Black Thugs With Guns: An Essay


Every day I open my Twitter feed and there seems to be another shooting involving police officers and some random black entitled thug who thinks he is above the law.  Will they ever learn? How many is it going to take before these degenerate rats understand that if you don’t OBEY the law that there will be consequences.

It baffles me to see the alleged “families” of these creeps as they parade in the streets like wild monkeys screaming “HE DINDU NUFFIN” over and over.  It’s the same story.  They give interviews before the body is even cold.  They scream about how the thug criminal is really an outstanding citizen, a father (no doubt to a single white girl who he abandoned) that has a full time job, isn’t on welfare, and contributes to society… until the truth comes out.

I do not know what is is about the black culture that makes them so greedy and entitled for attention, money, and food.  They should be mourning, grieving over this outstanding individual whom they just lost.  But are they?  No.  They are living up to every stereotype that THEY have created for themselves.  Acting like deranged apes for the world to see and then have the audacity to wonder why they are looked down upon.

It is because you are inferior.  You created this mess for yourself so now you must deal with the consequences.  White people get shot every single day but you don’t see us tearing down neighborhoods and causing riots.  No, we do it with class and elegance because we have the BRAIN CAPACITY to act like mature human beings. Take a lesson.

In a little less than two months when President Trump is elected you WILL see a change.  He will deport all of you.  You will no longer be allowed to make a mockery of our criminal justice system.  You will no longer terrorize our streets with black crime and depravity.  We WILL be restored to greatness.  So get on board now or start packing. Change is coming and it is not a second too soon.

Friends, we are at a crossroads.  If we do not stand together and take back OUR country now from these pigs, we stand a great risk of being overtaken and sunk into a deep deep pit of blackness and thug culture where it is ok to attack officers, and sleep with white women, and spoil the minds of our children.

I implore you all to take a few moments tonight before you sleep and meditate on these thoughts. Enough is enough. IF these thugs want to parade around and threaten authority then let them get what they deserve. One way or another they will learn to obey or die trying.  It is not up to us anymore to pander to THEIR fiction.

In the name of Jesus Christ I say Amen and to HIM alone may the Glory be.




18 thoughts on “Black Thugs With Guns: An Essay

  1. hang yourself. now. you don’t even need to finish reading if this comment if you don’t want to. What are you waiting for? Go do it! I want to see an image of your broken neck and your lifeless body.


  2. Jennifer

    A lady doesn’t sit with her legs akimbo, also how fucking old is your Grandmother because you look about 70 maybe you haven taken too much Cocaine.


  3. Jenny
    You have been arrested at the airport on a flight to Guatemala with Cocaine hidden in the lining of your suitcase.
    Should the police
    (A) arrest you
    (B) shoot you


  4. Scary how many of these comments come from people who are no doubt willing to refer to themselves as loving, even Christian liberals and yet there are threats of violence and what liberals would refer to as “anti-LGBT” language. Further proof that the liberal mindset is that of hypocrisy, blind hatred, and the inability to have a thoughtful, nuanced conversation. You dislike what she says, but your response isn’t to attempt to find facts to prove her wrong, or even polite discourse – it’s to name call, suggest violence, and cyberbully her? If a teenage girl made a terrible decision, ignored Christ and her parents and decided to send an inappropriate picture of herself to a man, then ended up cyberbullied because of it, liberals would throw a tantrum. Here, a grown woman shares her opinion – one unfortunately proven right in many ways as of late given the behavior of HUNDREDS and the openly shared thoughts of THOUSANDS – and the response of you so-called “loving liberals” is to mercilessly tease and taunt her.
    I pray for you all that you may find Christ and His teachings and that His works may touch your hearts and minds. I ask the LORD Jesus Christ to open your eyes to your hypocrisy that you may see the truth of our society and that we will not be safe as a nation until we have all accepted the LORD Jesus into our hearts. May He continue to walk beside these hateful hearts even as they deny Him through their thoughts and actions.


    1. Please see my post below yours, that has zero name calling and only fact. When I was on twitter I never ONCE called Mrs. Mayers a name, yet she sought to call me every name in the book at every opportunity, and even suggest that I kill myself. I would like to know what you have to say to that? You’re defense of this “woman” is astonishing. Do you read the hate she spews on twitter, for those she does not even know? I’ve never called a name, only given facts. Where is your defense of ME?


  5. Ok.. let’s talk about the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, and then Donald Trump.

    A UNITED STATES CITIZEN cannot be deported. It is illegal. If your argument is that the President can do whatever he/she wants, you’re wrong there too. There is a thing within our government called CHECKS AND BALANCES. Our President is not a dictator. He/she cannot make decisions on their own. You are WRONG and will be proven so. Actually, I hope you’re NEVER proven wrong on this point, because that would mean that TRUMP would NOT be elected.

    Donald Trump was campaigning at an African-American church as recently as this week. If you think he’s going to do ANY deporting, you’re wrong. ALSO, wasn’t he DEFENDING the latest shooting victim this post was all about?

    You really need an education about the country you live in. You don’t like it? Go back to Guatemala. Go anywhere. You are the reason people hate Americans.


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  7. Police shouldn’t shoot black people because they are black.
    You wouldn’t like to be searched at the airport because you are from Guatemala would you?


  8. “Jenn”, if that’s really your name ….your comments are so ignorant and perverse that I’m pretty certain that you’re actually a liberal trying to make conservatives with a religious perspective look bad.

    Your impression isn’t even a good one. Please get a life. I see through this nonsense like a greasy paper bag.


  9. What is a Crudeness Witch?

    I have heard/read of a Wicked Witch; but not a Crudeness Witch. Is it to do with The Blair Witch?


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