Powerhouse Trio: Wilson Phillips


Hello friends.  I feel the need to make a blog “part dos” tonight ha ha.  As you know I have a soft spot for 90’s female country and my ultimate idol Ms. Celine Dion.  However, another treasure of my late teen years was the enchanting debut album from the ladies of Wilson Phillips.

Chynna Phillips and sisters Carnie and Wendy Wilson composed this powerhouse pop trio.  They simply exploded onto the scene with their 1990 debut.  The single “Hold On” has become such a classic that even today it is used in films and media campaigns.

I know there’s pain / Why do you lock yourself up in these chains

No one can change your life except for you / Don’t ever let anyone step all over you.

Just open your heart and your mind

This spoke to me as I was adjusting to impending adulthood and accepting Christ fully.  It’s an inspiring anthem to believe in yourself and God and if you “hold on for one more day” that it will always get better.

“Release Me” has some of the best female harmonies I have ever heard.  I used to imagine myself as part of the group around a campfire just singing with them.

I look at this song as saying to Satan “Release Me”

Cause we want to be free / But somehow it’s just not that easy

Cause you’re a waste of time for me / I’ve tried to make you see

That baby you’ve just got to release me

Release Me from the grasp of Satan.  Hold On for one more day.  There is such a Christian undertone that I do not believe many of the mainstream listeners picked up on.  But I did.

“You’re In Love” might be my favorite song on the album.  It reminds me of a candlelit night perhaps on the beach. It features Chynna’s soft vocals and impressive harmonies from all of the ladies.  It’s a song about wishing an ex-love the best in the future.

You’re in Love / That’s the way it should be

Cause I want you to be happy

Such positive messages for young girls.  It certainly inspired me.

“Ooh You’re Gold” is my favorite album cut that wasn’t a single.  I absolutely sang this song loudly in my bedroom.  It has what I like to call a “boppy” beat and features Wendy’s unique vocals. It’s simply a treasure of pop music.

I have only touched upon a few tracks on this blockbuster album but I encourage anyone to give it a spin if you’re feeling nostalgic or looking to discover new musical treasures.

I am a very big fan of these ladies and only wish they would release new music soon!

Chynna was so impressive on “Dancing With The Stars” and all of the ladies are simply beautiful and sweet women of Jesus.

Share with your daughters!  Open their eyes to the impeccable pop of 1990 and the genius women of Wilson Phillips.

Love always friends and fans,



14 thoughts on “Powerhouse Trio: Wilson Phillips

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  6. You do know that Wilson Phillips routinely headlines at gay pride festivals and concerts right? Given your penchant for hating homosexuals I would think you would research your “favorite” bands better. I swear, with every post you put I continue to hope this is some kind of satirical site, but we are not so fortunate.


  7. You adore the band, admire their lyrics and interpret them to your liking, yet, you seem oblivious to the fact these musicians are the offspring of the “kind” of people you speak so poorly about in your crap writings.
    You are such an embarrassment.
    May Dog be with you.


  8. “my ultimate idol Ms. Celine Dion”
    “Young children, keep yourselves from idols”. – The Apostle John in 1 John 5:21


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