Black Dog Syndrome: Humans Next?



Hi friends. I was pondering over news articles earlier and came across a phenomenon called “Black Dog Syndrome” or BBD.  It’s a theory that black dogs, and other animals of the negro tone,  are more often passed over for adoption in favor of lighter colored animals. So I ask, are humans next?  Are we doing this already?  I think so.

It’s science.  If I were  to look at a black animal (or human) and have to choose between them or a lighter more attractive animal (or human) next to them, I am going to choose the latter.  Every single time.

I catch a lot of grief for my beliefs and am often called a racist and a bigot, but how can you deny science?  I am not a huge lover of animals, but more black animals are rejected and euthanized before lighter colored ones.  This is a scientific fact.  So why not humans? The color of an animals coat makes them less likely to be accepted and therefore disposed of.  How is this different than humans?  Black skin is seen as inferior.  We look down at it, and in my opinion rightfully so.

God wanted us to have a hierarchy.  All life forms have a chain. Humans are merely a part of that chain.  To some degree we are all animals.  So I think and believe that God wants us to live in a manner that represents his chosen hierarchy.

As with the dogs, so be the humans. Black Dog Syndrome a.k.a. Black Human Syndrome.  It’s not only already here, it is thriving.

Take a few moments and ponder what YOU would do if given the choice.  I believe you would choose the same as I would.

As always, take a few moments and absorb the message. Christ never makes an accident in this World.  WE are all his Children and we must follow in his salvation. Non-believers will suffer for eternity and I do not intend to be one of them!  Hallelujah and blessing be to God always, friends.  Enjoy your night.


68 thoughts on “Black Dog Syndrome: Humans Next?

  1. You are being facetious right? Pointing out how racists think? Presenting the most non Christ like statements anyone could possibly make so bigots can pause and reflect and realize that Jesus isn’t pleased and help them to start changing their ways. Because of you aren’t, you’re in for a shock when you shuffle this mortal coil.


  2. “God wanted us to have a hierarchy”…. bull shit. The Bible clearly says that God created EVERY HUMAN BEING in His own image. That does NOT make whites superior to others. Jesus himself was a Jew. He was a man of color, He wasn’t white. I think you need to reread your Bible before you go preaching His word. Love thy neighbor. You’re making the rest of us Christians look bad You’ve clearly said your posts aren’t satire and that you truly believe the things you’ve said. I pray God shows you the error in your ways.


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