Friends, I am horrified.  I am angry.  I have HAD it.  Living in Baton Rouge, today yet again I am victim to the black crime terrorizing our city.  When will it end? When will these black pieces of TRASH stop shooting, killing, and destroying our humanity? I weep!

As news of the terror broke I became so panicked that I had to literally shroud myself under a tunic and run inside for shelter.  I am not a runner.  My anxiety overtook me and I had to act fast to protect myself.

When did we become a nation of hatred? When did the blacks decide to overtake us with their need for violence and lack of compassion? For every Shaniqua with five different babydaddys there is a Da’Quan on the streets with a gun just waiting to shoot YOU. Hate has no color but it seems to prefer black doesn’t it?

I fall to my knees and beg of Donald Trump that on the day of his Presidency that he deports ALL black criminals to a desolate nation where they can be free to murder themselves to their heart’s content.  My children to not DESERVE to be raised in an America where any black ape with a gun thinks he has the right to take out his “victim” mentality on law enforcement or any random stranger on the street.

We MUST have compassion for others.  We MUST not be a nation full of hate.  Enough is enough.  I implore us all to rise up and beg President Trump to stop this madness.

Baton Rouge has some of the best law enforcement officers in the country.  They have always been very cordial and respectful to me anytime that I have called upon their assistance.  My heart shatters thinking of the fate that befell them at the hands of black garbage.

Find your nearest neighbor.  Hold their hands and pray for this black crime to stop. America was not born to be taken out this way.  We shall overcome.

Rid this country of the garbage. Vote Trump on November 8th.  Obama has the blood of white America on HIS hands, today.  I weep for the victims.  Glory be to GOD.

All proceeds from my book “An Elegant Life” will be donated to the Donald Trump campaign.  Buy it here:

“An Elegant Life” by Jennifer Mayers

I cherish you friends and fans.  Stay safe.




20 thoughts on “Black Crime: DEPORT THEM ALL

  1. You need to stop. Most of us realize this is some sick joke and that you somehow think you are a talented writer of satire. You are not. Unfortunately there are people in this world who believe the drivel and garbage you spew. Your “essays” could very well move one of those people to action. I am a dedicated supporter of the First Amendment. But this is moving into the area of NON protected speech. Do yourself a favor and stop the sham before someone gets hurt.


      1. There are several articles discussing that this is a troll. It’s awful, yes, but it’s fake. Hard to believe, but it is completely fake


  2. Your graphic is wildly inaccurate, because it also happens to be the product of a white supremacist group, which was re-tweeted by Donald Trump. There is no Crime Statistics Bureau. I am a former Police Chaplain and I have a younger brother who recently retired from law enforcement after 35 years of service as both a street cop and investigator in a large university community. So, I am hardly unsympathetic to the challenges cops face. I also know something about their imperfections. I have also pastored an African American congregation in Peoria, IL, and I knew members who had been hassled by police, even though NONE of them were arrested. It was a congregation made up of solidly middle class professional people, none of whom were on welfare…not thugs. People on both sides of this issue need to listen more. What they DON’T need is people pushing prejudice wrapped in fraudulent “statistics” they have not made the effort to verify. Doing so, is “bearing false witness.”


  3. Ah…. Having done note reading and research, it seems we have a “satire” site. Sadly, the graphic was actually used by the Trump campaign, and we have politicians at the RNC who are bellowing that 93% of African Americans are killed by African Americans, but ignore the fact that 83% of White Amerivans are killed by White Americams.


  4. There’s something seriously wrong here, and I’m not talking about the unbelievably insane posts on this blog. Well, yes, I sort of am–considering how utterly absurd the posts are, plus the fact that the blogger never attempts to explain “her” self in response to thousands of comments rejecting everything “she” writes, the only explanation I can imagine is that this blog is a hoax…from what motive and to what end, I have no idea.


  5. On second thought, after reading this post again, I perceive a close resemblance to the angry, twisted journal entries of a distant cousin of mine who suffers from schizophrenia. It has to be one or the other (a hoax or a person who is psychotic and going untreated).


  6. You are an IDIOT. Jesus does NOT like ugly and you fellow human are ugly. Have you ever taken a look in the mirror?


  7. Ive never wanted someone to kill themselves so much in my life. You are a misogynistic, racist, Islamophobic, homophobic, spineless piece of shit. You need fucking deported, you fucking spoon.


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