To Serve and Obey: A Woman’s Role



One thing I am the most adamant about in life is that a woman’s role is to serve and obey her husband.  It is plainly written in Ephesians 5:22-24

22 Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands.

As I’ve finally gotten around to watching the documentary “OJ: Made In America” this is especially striking to me, as I feel Nicole Brown Simpson did not follow these rules.  OJ truly loved her.  He adored her. He made her into a glamorous wife of a celebrity when he plucked her from her simple lifestyle as a waitress in Los Angeles, and what did he get in return? A whiny, incomprehensible shrew who could never be satisfied.  She was promiscuous, she cheated on him with his friend.  She refused his advances.  She abandoned him. And ultimately it got her killed.

Do I believe he did it?  Probably. Would she be alive if she had just obeyed him? Absolutely. So you’ll have to forgive me if my sympathy is at zero for her.

This applies to my own life, as I feel the need to share the one and only time that my husband and I have had a disagreement.  Our youngest daughter was just a baby and I guess maybe I was aloof that day and was feeding her improperly. The bottle was at the wrong angle and she became gassy and fussy.  My husband disapproved and struck me across the face in our kitchen.  Our two oldest daughters were aware of what happened and I do regret that somewhat.

However, I immediately apologized to my husband and asked him to forgive me. And he did.  I should have been watching more closely.  I should have done what he asked of me.  I should have been a perfect mother.  And on that particular day, I strayed.  And I deserved the consequence that I received.

Never again have I done anything to upset him or further disobey or cause a disservice to him or our Holy Matrimony. He adores me and I am shrouded in love.  I only wish that Nicole had found the same pathway and maybe she would be alive today.

I pray that when she met Jesus Christ on her day of Judgement that she apologized and made amends for her sins.  May she rest in peace, along with Mr. Goldman

Glory be to God, friends.  May you have a blessed and refreshing weekend.


xoxo Jenn


50 thoughts on “To Serve and Obey: A Woman’s Role

    1. Whoever this Jenn person is, obviously has no idea what Jesus is saying in the Bible, nor can she say she’s a Christian with the things she has written. God will explain all to her when she faces judgment. Yes ,submit to your husbands, if you read further Jesus also says husbands love your wives like Jesus loves the church. Can’t stop at the parts you want ,and call it good. Jesus is not saying the wife is a slave. Just that the husband should have final say on certain things. But taking in consideration the wife’s thoughts and feelings also. Jenn Mayers is lost

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  1. You left simply posting on Twitter because others were saying you deserve to die, and yet here you are saying that another woman deserved to die. It is not okay your husband hit you, it is not okay Nicole was murdered. Check out the blog Visionary Womanhood.

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  2. jennifer maybe you should read the bible before quote it… also, you might want to make damn good and sure that you understand what you read. Murder is a sin… it’s up to God when your time ends.. noone else has that right… not even a husband.. I do believe that you are to cater to your husband but he should do so in return… are you ok? do you need help? because picturing you I see a brainwashed woman.. that has been sicked by the devil himself because only the devil would cause these people that you write about to act as they did…. oh… share your last name why are you hiding? scared of what you have to say….
    whats great about America is we woman have rights…. and that man that has you this way probably needs to be dealt with…

    I will pray for you and your family… God Bless!!!

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  3. so i read another one of ur posts about ur how u hate how innocent ur daughters have to be exposed to harshes of the world as u say but please please i beg u to listen to me on this and this just makes me soo sad i am crying while writing this the day ur husbnd hit u in front of them..their innocence was gone in a u believe it was right n aploigized and explained it awy..and even if they say they understand they dont i PRIMISE!!! think of it through a kids eyes they r thinking ” why did daddy hit mommy” thwy will not recover from that their innocence out the door..bc u cannot stick up for urself..those poor children


  4. This is a pet peeve. You quoted probably one of the most beautiful passages in the bible but only took a few lines. Instead of including the rest of that you butchered it to fit your needs. It goes on to say that husbands should honor their wives as Jesus honored the temple. It even continues to say that children should honor theiron parents and their parents are to honor them. And *gasp* it says the same things about slaves and masters. Jesus Christ. YOU are the reason I’ve left organized religion. You and your ability to only take what you want and bend it to suit your agenda. You’re no better than the media.

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  5. I AM SO SORRY FOR YOU, THIS IS SO WRONG. You need to get help not from your abusive controlling husband or a member of your hidious wicked church. Are you aware that Jesus does not attend there? You need help from a professional doctor. Did you come up with this on your own or did your husband explain this to you? Abuse is never ok. And you have absolutely no idea what happened in OJ and Nicole’s marriage. She could have been like you and rolled over every time she was told, but she still would have been beaten and would have died for another reason. You are sick, your family is sick. You need help and I pray that you read the comments here and you understand this is not love like Christ loved the church. Christ has never slapped me. Please get help before your daughters get hurt by horrible husbands too. In this case you will be the one responsible for them getting hurt in relationships.

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    1. Pretty amazing, but the inconsistencies are glaring. Where is the racism? What happened to miscegenation being a mortal sin? Did she just come up with that value a week later? The point of view of the blog changed too suddenly. Nicole Brown Simpson should have been murdered by her MOTHER for giving her yellow grandchildren. It’s like she didn’t get her platform straight before creating the persona.


  6. You need serious help. I really hope you get some. I also hope someone who knows you cares enough about your children to report domestic abuse to the authorities. You might think it’s OK, but your children being exposed to it (and more than likely subjected to it if this is how you think) is not only damaging and wrong, but more than enough reason for child protective services to remove them from the that dangerous environment. I hope one day you are able to let go of all of the hate and fear you obviously have inside.

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  7. Unbelievable how horribly religion twists bible verses into making people think as though they are slaves when Jesus gave His life to set us free from slavery. To think you deserved that abusive treatment from your husband is very very disturbing. You deserve unconditional love. I hope you open your heart to receive it from Jesus and Our Father first so you can know what love really is!


  8. Wait… you approve of the relationship OJ & Nicole Brown Simpson had… but you also approve of a mother killing her children for mixing races? You can’t play both sides of the field, honey… which is it?

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  9. The more I read of your nonsense, the more I realize what a retarded uneducated heathen you truly are. Go read something, bitch, beyond your retarded King James Bible bullshit.


  10. There is something terribly wrong with you. You are deluded, and racist and a sorry excuse for a human. It’s to bad we live in a time when any idiot can get on the internet and write a blog. Shame on you. You should have your children removed from your custody before you damage them any further. I hope you live a miserable life.


  11. Hopefully she got on her knees and sucked Jesus’ mighty cock until he forgave her. Hopefully you too will know that hubby means nothing when Jesus shows you his cock.


  12. You all do realize this is complete and utter sarcasm, this woman likely has never written anything even remotely true, and she’s attention starved, correct? Seriously, this husband hitting her story is a load of crap.
    To the author: Get a life. Sarcastic blogs like this might get you attention, but it does nothing except stir up more contention and division in our already heavily divided society. Stop perpetuating the problem by writing garbage like this.

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  13. How can you let your children see this? Jesus or God didn’t say anything about a woman taking a man’s abuse. I will be praying that you find the strength to get out of this situation and find the REAL love God intended for each of us to experience. What you have isn’t real love honey


  14. Any man that hits a woman is a coward. It doesn’t matter what you do, a man NEVER has a right to put his hands on you. You really do need help and I pray you get it.


  15. Seriously, folks? You really think her husband hit her?!! She is making all of this up for attention/fame/popularity. It’s what psychopaths (aka con artists) do. The one thing that’s true is she has ZERO empathy for others and cannot truly love others…half of her comments are true and half of them are not. Folks like this typically lie and act to blend in among the rest of us…they wear a mask of sanity, so to speak. But, they are greedy, selfish, heartless are motivated by greed, money, power, fame. Every comment we’ve made here feeds her agenda. So, perhaps we should stop giving her attention and move on?! 🙂

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    1. Her credibility went straight into the crapper when she said she and her husband had only disagreed that one time. What a crock, even if she is brainwashed enough to be his doormat and to apologize for being assaulted.


  16. I’m guessing you’d be also okay with your husband abusing your children?! You are one sick, brainwashed bitch. I feel sad for you.


  17. Inasmuch as you’re the same twisted twat who applauded Christy Sheats for killing her daughters for dating black men (an allegation that you just pulled out of your heavily sodomized ass), this piece is even funnier than you intended it to be…

    God hates hypocrites TOO, so you better start getting ready for what he’s going to do to you.

    PS – That your husband slaps you restores my faith in human nature; there’s ZERO doubt that you’ve earned it WAY more than you’ve received it.


  18. Your husband hit you in the face in front of your children because your baby got gassy and we’re supposed to believe he’s a good person. You both need mental help. I feel so bad for your daughters that they have a father who would show them that physical violence from men is acceptable and to be expected and a mother who teaches them that they should kowtow to ridiculous demands by virtue of the person making the demands having a penis. When they’re in an abusive relationships in the future will you be asking what they did to deserve their beating instead of being there as a source of support and compassion as you should be? Will your husband congratulate your son in law for keeping his woman in line while your daughter nurses the black eye her gave her for accidentally burning dinner?


  19. You’re views are inconsistent. You literally write an article on how a woman’s actions are justified for her daughters sleeping with black boys and then you justify a relationship between Nicole and OJ.

    By the way,
    Thou shall not judge.


  20. THANK YOU for being a good Christian woman and telling it like it is. I totally wanna nail you seven ways from Sunday. Since you’re are most likely a sociopath you won’t mind- you’ll enjoy every moment of it actually. It’s cool. I’m white


  21. You know the police are obligated to get involved when you post stuff like this online. So either this entire sight if fake as shit or you can expect cps at your door to take your kids at any minute.

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  22. I feel deeply disturbing in so many levels reading this. This is the most disturbing thing I have read so far. Firstly, “woman should serve their man” it’s so wrong in so many levels. Secondly, your husband hits you but you apologize instead. What the actual fuck? This reminds me of BDSM in porn sites. Wait. Frankly, It’s even worse than that.


  23. If you feel the way you do, you have every right to express it as you wish whether or not I or anyone else agrees with it or not. All these comments demanding that you basically change your views to cater to their preferences are garbage, and written by people that demand conformity to the status quo, and you should politely tell them to go screw themselves.


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