  I hope to encourage.  I hope my words somehow find a young girl and encourage her to walk upon God’s path.

I give ultimate blessings to him and I cherish my friends new and old. May you be blessed and always grateful.

xoxo Jenn

17 thoughts on “I AM God’s Messenger

  1. I am afraid your god is zeus’s cousin “abner” from down yonder way, that thinks gee-sus is white, blue eyed, carries an AR-15 w/ a bannaner clip packed with armor piercing bullets and has ammunition belts strapped to his chest, wading in waist deep blood from ‘coody’ ridden folk of color, oh and them ,lowly bitches that lays with them ‘darkies’ and just all around hates black folk. I reckon you missed out on the love your neighbor as yerself huh? Oh well, kiss my grits. As if we need more hate-mongerin’-go to war-oil that gun and kill people with darker skin bigoted ignoramuses in our midst. Well, I could say I will pray for you, but it looks like it would be trod underfoot and rooted around the barnyard as just so much pig-shit (whoops, will sayin’ “rooted” get me throwd plum down in hell?) along with Matthew 5 (all of it) and Matthew 25 (all of that one too) “Spreading Positivity through Jesus Christ” Hmmm? You just endorsed a woman for killing her daughters, lady! Where is the “love” of Jesus there? Forget about “Positivity”, death is always a negative. Uhh, have a really strange day! You appear to wallow in it. 😉


  2. “This was shortly after my father had touched me with passionate hands.” You realize you just accused your father of child sex abuse.


  3. “This was shortly after my father had touched me with passionate hands.” I’m truly sorry to hear that you were sexually abused as a child. This perhaps explains some of your blog posts. I don’t think you have processed this trauma. Please seek professional help. Start here: https://www.rainn.org/


  4. “This was shortly after my father had touched me with passionate hands for the first time and I had truly began to understand God’s love.” Welp, I’ll be number 3 to comment on this, you poor poor sad soul. This is sexual abuse. It is not love. Your husband smacking you across the face for holding a baby bottle wrong? Domestic abuse. You are a sick, damaged individual, and you are mentally ill. No, really. You are mentally ill, and you need to be hospitalized, preferably away from a computer, as you keep failing one of god’s own laws, the ones in the bible pertaining to women being silent? I know you know that which I speak. Silence yourself. You are not god’s chosen. I am telling you this because you are wrong. You must be institutionalized for the safety of your children.

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  5. Thou shalt not kill, not thou shalt not kill unless your daughters are dating another race. Jesus, if he did exist, was not even white. He would have been middle eastern, having been born there, in the middle east. Personally, I think you are just out to get attention, and you have. One problem is that it is negative attention, and you are providing your “lord” with negative attention. What would Jesus do? Seriously, in the case of the woman who shot her children, what would Jesus have done? Would he have gunned those young girls down or might he have apprached the situation with love over violence? It is so shameful how many mentally ill people go through life untreated, just like her, and clearly you as well. Seek treatment, this kind of bigotry and hate and attention seeking is a sickness that will eat you up from the inside out. I am multi racial (Nez Perce and White) and have no problems on how to act, that is ridiculous. I am simply myself and do not feel the need to be anything else, I never have. Seek help, before your hatred eats you alive. Hate only hurts the hater, not the hated.

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  6. I read this entry. You have violated 1 Timothy 2:12: “I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.” Read your bible. You are a hypocrite.


  7. I’m really starting to believe this is satire– poorly done satire, but satire nonetheless. You absolutely cannot be serious. Alluding to child sexual abuse and taking that as a turning point in your mission to spread God’s word? That’s twisted. If this is real, I hope you consider committing yourself to a psychiatric ward, because you sincerely need help.

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  8. “This was shortly after my father had touched me with passionate hands for the first time.” So you were raped. Finally! I knew there had to be some kind of explanation to your mental disorders. You poor thing. You should seek help.

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  9. God would be so ashamed to find out one of his “children” is spreading so much hate and false information. You’re more like a devils advocate. You’re hurting your cause more then helping it.

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  10. You were sexually abused by your father and physically abused by your husband. My heart aches for you. I would love to read ONE post that promotes love and kindness.

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