Twitter Fame: My Duty, My Fans



Hello friends and fans.  I just wanted to make a brief little statement of appreciation and special thanks.

When I began this Twitter journey it was meant to be an outlet for me to express my beliefs and spread the Word of Christ to anyone who would listen and accept it.

As I’ve become accustomed to the newfound fame and recognition that I’ve received by so many of you, it’s only further cemented my devotion to dedicate myself and my words to God’s Love and positivity.

Please take it from personal experience when I tell you that fame is not all it’s cracked up to be.  I have never been subjected to so much abuse and hateful words and comments thrown my way.  I would be lying to say it didn’t hurt me deeply.  But much like Christ, I have to take my persecution and my wounds and carry on.  Because that is what He wants.

I was chosen.  I am HIS messenger.  And so by reaching out and touching so many of you, whether good or bad, I know that He is watching over me and guiding me down this glorious path.

Not only do I consider you as fans, but you are also my friends.  And I cherish you.  Even if you do not agree with me or my beliefs.  Just by taking the time to read and maybe ponder them silently is enough to make me feel like my duty is being done in the name of Christ.

I adore you and wish you all a blessed evening and many many days to come.

27 thoughts on “Twitter Fame: My Duty, My Fans

  1. condoning murder is not HIS way. The Lord would never support murder of another in his name. He says to spread love even if they are our enemies. especially if they are our children. You are a disgusting fake child of God. It is all blasphemy to preach hate in HIS name. Lord have mercy on your soul. I feel so scared for you and your judgement.


  2. Sadly, my dear, you are no messenger of God or of Jesus. In fact, to claim to be a messenger of God and spread hate of other races, condone murder of one’s own children, support the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson because she didn’t “submit” to her husband and all the other perverted notions of what you think the Bible says is the worst kind of false prophet there is. I am a Christian pastor and quite frankly am deeply offended that someone like you actually tries to represent Christianity in a blog full of hate, bigotry, prejudice, and complete and utter misrepresentations of the the Word of God. I am praying you will take down this blog before you continue turning people away from following Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life, none of which you have shared in this despicable blog. Dear God, I am praying that your hard heart full of hate and prejudice softens and that, as the previous reply says, that God will have mercy on your soul.

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    1. Thanks for posting Kathleen, completely agree. This lady sounds insane, at first I thought this blog was a joke but I really think this woman needs mental help, all her ideas are self serving and don’t promote any kind of positivity, I’m pretty sure she has no idea what the Bible is saying, just picking out verses that promote whatever she is feeling that day, so sad. *sigh*

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  3. An Elegant Life by Jennifer ….hey Jennifer I think you need to look up ‘Elegant’ in the dictionary. Your life is nowhere near that if these words are yours. You are a sick rube. Jesus would heal you if only you didn’t use him to spread your hate. What a goofball you are. An elegant goofball. How old are you? & are you on any meds? Something isn’t right about your hate being on a page for Jesus. You missed his message deary.


  4. Oh and by the way, you tend to present yourself as the victim in your blogs, lamenting on why everyone is being so hateful to you, how everyone is mistreating you with words, but you take NO responsibility for the hate you are writing. In fact, you can’t even see the hate in your own blog posts, even with so many pointing it out. Let’s get something straight, my dear, you are no victim. The harshness of the replies to you is due to the content of your writings. They provoke the venom of others because your writings are filled with venom. Anyone who believes that the bible teaches that it is ok for your husband to slap you has no understanding of the biblical text or its context. In fact, you call yourself a “messenger” but nothing you share even closely resembles the message of God in the Bible. I have been in the ministry for 30 years and have read the Bible cover to cover more times than I could ever count, not only in English but in its original languages of Greek and Hebrew. I have studied it cover to cover, prayed through its words, preached from its passages. Your messages do not come from the God represented in the Bible nor do they come from God’s son Jesus Christ. If nothing else I need to start a blog just to counter all the horrors I see in yours. Oh, my dear one, open your eyes, please and see that you are the cause of the replies you are receiving. You are neither a victim nor a martyr, but a very troubled soul in need of so much healing. Stop presenting yourself as any kind of authority on Jesus, the Bible, human relationships or anything else. Seek the help and healing it is clear that you truly need. Because what you are now, and I am going to use a strong word here because it does apply, is a messenger of evil. Hear me, I am not at all saying you are evil, but the message you have been sharing certainly is evil. That is why you are getting the reaction you are getting. If you want to be and believe you are called to be a “messenger”, then first, I am praying that you will come to see clearly that your “message” is in no way from God, and second, I am praying that you will seek the help and healing that can help you to truly be a “messenger” of comfort and healing to others.

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    1. Kate, I’ve never met anyone like this woman in church. I promise. I think this person writing this blog may be unwell. The author could be a man or a teenager, (or a woman) but I also suspect that the character that narrates this blog is fictional. It’s for shock, and attention. This is not representative of a single Christian I know. In fact, it doesn’t represent anyone of any or no religion, it’s just hate and attention seeking drama.

      She claims to be Guatamalan, Christian and a woman. Please don’t judge any of those groups based on the dribble written here. She doesn’t define any of those groups. She’s a joke or a victim of mental illness. Nothing more.

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    2. Oh Kate, please don’t judge God by humans professing to be His followers! In the same way you wouldn’t write off every restaurant in the world just because you had a bad meal at one…church/Christianity has MANY different flavors & some who claim to be “Christian” are anything but! I hope you’ll watch this message :
      & SEE …what happens inside, how uplifted it makes you feel, how excited you’ll be, in seeing what a TRUE CHRISTIAN looks like.

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  5. Perhaps this blog is really just a social experiment in new media provocation by undefensible opinion (when not talking about favorite Country music artists). You’re proud of 11k responses, but it’s not much of an achievement when all you did was say something wickedly offensive while righteously wrapping yourself in the something people hold holy, like religious doctrine or a national flag. That’s a design for inciting a riot. I responded in anger in that Yay Killer Mom post before I figured you out. Why I’ll bet I could write something far more foul and get 60k angry comments in a day. You were working with powerful elements in your task, mom-slaughtered 17 and 22 year olds in there with race mixing and guns… that’s a combustable mix of issues. But I can think of much much worse.

    Or I’m wrong. Perhaps you mean everything you say and you’re merely nuts in way that causes the masses to want to stone you in public (the closest you’ll ever get to a Biblical reality).

    But it’s hard to believe. I think you left Easter Eggs that prove this is a stun. Allegedly you have an issue with race mixing, but you laud Lisa Marie Presley who was married to Michael Jackson (Agreed, there’s just not even a small possibility they consumated, but still…). You’re of Guatemalan descent but you’re against race mixing, don’t associate with the poor, and take issue with a white girl marrying a latino (stating as fact that she was messing with black boys)? Yeah, that’s too much contradiction in one place to be believable.

    I stand by my first guess. You’re a provocateur. And if this is a game to you… Golf clap I guess? I mean, we all have to do something with our day, right? And you chose to make gun owners, white folks, Bible folks, and even Republicans look terrible by inhabiting a character that presented the most dangerous aspects of each group’s most extreme vitriol knowing that would cause anyone belonging to any one of those groups to leap to defense of the true word, protesting racism, decrying daughter murder, etc.

    So enjoy your button poking and feeling of superiority. This was a cheap trick.

    Else… you’re legitimately bonkers. And that’d be much more boring.

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  6. I applaud your acknowledgement of Christy Sheats’ mental illness. It takes one to know one, Jennifer. You’re unstable, delusional and in need of counseling. Yes, I will pray for you, and the Sheats children, and Mrs. Sheats. But mostly you – there’s still time to help you.

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  7. WOW, Jennifer Mayers. Calling people who are disgusted with you your FANS? Look at how many “I’s” there are compared to “Jesus”, since you claim this blog is about Him?! Really sad. Praying for you.

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  8. Hahahahaha. I have yet to read a single positive comment on this blog. I’m convinced this woman is typing these words out from a mental institution.


  9. Hmmm…so, your Guatemalan, huh? Is your husband Guatemalan? Because, you know…race mixing. And even if your of Guatemalan descent, your still not “white”, like the race you say you are trying to preserve. You are using religion to justify your own hateful prejudice and bigotry. How do you know that the crazy Texas child killer was upset about who her daughters were dating? Did she tell you that? Or are you ASSuming because that is what you would do? I feel bad for your children. Also, the reason you have so many hits on your blog piece is because people need to read your piece of trash writing for themselves, not because people are praising you for it. You are the type of person that made me leave religion years ago, full of your holier than thou self. Get over yourself.


  10. I agree with the fellow above…too many hot button contradictions to be real. Or you are a textbook Sociopathic Narcissist for which there is no help. Either way you really do need to take this down for the sake of your own soul. This blog is blasphemous and has the potential to interfere with the salvation of others putting you at serious risk. Joke, social experiment, or whatever…is it worth the way your life is already starting to fall apart… your REAL life???

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  11. You, author, are one sick little racist puppy who never saw even her own vagina, what else anyone else’s. bet you’re so self centred that nothing will get to you anyway, but still I had to come tell you how damn stupid and messed up you are. You do not preach anything Christian, you preach a load of racist and hateful crap, hell is waiting my dear.


  12. Lol you’re fucking delusional woman you’re full of shit! Everyone one here hates you. We all would be better off without your hate spreading and false interpretation of the bible. You’re a waste of a human being.


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