Race Mixing and Alleged “Robbery”


By now you all know that the race mixing garbage known as Kim Kardashian has allegedly been robbed at gunpoint in Paris.  Let me say that I have my doubts.  The woman with no morals who has laid down with many a black man out of wedlock now wants public sympathy for being bound, gagged, and thrown into a bathtub?  I think not.

I say IF this robbery were real and not a publicity stunt as I suspect, that she got exactly what she deserved.  The signs of Jesus Christ telling her to stop this life of sin and race mixing, not to mention the creation of two yellow babies who now must live in humiliation are EVERYWHERE.  When He speaks, it is our duty to listen.

Why are we devoting media attention to this prostitute?  Why does anyone care that she was a “victim” of a crime allegedly?  If anyone is a victim it is me and my daughters for having to be subjected to this nonsense.  What kind of role model is Ms. Kardashian?  What kind of example is she setting for the young white girls of America?

If she were truly held at gunpoint I can only express my disappointment that the alleged robbers did not have the audacity or strength to pull the trigger.

As always I give devotion in the name of Jesus Christ and I wish you all a blessed evening in this autumn season.




4 thoughts on “Race Mixing and Alleged “Robbery”

  1. If you are of Mayan Descent and your husband is of European Descent aren’t your children of Mixed Race? You certainly don’t look white in your Photo. You are around 75 years old right? You look it.

    Kim looks prettier than you so you are probably jealous


  2. Jenn??? I have some news for you. Maybe u better have a seat! If that’s truly you in the picture then….your children are NOT while sweetie! Stop the denial!


  3. A Mayan and a white European child are mixed race. You are an Indian from the jungles of Guatemala and all the praying in the world won’t make you white!


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