America’s Martyr: NO Race Mixing


Friends, I invite you to ponder the image above.  The beautiful woman is Christy Sheats.  The Texas wife and mother who is being vilified in the media for shooting and killing her teenage daughters.  It makes for a great headline in mainstream media but what goes unsaid is even more powerful.

A devout Republican and gun rights advocate, she no doubt discovered that both of her daughters had been promiscuous and were sleeping with black boys and she took it upon herself to put an end to that cycle.  She was brave enough to stand up and say ENOUGH!  Not in MY house! And she should be lauded.

Race mixing is not only an ungodly thing, it causes such confusion and humiliation.  Not only for the children born of this sin, but for the grandparents who would have to carry this burden. Mrs. Sheats was the picture of elegance and I know she would not want to have to explain to her friends why she was carrying around a yellow mixed baby that her promiscuous daughters had created.

Rather than be forced into this life of depravity and sin, she chose to go down grasping her weapon in the name of God.  As far as I am concerned, she is a martyr for Christ.

 “It would be horribly tragic if my ability to protect myself or my family were to be taken away, but that’s exactly what Democrats are determined to do by banning semi-automatic handguns,” she wrote in March, along with an anti-gun control video.

She was just your typical wife and mother, doing everything she could to protect her children from the promiscuous and sinful life that they had become sucked into.

Before we slander her name or make her out to be a villain, I think we should take a moment of silence and appreciate her bravery and her devout Will to die for Christ.

A martyr indeed, my friends.  And Glory be to God, as always for HE is in control.



4,216 thoughts on “America’s Martyr: NO Race Mixing

    1. Embarrassed? You can’t even prove your religion is true, but we should be embarrassed? How sad you live in a fantasy world!


    1. NOT!!! The reason people believed it is because there are crazies out there who DO BELIEVE that shit. All too many of them.


  1. This has got to be a bogus blog. God, I hope so. I’m sure there are morons out there who actually think like this, but to have the audacity to publicly post such beliefs? Unbelievable. But for whoever actually posted it, in case this isn’t some sarcastic joke, in case this Jennifer Mayers is real, let me point out that you do not know Christ at all. Anyone who takes a life in the name of Jesus, the Prince of PEACE, is a hypocrite at best. Not to mention a sick and delusional murderer. And for you to support such heinous, radical ideals makes you just as sick. You and everyone who shares your twisted vision are infesting the very air around you with something worse than the Black Plague. I’m white. My wife is half-black. My children are a quarter black. Just try coming for my family with these sadistic thoughts of “cleansing,” and you’ll find yourself burning in hell long before your scheduled arrival, for someone with your racist, hateful heart has no place in heaven. Monkeys that throw their feces at each other have more decency than you.


    1. Jesus was the prince of peace, who told you to turn your enemies the other cheek, something you need to learn. Jesus never said you should race mix. He understood that race mixing was against the law. The bible state: not to take foreign wives, for they lead you astray. Even the destruction off Sodom and Gomorra happened because of race mixing “going after strange flesh” You have gone of the path and against God’s law, by race mixing and having black children. You have desecrated your forefathers and are even to blind that you cannot see your many wrongs. You created hell for your children (who will not be called at Judgement day) and for your parents, and grandparents who’s roots you have cut off. You do not see your mistakes. I will pray for you, that your eyes will be opened.


  2. The story is true – the reasons false. Which makes the author, attempting to show vile racism – racist!
    The real story – Christy Sheats lived an unhappy, mentally unstable life. She had attempted suicide 3 times. The day her husband said he was leaving, she grabbed a gun and took her daughters with her, to make him suffer for the rest of his life.
    When the police came, they finished what she started. She wrote for the gun-rights movement.
    And remember – Google is your friend. (and your enemy, but that is another matter)


  3. Are you out of your fucking mind?
    This woman is a monster.
    A peice of garbage.
    And you, Jennifer Mayer are a fucking idiot. You religious nut job.
    I’ve never hit a woman, but if I ever see you, I’m knocking you the fuck out.


  4. If you believe this story and think this woman was right, then your grandmother should have shot your non-Latino parent for fornicating with a person of color. I think you may have some self-hate issues. I will pray for you.


  5. You are wrong! These people lived 10 minutes from us. One of the daughters was getting ready to marry a Hispanic guy. The other girl was not going out with any black guys. If they were no one has the right to kill anyone! If you are a Christian then you would know: Thou Shall Not Kill. You are a real bigot and an immoral person.


  6. Jesus was dark skinned, read his physical description in the New Testament when he appeared to John the Baptist. Hair like wool, skin like burnt bronze. Also he was described as being able to blend in with the people. The people in that region are still dark skinned. Hello oblivious Christians. You claim to know the Bible, but I think you need to study a little more.


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