Alton Sterling and Philando Castile: DEAD THUGS



So another day, another black thug has been shot. I simply beg of you all to stop glorifying and weeping over these men as if they were saints.

These were BLACK THUG CRIMINALS at best. And you want to go wild on social media, and in public defending and slandering the actions of police officers who are merely doing their jobs?  Give me a break.

Men like this do nothing to stop the stereotype that all black men are gangbanging thugs who carry guns and cause nothing but trouble.  You want people to stop killing you?  STOP LIVING  UP TO THE STEREOTYPE.

Alton, for example, was a gang member carrying an illegal gun that he had been waving around in the parking lot earlier that evening.  The video clearly shows him resisting arrest and reaching for something.  What were the police supposed to do? Say “oh it’s ok Mr. Sterling, because you’re black we simply can’t defend ourselves right now so we’ll put our life in danger just because we don’t want a race riot on social media.” Please.

Even worse, some imbeciles are actually taking money for this thug’s family and they are set to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars out of this.  If only it were so simple for everyone to come into that kind of money.  His family must simply be thrilled. Except, of course, when they’re not parading in front of cameras giving interviews and all. The man’s body is barely cold and you’re doing the “grieving supportive family” routine. Again I say, give me a break.

Philando, admittedly, I don’t know much about but I have seen the video.  His “girlfriend” should be ashamed of herself for not doing ANYTHING to help him.  No, she was more worried about filming everything for Facebook while he literally bled to death beside her. She was so composed, I was waiting for her to put on some slippers and light a Newport while she gave her commentary. It’s absolutely repulsive.

Anything and everything for a HANDOUT. Even in that moment, she had the peace of mind to think about what free stuff would come out of this. Philando, apparently, had a gun on him and was reaching for it even though the officer said not to.  Um, maybe just don’t reach for it? Let the officer pat you down or whatever needs to be done?

Police risk their lives each and every day, and they get abused because of stupid people like this who want to make everything about skin color.  Maybe it’s about not being STUPID and following the law?

You act like a thug, you are going to pay the consequences.  These two men did.  They are dead let us move on. They now join the ranks of Trayvon and every other black idiot who thought they were invincible to the law.

May God have mercy on all of them for THEIR sins.


85 thoughts on “Alton Sterling and Philando Castile: DEAD THUGS

  1. When Jesus comes he isn’t going to even give you a second look before he casts you into hell. In fact, he’ll probably get his admin to do it because he’d rather not be bothered. On the other hand, I dont think you exist. Baby just never got enough attention, did she? You are a silly inconsequential poo.

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  2. This is such a fascinating study. Jenn is clearly a horrible person, and she doubles/triples/quadruples down with every post. She celebrates, it seems, every black death under the banner of “Spreading Positivity Through Jesus Christ.” She has gone as far as to celebrate a “beautiful” white mother for murdering her daughters to protect them from the shame of black men. She believes in the rights of gun owners, unless, of course, those gun owners are black. She will respond on occasion to defend her faith and true intentions. She has unleashed the scorn and venom of thousands toward her.

    But I sense that this is what she truly has been seeking all along. Because, you see, she is now somewhat famous. I would bet thousands that Jenn reads every comment on her blog. I dare you, awful non-Christian, to respond to this one. You are a sham and a hoax.

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    1. You’re right. She is the sort of scumbag that needs the attention to justify her own existence and, having no talent, ability or intelligence, and so nothing to bring to the table, she resorts to cheap and nasty hate speech.

      Sadly It’s a growing trend among a certain type of woman who has failed to achieve anything in her own life and is desperate for attention, no matter the source.

      We should pity her.

      And possibly report her to child services for staring at her daughters vaginas. That shit can’t be healthy.


  3. You are what is wrong with the world!
    These men did not deserve to die.
    First off you need to get your facts straight. Philando was told to get his license out and as he did he informed the officer that he was licensed to carry and when the officer told him to bring is hands up, Philando did what he was told and was still shot. His girlfriend (no idea why you felt the need to use quotes, she’s not hypothetical, she is a person too) was told to keep her hands where they were and so she was not able to help him. If she had she probably would be next to Philando in heaven (this is a place where people with souls go, which you would not know about).
    Philando worked for St. Paul public schools and was an upstanding citizen and human being, he was NOT a thug.
    You need to be educated and understand these issues and how unjust these actions and convictions are.
    I pray that people like you will become educated and help fix this messed up world we live in.

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    1. There is actually new facts. He was a suspect in an armed robbery in a vehicle that matched the one that left the scene in the same area it was last seen. He also did not have a license to carry. They found that was false info


      1. You’re an idiot. He had a legal license to carry. They pulled him over because of racial profiling (had a “wide nose” like a robbery suspect according to the police recordings). The only thing he was suspect of was DWB (driving while black) which is apparently a crime now :/


  4. Remember this date. 05/30/2020 let me guess you don’t believe in psychics either. Just thought I should relay a message sent to me for you! Everything you say and do is on its way back on you. Take care.

    Your most unbiased psychic


  5. you claim to be teching chritianity? what about the teaching of love one another? or are you jsut picking and choosing what words of the christian god to follow? so if your just preaching hate i guess you better sell your daughter to the man with the most livestock then kill her at the wedding for wearing a wedding dress made of mix fibers!

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  6. You absolutely do not live according to the word of Jesus Christ and to be honest I feel he has abandoned you and Satan has taken a hold of your spirit. Because you have allowed Satan in and you’ve become his mouth piece and turned your back of Christ our savior. I pray that the loving hand of God will return to you someday and you are able to repent for your sins. May God bless you.

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  7. You stupid, misinformed piece of shit. How dare you. May YOU be forgiven in the eyes of your God for spewing this venomous hatred. You are ignorant to the facts, you said so yourself, you racist fuck.

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  8. This author does a lot of projection, when she says the family of those two men unjustly murdered by trigger happy violent policemen are happy about receiving the attention. It is you who craves attention and seeks it in the most despicable way ever: hate speech. You really should inform yourself, see both sides of the story instead of letting your narrow mind do the work.

    You do not preach the word of God, you preach misinformed, biased hatred. Also, racism which Jesus would never condone. If you really believe what you write, then your soul is dark, your heart is shrivelled and your mind is poisoned. No decent human being would dare to think like you do. I know, for I am one and people like you horrify and scare me.

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  9. As a 23 year old Christian I am ashamed to share the same religion as you. You will have a lot to answer for when God takes us to Heaven . I hope you’re ready to defend yourself about preaching against everything God stands for . All lives matter . You will fall on your face in front of God and have to answer for everything you have written about . Read your bible. My Lord teaches love , not hate . Praise Jesus .

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    1. I agree and I think we should leave this one with Matthew:

      Matthew 7:1-5

      Judge not, that ye be not judged.

      For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

      And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

      Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

      Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.


  10. You have all the “elegance” of a school of piranhas in a kiddie pool. I think you must must be part of a NRA project to get liberals to arm themselves.

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  11. You seem to be under the impression that if you repeat the same lie over and over that it will be magically true.. but my dad always said not to argue with a fool. Have fun you very sad miserable attention whore

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  12. As someone who is pro law enforcement, shut up. Just shut up. You are a disgrace to women, moms, wives, whites, law enforcement, Christians and humanity in general. There are bad cops and good cops, there are criminals of all races. Justifying one side is polarizing the people. You ma’am will cause more division and death. Part of me hoped this blog was satire, I don’t think this is the case any more. Just shut up, go to a corner.

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  13. You, lady, are a hateful sack of the cuntiest shit I have ever had the misfortune of coming across online or elsewhere. You have the hypocrisy to try to sell yourself as an ‘elegant’ ‘Christian’ woman – my farts are more elegant than you. Your comments are hateful and disgusting and I am ashamed to even live on the same planet as you. One thing is for sure – when the End of Days comes you’ll be nice and toasty down there…


  14. You are merely someone that thinks she is a “Christian”. I really don’t know your definition of Christianity. Please don’t use religion to oppress and ridicule people that have a different skin tone from you.
    I want to start by asking for forgiveness and be a Jesus follower. Think about it this way, what would Jesus do?
    God is love, He does not preach hatred. I hope you realize your mistakes and come to repentance, shalom!!!


  15. Another “Christian” who thinks that she is so much more enlightened and can spew hate because Jesus saved her from her past, present and future sins. Not denying you’re saved but you are a terrible example of what a Christian is. Because of this blog I feel you will lead people way from Christ not to Him.


  16. I feel sorry for your daughters to be raised by such a hateful monster. You are everything that is wrong in this country. Find a mirror, take a good look at yourself. You are what Jesus was preaching against. May God have mercy on your hateful soul.


  17. You’re not a Christian at all are you? You are an opportunist who is using this outrageous blog as a means of getting famous. You don’t care what you say just as long as it’s outrageous enough to get attention. You are worse than the people you insult.


  18. Wow! You’re a Christian, huh? Have you ever heard about Jesus? God’s son, who 1. Was not white, and 2. Spent a lot of his time with criminals and outcasts, rather than an echo chamber of bigotry. 3. Said, “They will know us by our love.” You seem to be filled with hate.


  19. if I understand you :

    – you’re OK to live in a state where the Police can KILL you at a time where you’re NOT commitiing crimes. where the Policeman who does kill you is not aware AT ALL that you already committed crimes. he simply shots, and after we look if the guy already committed crime, or not.

    – you enjoy living in a state where the Police makes “justice” without court nor trial.

    this is the consequences of what you wrote.
    => another consequence is that some day, that could be you. by error. and you have nothing to say against that, as it is the way Police works, in your conception of justice.

    because you know, when you speak, when you believe in something, you have to measure all the consequences.


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