5 Essential 90’s Female Country Albums

These are in no particular order, that would be like asking me to choose my favorite child!  My favorite music to relax to is 90’s female country.  These were the days when music was great and carried real messages of service and obedience to men.  I cherish the moments when I am driving and get to sing along to some old favorites.  I hope this inspires you to check out some of these amazing albums!



“Reba McEntire – “Read My Mind” You simply CANNOT make a list of 90’s females without including the Queen herself. Reba’s 1994 album “Read My Mind” found her at her peak and it is an absolute classic from start to finish.  The sassy jazz-influenced first single “Why Haven’t I Heard From You” is still a staple in her shows today. The sweet waltz “Til You Love Me” and the massive hit “And Still” are all included here.  This won and American Music Award for Favorite Country Album in 1995 and deservedly so.  In my opinion, Reba has never gotten the amount of accolades she deserves. Thankfully, she gives us masterpieces like this album. I cherish her.




Wynonna Judd – “Tell Me Why” This 1993 album was Wynonna’s second solo effort.  My personal faves are “Only Love” and “Father Sun”, the latter of which was written by Sheryl Crow.  The ballad “Is It Over Yet” is truly stunning. A true classic album with Wynonna’s signature rock and roll edge. “Girls With Guitars” was written by fellow country female Mary Chapin Carpenter and contains her signature lyrical style. A diverse and yet very cohesive effort.  A joy from start to finish! 




Patty Loveless – “The Trouble With The Truth” Patty is one of my all time favorite singers in any genre.  Her voice is so pure and genuine, you FEEL every word she sings. This 1996 album was the follow up to her CMA Album of the Year “When Fallen Angels Fly” (which is a masterpiece in itself) I prefer this one more I suppose because there is more variety in the styles of music.  It opens with the Cajun flavored “Tear Stained Letter” and included fantastic songs such as the title track and “Lonely Too Long” and “You Can Feel Bad” both Number One country hits.  A definite must-have for any country fan. 




Wynonna Judd – “Revelations” A second entry from Wynonna because I could not decided between this and “Tell Me Why”.  This 1996 album was a sort of “comeback” effort for Wynonna and her third solo album.  She had taken some time off to get married and have children and she came back stronger than ever on the single “To Be Loved By You” which soared to Number One.  Also included is the song “Change The World” which was eventually made famous by Eric Clapton even though Wynonna had the song first.  A soulful rendition of “Free Bird” and my favorite gospel number “Dance! Shout!” make this one of my all time favorites.  Not just for the 90’s.



Pam Tillis – “Sweetheart’s Dance” Pam is somewhat underrated because she was sometimes overshadowed by flashier singers such as Reba and Wynonna, however this album is one of my favorites.  It features her lone Number One sincle “Mi Vida Loca” as well as “When You Walk In The Room” and “Spilled Perfume” both huge hits in 1994.  Pam eventually would win the 1994 CMA Female Vocalist of the Year partly because this album was so amazing.  


Explore country music friends, it will change your life!




5 thoughts on “5 Essential 90’s Female Country Albums

  1. your taste in music is pretty lame but your message is worse. Please take this shat down. You are giving fellow nutjobs a source of bs. You have nothing to do with Jesus & everything to do with immaturity.


  2. These sites gers would be likely to stop singing if they knew that so.eine as horrible and hateful as yourself liked their songs and albums.


  3. These singers would be likely to stop singing if they knew that someone as horrible and hateful as yourself liked their songs and albums.


  4. Anyone who REALLY listened to country in the early 1990’s (don’t judge me, I was in junior high!) would remember a brilliant little singer/songwriter named Kelly Willis.


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