1996: Reba “What If It’s You”


As I ponder this serene Sunday evening it reminds me of one of my favorite Reba McEntire albums.  1996 saw the release of “What If It’s You”  Mrs. McEntire’s first album of all new material since 1994’s “Read My Mind”

Admittedly, the covers album she released in 1995 “Starting Over” was not my favorite of all time, so I was so excited when she returned with the first single “The Fear of Being Alone”  This song practically zoomed up the country charts like a rocket before ultimately peaking at No. 2.   This album also marked the drastic image change for Reba with a new shorter chic hairstyle and glamorous fashions as seen on the cover and the album art within.

The single “How Was I To Know” became a Number One anthem for Reba, securing her place as the Queen of Country.  A guitar driven hit of strenth and resilience Mrs. McEntire sings “How was I to know, that I’d be ok?  Thought I’d lose it all when you walked away” — a true treasure.

The other singles “I’d Rather Ride Around With You” and “What If It’s You” peaked at Number 2 and Number 15, respectively.  What made these so interesting is that the music videos for each of these songs were intertwined with the same storyline.  It was such a masterpiece of 90’s country and visual arts that Mrs. Reba came to embrace.

I implore you all to listen and take the journey of pure 90’s country at it’s best.  Reba McEntire in the 90’s is something that can never be topped.


Happy October to all of you and your families!  May you be blessed with nothing but autumn cheer!  I cherish you all as always Glory be to GOD himself.





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