Alton Sterling: Thug, Criminal, Dead.


Good Morning friends.  I feel as though I need to testify about Alton Sterling.  As a resident of Baton Rouge myself, I have a perspective on this that may be helpful.  Firstly, this is yet ANOTHER case of an entitled black thug parading his criminal activity around in public, and thinking there would be no consequences. Wrong.

This is why I do not travel to the bad neighborhoods.  I am not familiar with the particular store that Alton was committing his illegal activity at, and probably with good reason.  If he needed to sell counterfeit products that badly I can only assume it was because his Obamacare wouldn’t cover the cost of his expensive gold grill and nice Polo shirts.  It nauseates me to even ponder the thought.

This is why I do not associate with poor people or blacks.  I treasure my life, and I simply refuse to put myself into these types of situations around people who have no regard for the law or the GODLY way of life.

Every time one of these stories breaks, I am astounded by the outcry from black especially about how they are done so wrong by the police.  Well, maybe follow the law and there would not be a problem?  Nobody else seems to have a problem doing it.  There is something in your DNA apparently that makes you all feel entitled to do whatever you so choose.

It’s clear from the video that the man was resisting arrest and being combative.  The officers had EVERY RIGHT to defend themselves. Just a couple of weeks ago they were very kind and accommodating when I reported a suspicious black thug walking through my neighborhood.  The police are there to HELP.  I do not understand why the blacks insist on fighting them and defaming them at every opportunity.

So now we will have to deal with the protests and the entitled ones ranting about how Black Lives Matter and all of that nonsense.  Thankfully I live in a nice neighborhood but to be safe I will not be venturing out of my home for a day or so.

Friends, I preach with such force time and time again about these very things.  I am abused, I am verbally slandered every single day but then something like this event happens in my very own town and it just further cements my faith and lets me know that God is leading me in the right direction.

Follow the law.  Obey Christ.  Do not live in a manner that will get you killed.

As always I adore you all my friends, fans, and just mere readers. Absorb the message.



178 thoughts on “Alton Sterling: Thug, Criminal, Dead.

  1. please stop calling yourself Christian. There are millions of good, true Christians out there doing wonderful things. Your hatred and bigotry distract from what they do and cause many to think all are like you. Of course, if your plan is to spread evil and hatred under the guise of a follower of Christ, well then, good job.

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    1. Good Lord. White person here, mortified by the stupidity of this person. Yuck. Wish we could all watch her try to get into heaven, and clap when the gates shut in her face. Clearly she knows NOTHING about Jesus.


  2. So you must be a religious radical of the likes IsIL is you think that propagating such hatred is even remotely christian – another scar on the face of a religion that once (about 2016 years ago) stood for love and peace. With your racist, closed minded worldview you had better stay indoors. A true ‘god’ would smite the likes of you for even breathing those words for the world to see. You should ashamed of even being alive .


  3. Somehow, this seems like it HAS to be satire. Very bad satire & in poor taste. No one could be that subhuman & still say they are spreading positivity for Jesus. But just in case this entitled airhead is a real person, remember this? ‘Follow the law. Obey Christ. Do not live in a manner that will get you killed.’ Guess Christ didn’t follow your message either as he was KILLED! My town is full of people who think like you. Save me from the self-righteous! ‘God is leading me in the right direction,’ you say? First – stay in the house a bit longer & then head for the nearest short pier. I’m sure you’ll be able to walk on water by then.


  4. If this isn’t satire, you totally have my vote as the worst person in the world. Please seek help and if you don’t seek help, please take a seat, read a book.


      1. What makes you so sure it’s satire? This could very well be reality. Take it from someone who voluntarily spends time around wingnuts… This is mild compared to the stuff I’ve seen conservative Christers post. As is her comparing her daughters vagina to ham, they usually go much, much deeper in terms of shaming their female offspring for their genitals and sexuality…
        I’m more thinking she’s a moderate, and you’re just being fooled by Poe’s law.


      2. Teukka, this is ridiculously, obviously, 100% satire. The fact that you (like so many others) do not immediately see this is a testament to how you view those who disagree with you.


  5. You are a sickening excuse for a human being. You would probably be more than happy if slavery still existed and you could own those “blacks.” I am not religious, but I was brought up in a household full of religious Christian conservatives. It was people like you who completely turned me off to religion in general.

    How dare you view yourself above others just because of the color of their skin or their social status? What, because you are white and well-to-do (supposedly), you are better than those who aren’t? That’s completely ridiculous. Why don’t you step down off of your holier than thou pedestal and actually try being a human for once?

    Ugh. This was just disgusting to read.


    1. You are a discussing person., you need to be arrested as. The way you speak is a hate crime. You call,yourself a Christian? MThat is a joke.


    1. No. No. No. Think of the poor black men. Why do you hate them so much? Like, I doubt none even volunteer even if she was literally willing… They wouldn’t do it with a 10′ pole (or a 12′ lithuanian for that matter).
      Besides, stats say that she’s more likely to be roophied and gang raped by a group of white privileged kids.

      This is the proper way to do it.
      Mrs. Jennifer Mayers, I hope you soon face your own equivalent of the German citizens who were forced to tour the concentration camps after liberation. And after that, may you seek death and not find it (Rev 9:6).

      What the heck, who Am I kidding? You’re itching for #DotR (that’s The Day of the Rope for those of you unfamiliar with the racist dogwhistles (see Turner Diaries)), aren’t you?


  6. You claim to be a Christian, and yet… You are a blatant fuck bag. Religion isn’t a free pass to be radical and hateful.


    1. It’s ok to be a radical christian, apparently. But ALL muslims are bad, radical or not. This bitch should fucking burn


  7. You’re so right. Selling cd’s SHOULD be a crime, just like you stupid fucks shoving your religion down everyones’ throats. Oh well, as long as you’re white, right?


    1. It is a crime it’s called boot legging. Have you ever viewed a legit dvd before? Religion has little to do with this debate. I’ts a common sense issue. Do not fight with police. You will get hurt. Follow the officers directions. If you are innocent than that will be determined and you can go your way. If not than you will have your day in court to plead your case. This is not rocket science. Learn the laws and use them to your advantage. Alton Sterlings fate was like a string of dominoes, one hitting the other leading up to what was his time. This is how this reality works.


  8. “This is why I do not associate with poor people or blacks.” This one sentence says all that I need to know about your particular brand of “Christianity.”

    Matthew 25:34-36 Then the king will say to those at his right hand, “Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.”

    Mark 10:21-22 Jesus, looking at him, loved him and said, “You lack one thing; go, sell what you own, and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.” When he heard this, he was shocked and went away grieving, for he had many possessions.

    Luke 14:12-14 He said also to the one who had invited him, “When you give a luncheon or a dinner, do not invite your friends or your brothers or your relatives or rich neighbors, in case they may invite you in return, and you would be repaid. But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind. And you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you, for you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.”

    Luke 6:20-21 Then he looked up at his disciples and said: ‘Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. ‘Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you will be filled. ‘Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.

    I could go on, but why bother. The actual biblical pronouncements of Christ probably have no meaning to you.

    Proud to be an Atheist.

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  9. Guys I’m pretty sure she’s trolling. She’s taking the very worst parts of Christian bigotry and taking them to the extreme. I assume this is to force those who judge others under the guise of religion to examine their own value systems.

    She (or he) is doing a stellar job of it, too. Troll on, madam, troll on. 😄


    1. Are you sure you’re not getting fooled by Poe’s law, i.e. basically reality has become inseparable from satire or trolling?


      1. You have poe’s law in reverse.

        besides, whether its real or parodied, you’re all being trolled by demonstrating your hysterical over-reaction to ‘Stuff i disagree with on the internet’.


  10. Choke on your words, and die slow, you hypocrite. In Christianity, man was created by God as a reflection of him. For you to rejoice in the death of any man shows your lack of knowledge about what it means to truly be a Christian. If you can’t find a way to connect on a human level with this situation, let’s look at it this way. Both individuals who were killed in the past few days had small children that they were responsible for. Those children just had their fathers removed from their lives at a young age, by police officers. What do you think this will achieve? It imprints upon those children that police are bad. They are not on their side. Afterall, they killed their fathers in cold blood. That was murder in both cases. You need to understand that. Now, these children will have to grow up without a father. Are you ok with that?
    You call yourself a Christian. I am honestly ashamed to be connected to Christianity, knowing that there are people like you, claiming to be the same as me. You should be ashamed as well.
    You are the definition of a hypocrite.


  11. You don’t associate with poor people?!? You expect me to believe your self righteous butt cleans your own house, doesn’t eat fast food, and doesn’t shop at walmart?? You keep using the word Christian. I don’t think it means what you think it means.



    The “church lady blogs” called you out big time. As the Granddaughter of a “White Italian Woman” who was murdered in her home by a thug(s) just this year, I should be angry and automatically a “racist”, but I am NOT. Not all people of color are on “welfare, “food assistance” and this “White girl” has more watermelon in her fridge than “Blacks”.(SMH). You are beyond pathetic. You are not even “white”. There is NOTHING positive about your posts and when I read through the majority of your hateful and racist posts, I realized that you are beyond bored and this is your way of getting attention.

    Your material on here is BS. Your “facts” are disturbing and just a plethora of BS that you create to “stir up” controversy. The major issue I have with your content is that you assume that all “blacks” are bad and make comments about how they should not “enjoy” fireworks with you in the same venue. SHAME ON YOU.

    I am a “white woman” with Irish mix. My Grandma, who was my “step Grandma”, was murdered in the home she was born in at 90+ years by a thug or thugs that had no value on a human life, black or white.
    I could sit here and hate all black people, cause commotion, or just hate the world, but I don’t. The “Jesus” you show on the cross(SHAME ON YOU) forgives. I must forgive as well———–people like you and the hateful thug(s) that duct taped and killed my Grandmother. You, my “dear”, need help. I suggest finding someone to talk to and find the true reason for your hate. If you really live in LA, you are surrounded by many “black folks”. Perhaps moving to Alaska would be better. “It’s really cold there” and it’s “White” 6 months out of the year.


  13. WORDPRESS should shut your blog down for the hateful and vile content.
    There is a difference between “Freedom of Speech” and being an asshat bigot. The “freedom” you have, “Jennifer” is represented by the men and women, BLACK, Caucasian, many nationalities of the people that put their lives on the line every single day to make sure you can “Watch Fireworks” with your family and be able to be “free”. It does not give you any right to be hateful and your blog is beyond anything I have ever read. You got the attention you wanted. People should report your blog for the hateful content, especially the disturbing one about the “Texas mom” who killed her daughters because “They were with dating black boys”. You are sick.


  14. You’re racist and will be judged by God, you sick woman, I will pray for you. Oh and sweetie you DONT KNOW God. If you did you wouldn’t be so close minded and arrogant and IGNORANT as to how you view life. Youre a coward in your own world.


  15. I agree that Alton was a pathetic human being because of his choices in life. However, you are even more pathetic because of your choices.


  16. Again you are not a Christian or even a half way decent human being. It is sick. Please get help and keep your twisted racist opinions to yourself. The fact that you think it is acceptable to say theses things out loud Ina public forum is very disturbing


  17. I live near STL and will not go into that rat bag town not even for a concert. The people that the black lives matter worship are not making good decisions by confronting the police during a questioning. Get down on the ground if a policemen says so and don’t fight them. Do all of this and live to sue or take them to court to be judged by a jury of your peers. That’s how it works. Live to fight another day.


  18. Just for the record, this is her opinion and we are not going to suppress any opinions today. I finally have the last word on this seeing no one has commented for three hours.Live to fight another day! Grow up!


  19. Is there no one to challenge? End of transmission……………………………………………………………………………..


  20. Absorb the message?
    The message that you are a judgemental, egotistical, narcissistic, racist who believes someone being killed is a sign from God that she is right to spread ignorance and hate?
    Message received. You are indeed a plague on humanity.


  21. Honey first of all Im gonna ask that you that weave out of your head that looks 7 years old…maybe its constricting your brain..
    You madame are one of the most ignorant Black women I have come across yet..You make me wonder just how in touch with reality you are and if you are educated because you dont seem to be either…Do you know what a Christian is first of all…It means “Christ-like and you are FAR FROM.. I myself do not and perhaps never will believe he ever existed..but you seem to hold him and his “father” in very high regard…You worship a myth a fable a nothing ..Something that was created to enslave your mind and indeed it has..How do you and your oppressor worship the same God? That makes no sense to me..I guess you are destined to forever be a slave because you truly have the mentality..You are the same bitch that will sell out your own for a pot of sop..Its bitches like you that leave a bad taste in all of our mouths


  22. Very well stated and very accurate. Unpopular in today’s world of toleration of all things which is leading America to anarchy. People want to ignore the truth and demonize anyone bold enough to speak the truth. I live in Baton Rouge. Black and white people live in harmony here. The media and extremists would have you believe differently.

    It is unfortunate that so many black families live below the poverty level, that so many black families are single parent households. It is unfortunate but even the most righteous human regardless of color will do desperate things in desperate times. Scotlandville is a very poor, predominantly black section of town that host the highest crime and homicide rate in Baton Rouge. Many of these people are desperately seeking even the most basic of human needs. They feel helpless and hopeless which leads to desperation. Desperation leads to crime.

    There are no malls in Scotlandville. Very few stores and the ones there are heavily fortified with metal bars and bullet proof glass. Broadmoor is another area of primarily black residents. The strip centers are mostly vacant, banks in the area have bullet proof glass between employees and there is guard on duty all of the time. Caucasians do not just take a leisurely drive through Scotlandville. They don’t go there to shop or attend church or go to play grounds. The majority of the black people there want to earn their way out of the rows and rows of shotgun houses and nightly gun shots. It is really bad there and I can understand how desperate black males are.

    What I don’t understand is why the President and so many people tell the story of Alton Sterling as if he was a good man just out trying to make a living for his children. Would it not still be tragic if President Obama and the media had reported the truth. Alton Sterling’s criminal record was 46 pages long. He was a convicted felon on the street corner late at night selling pirated CD’s, Marijuana and Ecstasy. He had fought with police before and blatantly refused to follow the conditions of his parole. He was a horrible member of society with most crimes against other black people including breaking and entering, stealing, dealing drugs, destroying property and intimidating people to get his way. His idea of a good times was getting teen aged girls stoned and hoped up on ecstasy so they would have sex with him. He was a horrible father in that he did not pay his court ordered child support nor did he file taxes and pay his fair share. He rarely even saw his kids. His family in fact was/is being supported by you and I through Welfare. The criminal justice system did fail Alton Sterling though. He would not have been killed had he still been in jail. So many of his crimes had been reduced and dismissed in hopes that he would become what Obama said he was. But Mr. Sterling refused to do his part.

    It is not unchristian or racists to tell the truth. The truth is ugly and unfortunate. America has mush work to do. Caucasian, Negro, Indian, Hispanic etc…we are all uniquely different while also being uniquely the same. Virtually all races have things they need to work on that are unique to their race and some applicable to all races. There is not one formula that will work for everyone. All races need to unify together to solve common problems and segregate to solve unique race problems.

    There seems to be this emphasis on the Negroid race. Almost 50% of Black households have only one parent, 50% of those incarcerated are black and although almost twice as many white people are killed by the Police yearly there are 4 times more white people than black in America so a disproportionate number of black are killed. It is also true that Black Males have by far the highest mortality rate. I get that is an issue with our mixed race President and many others..

    The problem despite Obama and the Media’s efforts is not prejudice or unfair treatment by police, the Judicial system or race relations in America today. Humans accumulate data that provides the key to society as a whole and individual race. It is at our finger tips. The CDC is a great source. 327,768 Black people die every year with majority being males.1,417,408 White People die every year with a smaller majority being males.

    How can we actually help Black Males out? Killed by Police is less than .001. That is 1 one thousandth of one percent of all black deaths. 78,992 or 24% die from Heart Disease. (Less than white people 25%) 355,769 white people die from Heart Disease annually. If the President and Media really cared about America their number one focus would be the 435,000 Americans dying annually from Heart disease.

    Heart Disease, Cancer and accidents are 1, 2& 3 for cause of death annually for white and black people. 52% of all deaths or over 925,000 people who die annually, die from these three things.

    You really don’t get to significant differences in cause of death between Caucasian and Negro until you get to Homicide where Black people lose 4.8% of total deaths to homicide and homicide doesn’t crack the top ten for white people. Lets look at what makes up that 4.8%. 90% is black people killing black people. Why is that happening? Over 90% of the black people killing black people is Domestic violence where one black man kills another black man for interfering with their family.

    Another area of difference is AIDS. 6,883 black people in America die annually from Aids or 2.1% of the deaths. Aids doesn’t make the top ten for white people.

    The only other significant difference is kidney disease and septicemia which take 15,077 black people annually neither of which make the top ten causes for white people.

    Statistically, focusing on every one when it comes to Heart Disease, Cancer and car wrecks to reduce all Americans death rates…sounds like a good idea to me. A real American leading our country should focus heavily on these three things.

    How do we get black households to be more solid with less fraternization outside of wedlock? That will vastly reduce homicides and AIDS. Better medical care to eliminate Sepsis would help them. How does the black community accomplish this? How does the white community help them?

    Race relations should always be a focus to continue to improve how vastly different people and cultures get along with each other. But statistically it is an infinitely small part of the equation. Is it worthy of national attention at every turn possible? Is it worthy of fabrications and exaggeration to increase our focus. I don’t guess you can blame a black president for exaggerating to advance his race. The problem with that is that we do not have a black president we have a mixed race president.

    Why are there so many black men incarcerated? The answer is ugly. The majority of crimes are done by the poor. A significantly larger percentage of black families live below the poverty level. White, black, yellow or brown doesn’t matter. Desperate people do desperate things. There are significantly more black males in America that feel they have no hope of providing better for their selves and their families. Hopelessness and helplessness is depressing for anyone. Popular opinion today is that all humans deserve the basic necessities of life. In the absence of that or a perceived fair opportunity to get it those without decide to take from others what they need or think they deserve.. And so more black makes commit crimes and so more get incarcerated. It is a problem for all of us.

    My mother and father taught me that the very best you can do in life is to see that your children have a better life than you. Only generations of Black people embracing a similar priority or conversion to pure Socialism will accomplish the change needed.

    Why is the media inciting conflict between races with false information, half truths and sensationalizing tragic but extremely rare incidents? Ratings skyrocket after a tragedy. Ratings drive advertising fees. The media does it because conflict sells and bliss doesn’t.

    Black and White people in America are united. Poor people commit the majority of crimes whether black white or pink polka dotted. There are some bad people mixed amongst a vast majority of good Police. Our judicial system must be allowed to handle police criminals not the media reporting half truths. We know that the vast majority of black people are awesome. We also know that poor people don’t like their position in life want better and are willing to do anything through desperation to make their families lives better. Poor white people are just as likely to commit crimes to gain advantage as poor black people. The solution is not divisiveness, lies, half truths or sensationalizing rare events. The solution is to help the poor achieve success. Stop Hating Jenn for telling the Truth. She just didn’t the;;the whole truth…kind of like what the media did in the death of Alton Sterling.


  23. “Maybe his Obamacare didn’t cover his expensive grills and nice polo shirts”


    I’m actually dumber now that I read that


  24. She was right in a lot of ways . He was a thug and a shit parent. He was a menace to our society and he put officers lives in danger . I’m glad they killed that useless nigger


  25. LOL…the poor unfortunate author of this childish, imbecilic drivel has the nerve to end with “obey Christ”. Apparently this dullard doesn’t even possess the minimum intellect necessary to understand that Christ lived among the poor, the destitute, the downtrodden….and Christ spoke with them, and for them. Sad. Enjoy your stay in hell….poor thing.


    1. “Obey Christ”….this imbecile prays to Christ, and this poor misguided easily suckered caucasian person is wholly unaware that the vast majority of biblical historians believe Christ looked a lot more like Nelson Mandela or Osama Bin Laden than the pale figure depicted in Western literature. Their ignorance is killing them. Typical.


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