To Whom It May Concern

Lisa_Marie_Presley_-_To_Whom_It_May_Concern (2)

One of my favorite musical artists is Lisa Marie Presley.  I know it must seem like a random choice but I am so drawn to her lyrics.  The way she writes is so clever and poetic and I just adore her work.  Her voice isn’t the best, but she’s had a lot of pressure to live up to her father, and for that I cannot judge her vocals but instead applaud her bravery to branch out into her own artistry.

Her debut album, 2003’s “To Whom It May Concern” was when I first became enchanted by her.  Admittedly I only knew about her what most of the public did.  The daughter of Elvis, the horrific marriage to the pedophile Michael Jackson, the Nicolas Cage marriage, and etc.

She always seemed to have a lot of pain in her eyes and sadness.  So it was lovely to see her express herself on this album.  It’s truly one of my favorites.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT approve of the profanity that she uses, it takes away from the excellence but I have to overlook it when I listen to it.  Not every song contains it but she could have gotten her point across without using the vulgarity.

Key Tracks:

“Lights Out” – The album’s first single.  It’s a very autobiographical story of her childhood in Memphis and the effect her father’s death had on her.  Set to an upbeat pop/rock track it was a minor hit on the charts. “Someone turned the lights out there in Memphis, that’s where my family is buried and gone.”  But a great debut single for her.

“Nobody Noticed It” – another very personal tale about her father.  You can tell that even though she was a young girl when Elvis passed, that she still has such affection for him.  It’s lovely to hear.  Very touching.

“Sinking In” – the album’s second single.  I enjoy the rock feel of it and it’s great to sing along to. I feel like she is releasing some anger in this one.

“So Lovely” – a song dedicated to her two children at the time, this was before the birth of her twins a few years later.  A very nice, laid back groove.  Lisa Marie shows off a softer side here.

“To Whom It May Concern” – I’ve heard this song is about the increase of prescription drugs prescribed to children such as Ritalin and Adderall.  I’m not sure if I agree with her sentiment but I enjoy the song. (This was probably a song very influenced by her Scientology, which I will NOT get into here ha ha)

“Excuse Me” – the album’s hidden closing track.  It’s very simple with her and a guitar in the intro. “It’s finally winter and I’m so happy, I do well in the cold” it’s so artistic.  This is a song where she’s basically apologizing for breaking up her family at an earlier age.  Maybe before she became involved with MJ.

I hope you all can discover this hidden treasure of an album.  It makes me appreciate art and the power of words.



37 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern

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    2. HILARIOUS!! Gee, I wonder if Lisa Marie Presley has ever slept with a black guy? Hmm…. oh wait, yes! Haha! Joke’s on you lady. She was MARRIED to Michael Jackson?? The most famous black man in the world??? Fyi… there would be no Elvis without the amazing black artists he emulated and learned from and Elvis would no doubt find your comments on race to be beyond disgusting. What a hypocrite you are. The good thing about the internet is bigots can’t hide any longer – thank you for revealing your true ugliness, now everyone knows!

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  1. Please seek professional help.

    Either you genuinely believe what you write, in which case you need therapy for a variety of recognised psychiatric illnesses. Or, and I think this is more likely, you think this is some kind of joke, fooling the gullible for your own narcissistic amusement. While such “trolling” hasn’t made its way into the DSM5 as a seperate illness in its own right, it is a pathological symptom of serious dysfunction, one associated with a complete lack of insight.

    So please seek qualified, professional help, regardless. I suggest you keep away from firearms too. Best of luck, I think you need it. If you have a therapist, please draw their attention to your blog, I feel it would give them great concern for your mental health.

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    1. I agree. And I’m no psychologist but I’d bet on some kind of narcissistic personality disorder.
      I’m thinking she saw a way to get thousands of hits on this blog and is just elated at any attention she gets. Sad, really.


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  3. To the best of my knowledge, Michael Jackson was never proven to be a pedophile … Macaulay Culkin has said this, and even Cory Feldman said this, during a time that he had actually been abused by other producers, etc., in the industry and knew what all the signs looked like. I think you might want to check on that, or perhaps post a legitimate source link so that your points have resources.


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    Did you know that there is only one human race, otherwise we’d not be able to bread with each other? “Race” in humans is a social construct, not scientific. Just because one person has curly hair and another straight, only means that their dominant genes are either straight or curly, nothing else. So you comments about race and mixing makes no logical sense.


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