Celebrity Black Thugs: Ruining America


Hello friends!  I do apologize for the delay between blogs. I confess sometimes it is hard for me to stay focused.  Sometimes I simply crave the need to express myself via this outlet.

Yesterday’s events regarding black THUG Chris Brown truly did upset me.  Not only because it involved race mixing, drugs, and weapons.  But mostly because the fans of this black monkey ran to his defense as if he were an innocent angel.

Let’s be clear.  Chris Brown is the epitome of the “N-word” — a talentless, arrogant little black thug who things that society should give him  a free pass because he is black.  News flash for you, Mr. Brown… we do NOT want you or your kind here.  You corrupt innocent white women, you supply them with drugs and alcohol, and you promote terrorism and decay through your so-called “music”.   I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

When are WE as a society going to stand up and refuse to be saturated with this nonsense?  Why is it so wrong to want to protect our children and our morals from the black crime and the mere depravity that it seeps into our souls?

He simply makes my skin crawl.  The arrogance, his crooked teeth, the cigarette smoking the horrid trashy nose ring.  THIS is who we idolize now?  I think not.  Back in my younger days we looked up to true Christian idols like Celine Dion and Reba McEntire.  I truly do weep thinking about the path we are on, friends.

I simply encourage you to boycott black music.  Boycott black businesses.  Refuse to be in the company of these horrible criminals until they are ALL deported.  Once again America can rise to the standards of yesteryear. Together WE are capable of taking back this land.

Only I can hope that Mr. Brown is given life in prison without parole.  He deserves nothing less for his crimes displayed for the mainstream media and the entire world to see.  People like him are nothing.  And they deserve nothing.

Ponder this and embrace your family tonight.  Cherish them with everything you have.  Protect them from black crime and repent all race mixing so that THEY may not end up encountering the black thugs like Chris Brown and all who interact with him.

As always I respect Christ and give the Glory to Him in everything that I say and do. May you all be blessed. I cherish you.



33 thoughts on “Celebrity Black Thugs: Ruining America

  1. To the tune of Colonel Bogey aka Hitler has only got one ball

    Jennifer is an anal receiver
    Shove your cock inside her
    Jennifer is a slut and similar
    But poor Jennifer never cums ever


  2. I didn’t see anyone coming to Chris Brown’s defense, black OR white… but this has nothing to do with color. I don’t defend Chris Brown or his actions, HOWEVER, a few things of note:
    1) YOU ARE NOT WHITE… so by your “standards” you will be in hell just like everyone else you “hate.”

    2) No one cares about your opinions or requests or whether or not you’ve had enough. You don’t even contribute to society, save your purchases of knock-off goods on the black market.

    3) If this were a white man, you’d defend him and call his accuser promiscuous and deserving. Was Rihanna deserving when Chris Brown beat the shit out of her? I think not. No woman is. You weren’t when your husband laid a hand on you in anger.

    4) Reba McEntire was separated from her husband for 2 years. You condone that “Christianity?” Personally, I don’t care, I just enjoy poking holes in your stories.

    5) Regarding recent twitter posts: Natalie Portman is Jewish and you compared yourself to her. How can an unconscious person be deemed “promiscuous” and ask for it? More holes in your stores. Oh, you commend Oprah for using weight watchers? I thought you were lean and trim and fit? You’re full of lies.

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  3. Here is my interview with Jennifer 🙂
    Me: Hello Jennifer
    Jen: Hey
    Me: Jennifer tell me what is the most valuable thing about sexual congress to you?
    Jen: Honey I just open my legs and let my man shove his peepee in me wherever he likes. He cums in me in no time. Its my duty to be a cumbucket.
    Me: Do you like this Jennifer?
    Jen: I surely do Sweet Pea.
    Me: I’m doing a vibrator study for the Journal of Ladies Orgasms; would you like to participate?
    Jen: Heck no. I’d never ever have an orgasm. I’d burn in hell. Sex is for men. Women do it when a man wants. No other reason, I sure as hell ain’t one of those liberated ladies who need an orgasm at all. I do it so I get something. I’m hoping Future President Donnie Trump will ask me to service him.
    Me: So you are a Hooker?
    Jen: Honey I guess I must be.


  4. Jennifer

    You said you were beautiful.

    Lying is a sin. Naughty, naughty.

    You are ugly in every respect.

    Men only like you because you put out, some men will fuck anything. It’s no compliment to you.


  5. What do you mean JonBenet allowed herself to be taken?

    She was six years old.

    Feel free to explain yourself


  6. Jen

    You say Nicole Simpson should have submitted to her husband O. J yeah, yet you say black people are inferior to white people.
    Could you be confused and need some time in an Asylum?

    For the rest of your life


  7. Jennifer

    You are a Guatemalan-American of by your photo mostly Mayan ancestry with a soupcon perhaps of European ancestry. Therefore of Mixed Race. That’s fine J.

    You are also not pretty, sexy , hot or any of that. That’s fine too.

    You are Psychiatrically Disabled with some sort of Schizophrenia that is not your fault

    You didn’t ask to be born ugly and insane.

    No life has everything


  8. This woman is a total nut. She’s on Twitter as @southern_mayers and she posts the same kind of racist, nonsensical trash there as well as here. She actually compared her daughters labia’s and Taylor Swift’s labia’s using ham subs. She’s portraying herself as an ideal Christian woman when she’s actually a bigoted, foul-mouthed, judgemental a-hole. I shouldn’t be judging her as I’m a Christian as well, but it really bothers me that she publishes trash like this in the name of the Lord. I pray one day she sees the truth about God and his infinite love for everyone¡


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