Celine: The PERFECT Servant


Good evening my friends.  I hope you all are enjoying life. As you know Celine Dion is my ultimate idol. After watching the atrocious story of Nicole Simpson last night and her deviant ways it made me appreciate the beauty and grace of Celine.  Especially her willingness to serve her husband Rene.

From the time she was 12 years old, she allowed Rene to guide her career and her life overall.  As they grew into lovers, he became her spouse and she accepted her role as a dutiful wife. Celine GETS IT. She knew that her ultimate role was to serve, obey, and support her husband and in return he gave her the most fantastic lifestyle and career that anyone could dream of having.

Their age difference didn’t matter.  They had a mutual understanding.  They had a true love built on the Word of God. He guided her like a compass and she performed and received the adoration of the public and the world at whole.

Perhaps her greatest service was how she put her successful career on hold to be by his side as he was suffering from cancer.  She had previously suspended her career and Las Vegas residency to give birth to their children.  But as his final days approached, Celine knew that her place was by his side.

As he lay dying she was there, serving, obeying and giving her husband ultimate LOVE.  The way it was meant to be.  If only Nicole Simpson had followed suit perhaps she would be living today with her neck intact.

Even Ms. Dion’s funeral attire was the picture of elegance.  The chic black veil and the stylish fedoras on her six year old twins.  She is the summation of elegance, glamour, and everything a woman should be.  I love her.

To ALL women out there, I simply demand that you treat your husbands with the same love and respect that Celine gave to Rene.  You never know when they will leave you.  You never know when you may be left alone to raise your children and carry on.

Wicked is the woman who strives for independence.  SERVE your man. OBEY your man.  And receive all of the prosperous rewards in return that Jesus has to offer.

I cherish you as always my friends, and may these words inspire you.

— Jenn


16 thoughts on “Celine: The PERFECT Servant

  1. You’re a racist, and a delusional bigot. You don’t have the first clue what the Bible says. You obviously don’t study it because you’re using scripture WAY out of context.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if you found this context on a white supremist website.
    I’m too nice to tell you what I really think about you and this idiocy that is your hobby.

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    1. C’mon, you believe this stuff? This page is 100% satire LMAO Probably brought to you by the same FB account that brings us such great satire as “Your Tattoos Make You A Horrible Mother” and “Stop Masturbation” LOL


  2. Jenn why don’t you do the world a favor and kill yourself. You are a disgrace to the entire mankind. You are not beneficial to ANY race. You’re crazy, bat shit crazy if you think what that lady did to her children is rational. You’ll be the next idiot to gun down her kids of you don’t seek immediate psychiatric assistant. I hope this finds you laying under a bus, you sick twisted individual.


  3. You are a vile, wretched cunt. If you have, or should ever procreate, I truly hope those children are taken from you. Rot, you mindless pig.


  4. From the time she was 12 years old, she allowed Rene to guide her career and her life overall.

    Huh? Some would call this guidance. Others would call this “grooming.”


  5. Congrats. You really had me going. For like, hours. Sadly, your experiment worked. Turns out you’re just a gay guy portraying a mixed racist hateful Christian bigot. The gigs up. You need to tell everyone and right this, but you want because you’ve made everyone so mad. At least make it right for those who haven’t called you names or cursed you to hell. For those who actually do follow Christ and his commandments and love you regardless.


  6. So Jennifer, I saw a link to one of your “Christian” posts on Facebook and just thought I should read a little more. I am someone with the firm belief that everyone has the right to voice their opinion and freedom of speech exists for both those with whom I agree and disagree.
    And actually, I want to THANK you! Thank you for being such a CUNT LOL! I just wanted to throw that in there. In an earlier post you cited a quote from someone using such a name to describe you. At first I thought “why attack someone with clearly low intelligence with such hateful words.” However, after reading your blog, Ive come to understand the sentiment. You are in fact, exactly that. Please don’t fight it. Accept it.
    I dont claim to be a “Christian” and reading the hate and bile you have posted here only reminds me why. I have no interest in joining your little cult so please do not “pray for me” or “hope that someday I find God”. I was raised in a Christian home, but thankfully through hard work and diligence, I managed to find my way out to live a happy life free of artificial guilt and make believe.
    I was going to spend a little time here to address your views on race, guns, homosexuality (of which I am a BIG fan WINK WINK!!!) , wealth, segregation….basically all those things that scared white people use to try to scare other white people into believing that the DEVIL is going to be downfall of ‘Merica. I WAS going to. But then I read your blog and I am truly convinced that you are trolling for attention, or you ACTUALLY believe all this nonsense you write. If the latter is true, no amount of reason will convince you otherwise.
    You actually wrote that the mother who shot her two daughters was rightful in doing so to keep her daughters from “race mixing.” A rant from me would be pointless. Enjoy your ignorance. Im not going to guide you out of it with these few lines.
    OH, and BTW…Clearly you are a liar. No respectable person with ACTUAL wealth, success, and intelligence spends so much time pointing out that they are IN FACT wealthy successful and intelligent. Clearly you are NONE of these. Lets please stop pretending as it only makes you more dreadful of a person.
    Lastly, I sincerely hope you haven’t spawned, but if you have I can only hope you have a homosexual child with REALLY dry skin, a speech impediment, a learning disability, an affinity for gangster rap… who embraces Baha’ullah (look it up)…and has but one dream….to love his fellow man!
    May Goddess Bless
    and may your grandchildren variegated (look that up too).
    Yours truly,
    The Leader of the Homosexual Agenda and the one who will be sent to “take away your guns”


  7. You are FUCKING wacko lady, get in the 21st century! It will be cold day In hell before I SERVE or OBEY a man, we are equals u dumb bitch!! I will do what I want, when I want and how I how want!!!


  8. You think her husband gave her the amazing career she had because she was dutiful?!? And yet in another post you claim to have “worked hard” for your wealth?? Shouldn’t it be you married the right man to provide you with a lifestyle that you obviously are not educated enough to have actually earned on your own? Nobody that has actually read a real book believes the things you do.


  9. I can’t believe you would break one of the ten commandments in your first paragraph! “Thou shall bring no false idols before me,” tisk tisk. Clearly, someone hasn’t been reading the bible. Also, Celine Dion’s husband was a pedophile. What creep courts a 12-year-old?


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