Public Outcry: Going Viral


My dear friends, fans and followers… I am beyond stunned at the turn of events my little blog has taken. Currently, my dedication to Christy Sheats entitled “America’s Martyr” has reached over 300 THOUSAND views, shares, clicks, comments, etc. I have never received this kind of attention in my life. It is very overwhelming.

I feel the need to respond to quite a few allegations and truly horrible and abusive comments that I have received.  It’s been so many that I cannot possibly keep up or respond to every one of them.

First and foremost it is not only hurtful but very insulting to me that people would accuse me of merely being a “joke” or a “satire” as if mocking Christ and making fun of my beliefs is something that I would ever find humorous. I just do not understand.  Maybe I am naive to how all of this works but it certainly doesn’t make me feel very positive. I can only speak my own thoughts and the words of my Lord as He wrote them.

Secondly, I will NOT apologize for my views in that blog.  Miscegenation is WRONG and it will destroy the white race as we know it. If everyone would stay with their own kind there would be no confused yellow babies not knowing which race they have to portray or “act” like in order to fit in. It just is not right.  And despite any story that you see in the media about Mrs. Sheats I am convinced there is more to the story. She did not want her daughters to become enslaved into the lifestyle of miscegenation that would eventually force her to become a grandmother to a child she would be humiliated by.

Why am I the bad person for expressing what a majority of the world believes? Maybe my courage and willingness to express it openly intimidates many of you and that’s why you feel the need to lash out at me with horrible and vulgar comments.

You are fucking psychotic

You are full of ignorance and satan.

Hateful little piece of trash, aren’t you dear?

You are everything that is wrong with this world.


Those are just a mere handful of the NICER comments that I have received today.

Do you all feel good about yourselves? I am not psychotic. I am not ignorant or a joke.  I am 100% correct in my statements and beliefs. IF you feel differently then I suggest you educate yourself on race/religion.

Mrs. Sheats WAS a martyr in the name of Christ and she was doing what she felt was right in her heart to save her daughters.  The ignorance and sheer hatred that I have received is just humanity at its worst.  And so hypocritical. Persecute ME for my beliefs but everyone else gets free reign to torture me with their words.  I know the pain of Christ.  I now know his suffering. I will not be broken no matter how much you may try.

May God protect us all from this depraved world of sin, homosexuality, and mixing of races.  How dare you choose to live in such a deplorable way.  GOD IS WATCHING, friends. He sees all.  He judges ALL.

I do love you all, my true friends.



321 thoughts on “Public Outcry: Going Viral

  1. Jenn, you ARE A RACIST! Pure and simple. Your writings/words demonstrate that over and over and over again. And while you have every right to your beliefs, no matter how ignorant and pathetic they are, the fact you use religion to justify your views is simply disgusting.

    In regards to you receiving very negative feedback, some very hurtful comments, I do feel bad for you. I feel bad because you simply do not have enough intelligence ( for racism is based on stupidity) to grasp just how pathetic you come across to the world with your writings.


  2. Why has the Lord abandoned this woman? How could she have fallen so far, as to think any of this is okay? How can anyone be so unforgivably ignorant, and proud of that ignorance?
    I pity your family. I pity your neighbors, I pity the well-thinking members of your community. They didn’t deserve someone as crass as you, they deserved better. I’ll pray for those around you, so that despite your influence and attempts otherwise, they’ll still be on a path of goodness. No amount of prayer will help someone as crude as you though.


  3. I am a Christian, and I do not discriminate against any race or gender or sexual identity. I go to church every Sunday, and I pray every night. I find it unbelievable for you to believe in God since you think that we live in a place like the 1950’s. Women do not need men in their lives. It is okay to like someone of the same sex. Even the Pope said the church should apologize to any homosexuals. A woman does not need to stay at home and clean and serve their husband. The world does not have a hierarchy with skin color. Everyone should be at equal level.


  4. You are a disgusting human being. You will rot in hell for standing up for someone who murdered her daughters. I cannot believe someone would justify that. Every mean and hurtful thing everyone said to you is nothing but the truth. I hope all of the evil things that people have wished your way do come true, because you deserve it and so much more. You are a disgrace to Christianity. How dare you say God spoke those words for you. You clearly know nothing about the religion you claim to be a part of. You say you are Christian, by really, you would be better off joining some sort of cult, and then hopefully the cult would be as disgusted with you as everyone else and murder you. Or better yet, maybe a black man will rape you and kill you!!! Please have some imagery on that… I want you to think about getting fucked by a black man long and hard. I hope that made you throw up, and if so, please die from choking on your own vomit.


  5. I am a little confused about your comments…so according to your story and your beliefs, OUR GOD is a racist. MY GOD said to love one another as i have loved you…I really don’t believe that our god gave up his only begotten son to die on the cross for the reasons and beliefs you are expressing..i am no way shape or form judging you just expressing my thoughts and beliefs too. I will continue to pray for you and this world as i hope you do the same in return being a Christian and all…may god continue to bless us all


  6. “I know the pain of Christ.”
    That alone should be enough for God to punish you. I’ve been reading through your blog, disgusted. My news feed is full of hate – TOWARDS you. And with every friend that discusses your blogs and what an awful human being you are – my faith in humanity grows.
    The more people that recognize that YOU truly are the problem – not only in this country, the world – the better world this will become.
    Openly mocking you and your “beliefs” will only open eyes and encourage people to think for themselves so that they don’t BECOME someone like you.
    Tell me, Jennifer…. How afraid are you of Gods judgement? Because if I were you, I would be TERRIFIED.

    Skin color is no issue. We are all the same inside. It’s how you choose to act and represent yourself and treat your fellow humans that counts in the end. It’s safe to say you are a failure.

    You have failed God.


  7. You have seem to take the word and twist it to fit for you and your beliefs. I have alot I could say but my momma said if I can’t dau anything nice then shut up. I will pray for you. God said love thy neighbor as I have loved you. We all sin just in different ways. No sin greater than the next and it sure not our place to pass judgement or to decide anyone fate. That is for one person. GOD. I pray God helps you and takes the hate an ugly out of you. Thank you Jesus. Help this lafy


  8. First of all, ma’am, Mrs. Sheats never said she was killing her children in Christ’s name nor did she ever prove she was willing to die for her faith. That’s kind of important to martyrdom: dying for your beliefs and not because you refused to put down your gun when the police tell you to.
    Second, what is so great about being white other than black or Asian or purple? Now, if I remember correctly, Jesus preached love to all the races of the earth and never once said that one race is better than the other. How does the pigment of my skin make me any better than my black friends or Hispanic friends or Filipino friends. I was in the Navy, and served alongside all races and orientations, and I can honestly say that my diverse friends are why I am alive today.
    And thirdly, how dare you turn an act so vile as a mother killing her daughters, her own flesh, into a vehicle for your own backwards beliefs? This woman committed an atrocity, probably due to mental illness (or, in your archaic point of view, “demon possession”), and you try to spin it to you segregationist argument? How in your Levitican mind can you find this okay? Are you sincerely telling me that you would kill your own child if you thought she was dating a black man? If so go ahead and send her up for adoption. Your finite view of good and evil is dangerous.
    I hope one day you can leave your front stoop long enough to realize even though the world is so large, there isn’t room for narrow mindedness.


  9. Neither miscegenation nor Christianity played a role in Mrs. Sheats murder of her daughters. Ya got it wrong. While I agree with Voltaire’s (someone you probably haven’t heard of) when he said “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,” you are still a racist, moronic evil hypoChristian CUNT. Fuck off and an atheist I wish I believed in a hell for you to go to. FUCK YOU.


  10. You know that Christ wasn’t even white, don’t you? Well, this was a stupid question since obviously you don’t… Check the map if you don’t believe me.


  11. What color is God? Hmmm…. He made man…ALL men…in His image…not just white men. In fact, most of the men God used to spread His message weren’t white. You applaud Christy Shears for killing her daughters (which is demented) because of what you assume was their sinful lives. Let’s see e…in the Bible I read Thou shalt not kill is one of the ten commandments.


  12. You are one seriously fucked up person. You need proffesional psychological treatment. Seriously. I don’t know what else to say. Get help.


  13. I guess you that negative attention is better than no attention at all. In other words, you are the ultimate troll, if in fact you are even real. That’s all I have to say on this matter.


  14. Wow I just. If you are in fact genuine and not just taking the Ann Coulter act one step further, I feel more sad for you than anything. Must be tough being that awful.


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