Inspiring Jealousy: I Understand


Good evening friends!  I hope you have all been well! I have been trying to stay home and not venture out much due to the events here in Baton Rouge.  I do not trust the loose blacks on the street to not harm me or my family if we were to leave. The situation is indeed dire.

Tonight I’d like to share my thoughts on jealousy.  It is indeed a green-eyed monster.  I understand  that I inspire so many people to be envious of what I have.  They are jealous of my lifestyle.  They are jealous of my “fame” — and I use that term loosely.  I am under no misconception that this will be a long lasting adventure. But for some, those who have such little self confidence of their own, it’s become a hobby to live vicariously through me.

It must be tough seeing the modern fashion industry validate my beliefs.  Everyone from Cosmopolitan to Us Weekly and Teen Vogue have shown me support. I understand for some who are struggling that it must incite anger to see me get the type of publicity that some have sought for years.  But I did NOT ask for this. It’s overwhelming and has been hard on myself and my family. God had a plan for me and I must accept that this is part of MY journey.  And mine alone.

I can’t help but ponder why certain members of the online community feel the need to spew hatred at me over and over as though I am the center of their universe.  I guess being the outspoken and elegant woman that I am, people would be naturally drawn to my presence.  I understand that as well.

However, to these people I implore you to open your heart to Christ.  Find love from within and forge your OWN path.  There is but room for one on my journey and it is mine alone.  If you find yourself angry or absorbed in my life maybe it is time to step back and examine your self worth in the mirror.  Perhaps the jealousy is eating you from the inside.  That is not healthy, friends.

This is not meant for my most true friends and fans, whom I cherish.

This is merely for the ogres and black trolls who spit vitriol and harmful words to me. I become stronger every day as their obscenities grow more vulgar and the personal attacks grow more hateful.  I will overcome.  I will survive.  I feel as though Jesus and Mother Teresa are above and anointing me with blessed energy.

I feel serene.  I feel at peace.

I wish you all a blessed evening and days to come.  I adore you.


16 thoughts on “Inspiring Jealousy: I Understand

    1. You speak of vulgar and hateful attacks against you. But isnt that the same EXACT thing you are doing to other people? Like Taylor Swift? The mom of the boy who was killed by an Alligator? You seem to be the jealous one when you feel the need to attack people for looks or for whatever else! A TRUE Christian would never do such a thing or say such words! I dont know many Christians that would make a labia out of a ham sandwich..what a child!

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  1. Ironic that this quote is being posted by a woman who is constantly discussing and shaming other people’s lives on her twitter account. If you feel the need to talk about/judge other people, you certainly will be judged yourself.


  2. Guatemala – Jungles and Bananas. Those are YOUR people. You need to check yourself Chica. You probably aren’t even a pure breed of anything.


  3. I would appreciate your tweets and blog-posts better if they had a shred of evidence to support your claims/theories. No one is jealous of a narrow minded bigot who does not even have the intelligence to know that she is a minority. You are sham and should be ashamed by your behavior. Being famous for being a shitty person is not something to be envied.


  4. This lady is a grade A troll. I think it’s hilarious how people are reminding her she’s not “pure” and is brown….ummmm, yeah. But again,this is really so obviously satire.*

    *It’s satire of the lowest common denominator, dredged up from the bottom of the swamp, but it’s satire nonetheless.


  5. You are elegant, and the most sublime satirist I may have ever read.

    “If you find yourself angry or absorbed in my life maybe it is time to step back and examine your self worth in the mirror.”

    “I shall overcome!”

    Perfection! The subtlety of your irony is elegant as well.


  6. “An elegant life by Jennifer – Spreading positivity through Jesus Christ”

    You are anything but elegant and all you are spreading is hate… No one is envious of your sad existence. You are little more than a fame whore who has nothing relevant or thoughtful to say so you opt for shock value. I’m not religious, but
    something tells me Jesus wouldn’t be pleased with this kind of behavior. You should be nice… It’s much less work than being a frigid cunt all the time. Have a great day!


  7. So does this mean you’re jealous of Kim Kardashian and unhappy with your own life when you’re busy discussing her life? Does that mean you were jealous and unhappy with your own life when you were discussing Taylor Swift’s vagina? What about Demi Lovato? Jealous of her?


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