Supporting President Trump



Friends and fans! Good evening!  I hope you all have been having very pleasant days lately!

Tonight I need to speak on President Donald Trump and the emotions that I felt as I watched him accept the nomination last night.  I was simply weeping as he stood with such confidence and faith before our nation and pledged to restore us to greatness and safety.  The LAW and ORDER candidate.  He is that and so much more.

I cheered as he vowed to toss illegals and terrorists over his wall.  I only hope we can send the blacks and poor people who our leeching OUR hard earned income as well.  If I had my way they would all go.  Anyone who does not contribute or sucks away our hard earned money so that they can live promiscuous lives and spread their legs for welfare money must GO! We do NOT want or need you in this country!

President Trump and First Lady Melania are the epitome of class and grace.  I have said for many months now that Melania is the new Princess Diana.  She will do wonders for humanitarian efforts and restore elegance to the White House after that horrid monkey Michelle Obama has stained it for the past eight years.

I implore you ALL to vote for President Trump as he is the only one capable of bringing our beautiful country together.  We will not fall for the lies and criminal activity of Satan Hillary.  She must be banished to a prison.  She must be strip searched and put in solitary indefinitely.  She is a liar!  She is a criminal!  And her wrinkles and halitosis must not be tolerated, I simply get nauseated by the sight of her embalmed cheeks.

Tonight I give Praise to my husband for allowing me to register to vote so that I may cast my vote for President Trump in November.  I simply BEG of you all to do the same.  We must take back this country.  We must end black crime.  We must abolish them AWAY from here.

Blacks, Arabs, terrorists, illegal Mexicans, welfare moms, unemployed garbage… your days are numbered. President Trump and myself will no longer allow you to steal from us.  You will no longer make a mockery of this great nation.  Over the wall and OUT of the USA you will go.  Shape up or ship out!  We are sick of the crime.  We are sick of your excuses.  We ARE better than you.  America shall rise and be prosperous again.

As always glory be to God.  Be inspired and explore your mind.  I cherish you all, my friends.

Jenn xoxoxo


20 thoughts on “Supporting President Trump

  1. I’m sorry aren’t you unemployed? And you aren’t even white! You are supposedly Guatemalan which is KNOWN to have a LOT of black blood not to mention every other nation that has been through there (which is a lot just so you know). Bitch get out of here! You are the very thing you despise. Trash. Filthy gold-digging whore.

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    1. Christ loved sinners so he would have loved this racist lady too. Christ protected sinners from being executed. He was loving and kind. He would have known how to calm this hateful racist lady. He was not judgemental but he didn’t like wealthy people who preyed on the vulnerable. This was the only thing that ever made him really angry. So maybe he would be a little bit narked by this white supremacist yet ugly “lady”


    1. Folks after further checking this is a troll and a really good one. WEEV would be proud. Jennifer you have been outed. I hereby dub thee TROLLICUS MAXIMUS. From one good troll to another thanks for the lulz.

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  2. Jesus Christ. Do you only read the parts of the bible that works for you? I’m sure you already know this, since you hear it on a daily basis, but bitch – you suck.


  3. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SUCH A HATEFUL PERSON I literally hope you burn & your children go to a good home where their new parents will teach them about acceptance and kindness for EVERYONE (who knows, maybe the will even be homosexual) one can only hope


  4. Hi Jennifer, I really appreciate you, I will not say you are racist. You wrote a truth about black and arab who are destroying the peace of the world, who are puppets of evils. No doubt many black and arab who love Jesus and left their religion of evil killing, are now living a godly life. They are God’s people. But other majority of arab and black are doing evil deeds.

    I found your name today by the inspiration of Holy Spirit. Whatever you said I am 99% agree.


  5. Así que eres guatemalteca? Eso explica todo, siempre han sido personas tercer mundistas, asesinas, odiosas y muy oligofrenicas. Tía, háztelo ver, tu discurso de odio es una mierda. Y la mujer parte… Si Trump llega a la presidencia, te va a echar de su país. Y no me vengas con que tú eres estadounidense, siempre si serás latina, así que deja de ser tan cateta y analiza que tu discurso de odio se te va a ir directo a la cara.


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