Olympics and Homosexual Lesbians: Why?


Hello friends!  My deepest apologies for neglecting you and this blog.  I seem to have lost my desire for constant posts due to my daily crucifixion and hatred that I receive.  But never lose faith in ME, for I am strong and will never let the words of jealous haters penetrate my soul.

As we know, the Olympics are in full force.  I have some thoughts.  There are so many homosexual lesbians competing, and I must ask WHY are we rewarding and placing a medal around the necks of the most depraved of sinners? They do not deserve to compete and most certainly are not worthy of a medal or any sort of recognition unless it is to condemn them into the flames of hell where they belong.

Womens soccer, basketball, FOOTBALL, gymnastics, etc are simply crawling with these depraved beasts who are putting their chosen lifestyle on display for the world to see.  Myself and my pure daughters should never have to be exposed to this sort of depravity.  Nor should the innocent young children of America who strive to be athletes someday.

Jesus did not suffer so that we could celebrate the lesbians who make a mockery of his name in everything that they do.  I simply weep as the mainstream media chooses to glorify the sinful lust they display.  I beg of us all to never fall victim to mainstream media and the lies that they tell.

I would suggest that white American Christians hold their own Olympic games.  The mixing of these different countries and the races and religions are doing nothing more than supporting terrorism and recruiting the innocent youth.  We are better than this.  There is no room for a gathering of terrorist nations to mingle with the purest of Americans.  We are doing nothing more than opening our doors to terror and ISIS to penetrate us.  And yet again the mainstream media devotes 24/7 coverage to it.

I am angry.  I am disappointed.  I am teaching my daughters to turn a blind eye to the ignorance of the world.  These athletes are not role models.  They are ISIS recruiters choosing to use our televisions and Internets to recruit in the name of sport.

When the flame is extinguished, so must our support for his lifestyle. Ban the homosexual, homosexual lesbians, and Anti-Christian establishment from corrupting our youth.  Olympic Games may be every four years but terror is forever.  Ponder that.

I adore you all and I vow to devote more time to this blog and keeping you fans and dear friends closest to my heart.  I cherish you all and love you sincerely.



27 thoughts on “Olympics and Homosexual Lesbians: Why?

  1. Speaking God’s words as if they were your own is taking the lord’s name in vanity

    Speaking your words as if they were Gods
    is blasphemy

    The noxious fumes emitting from your head hole is simply pollution

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    1. you are not a “christian”. you are a hate-filled, racist, homophobic, nasty human being. you have twisted the bible and found like-minded lunatics to attend a church with where you inflate each other’s egos. you are all seriously sick and twisted people who are beyond help.

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      1. I would also like to think she is trolling but I’m amused because she seems to be real. She justifies rape and all the other rhings nelsonma said in the name of Jesus. I have no words.


    1. I don’t know. But she blocked me on twitter, which is FINE with me, as I no longer have to see her crazed filth there…but then SOMEHOW, I get ‘suggestions’ for her trashy writing on here, so maybe she’s trolling in a way I’m unfamiliar with. At any rate she certainly is beyond CRAZY! That is a certainty! 😂😂😂😂


  2. You seriously think racism and homophobia are in the image of Christ? Have you forgotten that Jesus embraced the lepers? You are the worst example of a “Christian” this world could have. Satan presents himself as righteousness and you have drunk the koolaid. I am so sorry for the hate in your heart.


  3. Homosexual Lesbians?! What as opposed to Heterosexual Lesbians?! You’re the one who knows what your daughter’s Privates looks like.


  4. Yup that’s right Jen is Schiz Jennifer has examined her daughter’s genital area in great detail and modelled it in bread. She has been remanded to a secure facility for the Psychiatrically Deranged and as much as I would like to put her in a Utica Crib they don’t make them anymore.


  5. Since we’re following the old testament here… According to Leviticus, you’re not allowed to cut your hair. Better cancel that trip to the barber. Women aren’t allowed to have authority over a man and speak in church. Better not volunteer for church, I mean, that would mean you would have authority. How sinful Better throw out most of your clothes, it is a sin to wear more than one material. You like fish? Too bad, sin to eat it. I love bacon you know, but it’s a sin to eat or touch pigs. Your husband needs to work overtime on Sunday? What a sinner, don’t you know Sunday is for rest and worshiping?
    Listen, Jennifer, if you’re reading the Bible, remember that loving line, “Love thy neighbor”? The one every little kid hears in Sunday school? It’s a really sweet verse, telling people to love their neighbors as themselves. I’m sorry I have to sound hateful, but as some people will say, the Old Testament has some pretty nasty verses. Don’t even get me started on slavery in the Bible. As your church says, the lord forgives sins, and to question those judgements is, well, blasphemy.
    Hope we don’t have to discuss this again Jennifer. I’ll be patient though.


  6. In radical Islam, homosexuality can be punishable by death, but you’re right, the lesbians in the olympics are clearly ISIS supporters. Stop watching Fox News and fucking educate yourself. This sort of ignorance and bigotry is why Trump managed to gain as much power as he has. I cannot believe anyone could think like this.


    1. Whoever the original poster is I deeply pity her/him… Must be hard to live with such a hate/dislike in one’s heart – not to mention her/his complete lack of understanding the true meaning of Christianity!

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  7. If they can run/swim…etc faster than a straight person, they deserve a medal. Just like how wordpress still allows annoying piece of shits like you continue writing blogs that do nothing but raise my blood pressure. Are you God? No. Leave that up to God to decide. I think you should worry if you even have a place in heaven first. I pray for you and your ignorant soul. Do us a favour, save the earth, throw your laptop, phone, PC away and save electricity.

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  8. You are so extremely horrible, a mindless simpleton and certifiably insane. I weep for your children.
    Christ on a fucking cross, lady. Christianity does not promote racism or homophobia.


  9. I have no words to describe how disgusted I feel towards you. You know, I would like to think that someone who claims so much to love God like you do, would be more tolerant…but you are literally nothing but a person full of hate and negativity. I feel sorry for you because I don’t know what on Earth happened to you for having a black hole instead of a heart.
    I have seen your twitter and your stuff here and I’m so disgusted. So fucking disgusted. You spread hate and negativity in the name of God and Jesus, when Jesus taught us, in fact, to do the opposite. Jesus was here to teach men and women how to love, how to be kind to the other, especially that one who was in need, to be tolerant, to be patient.
    “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast,but do not have love, I gain nothing. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” that is what the Bible says…and for me, you are like a resounding gang because there is not a single drop of love in your body.
    Love is love. And no one is less of a person for loving who they love. No one is less of a person for not being straight. It worries me how you always say that marriage is about the women committing her life to their husbands, and all they do should be entitled to them. How do they sexist for serving them. That their husbands should come before anything.
    That is not what marriage is about. Marriage is about equality. It is about two people committing their life to each other. It is about equality. It is about equal love. And this love can be between two any people: man and woman, man and man, woman and woman, queer and queer. Love can be between people of different races, sexualities, religions.
    Do you know what else do you do? You blasphemy. When you compare yourself to Jesus and say you are crucified on twitter like he was crucified for our sins, you reduce what Jesus did, the sufferment he went through, to something as banal as what you do. And what you do is not even worth it but all the contrary, because what you do is insulting people and degrading them for having a different colour of skin, a different religion or sexuality.
    You say awful shit about black people and not white people when you are not even white. You are Guatemalan. That means you are latina, ergo not white. And guess what? Jesus wasn’t white either. He was a jew. He had dark skin, black eyes…he didn’t have at all blond hair and blue eyes like some nasty images try to make it seem.
    “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” Jesus said that. Tell me, Jennifer, do you love someone? Because for what I have seen all you do is showing how much you hate everyone.
    You’re racist, sexist, misogynist, you justify rape, you degrade every human being who is not like you. You insult people with physical and mental diseases. And you do all that in name of Jesus and God. You do it in name of someone who would be ashamed of all this…because Jesus loved the outcasts. He defended prostitutes, women, children, people with leprosy, people who were blind and couldn’t walk because they were sick, people who did not know how have no voice. He defended those ones who were hated by society. If Jesus lived today he would LOVE everyone: black, jews, gays, queers, muslims, latinos, indians, asians…
    As a roman catholic I feel seriously ashamed. I have never seen so much hatred and bigotry. I hope you realise how much damage you are causing and you start acting like a real christian. I hope whatever is making your life so sad stops. I hope you really find Jesus…seems like you really need it.


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