Body Shaming: Overweight Pop Stars



As you all know I am a fierce advocate for personal fitness and keeping your body in excellent shape for your husband.   I do yoga daily and stick to a strict diet thanks to Weight Watchers Points Plus.  Of course, I occasionally indulge in a favorite sweet treat or two, but I have the will power to keep my body in impeccable condition.

Today I was horrified to see the failed pop star known as Demi Lovato body shaming other women for being thin.  To her that is not a “real” body.  I guess she is so used to seeing her overweight stomach and thighs in the mirror that this has becoming common for her.  I ask myself why is she so insecure in her own body that she would insult other women?

My personal motto is to spread positivity through Christ and I must admit that I was disgusted.  Ms. Lovato is a known drug addict, promiscuous sexual partner, and now she is insulting other women for having perfect bodies?  When did she become Jesus Christ?  When did she get to judge others based solely on appearance when her own closet is so full of sin and depravity?

Ms. Demi Lovato let me be clear.  YOU are overweight.  YOUR body is not normal.  YOU are insecure in your own skin.  Put some clothes on and change your social media banners.  Stop doing drugs and being the worst type of role model for my daughters.  Lose weight.  Moisturize your skin.  There is so much that YOU should be working on to improve yourself and you choose to lash out at others?

Your alleged “career” is in shambles.  Your body is a wreck.  Take a long look in a full body length mirror and realize that this is God’s way of showing you that NOW is the time to fix yourself. Shame your own body instead of others.  Punish yourself. I, for one, will not allow you to insult my thin body or my daughters because it is not normal for YOU.

I assure you Ms. Lovato that nobody cares about your failed career or your opinion. You are a promiscuous addict and nothing more.  My daughters never liked you anyway.

As always friends, I give ultimate praise to Christ and I wish you a blessed evening.



119 thoughts on “Body Shaming: Overweight Pop Stars

  1. Jenn

    Did you know Melania did Lesbian Pornography? I’m not judging that is her choice. However I am wondering how someone like you who disapproves of Homosexual Lesbians copes with this.


  2. Do a blog post


    FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Jenn

    Do you think it is right to put God and Masturbation in the same sentence?! Is that really Wednesday or indeed any day’s wisdom?


  4. Hi 🙂

    I am Jennifer Mayers I am in a mixed raced marriage with my white husband Irving Mayers as I am Mayan from Guatemala.

    Don Trump would call me Mexican

    That’s fine because he is Sexy

    I want to be white though 😦


  5. Fucking Hell Jennifer

    I never thought I’d agree with you but Naughty Children are a Nightmare

    Smack on the Bum When Needed


  6. This is disgusting on so many counts. First of all, you’re supposed to be a #Christian mom, and you’re talking about pop star’s vaginas? And you’re shaming them for having what you presume is a “loose” vagina? And now I come across this. You are no Christian woman, you are a satanist who obviously THINKS that she is some kind of calling here on earth to preach about being Christian while just downright being nasty about people lol that you….wait for it…. DONT EVEN KNOW!! why don’t you work on your inner self and then whatever physical issues you’re obviously having. I’ll pray for you. I hope you just do t touch your daughters.


  7. Erica

    Jenn can’t work on her inner self because it is diseased and depraved and morally deformed and defective. She is as hideous on the inside as she is on the outside. She is one Fugly Lying Wants to Fuck Trump Trollop who if she weighs 110lb is 2 feet tall. She is obviously what she would call a Bisexual Lesbian as she is obsessed with vaginas.


  8. Jenn

    You are either a hypocrite or insane.

    You are not white; if there is any white blood in you it is very well diluted let me tell you. I bet no one in your blood family ever set foot in Europe.

    Europe is where white people come from.

    Anyway all humans originated in Africa so drop on your knees and be face fucked by that thought

    You are in a mixed race marriage

    You are not beautiful inside or out

    You are not average inside or out

    You are hideous inside or out

    If you want people to believe you are skinny get another twitter photo as the one you have makes you look fat

    You also look hideous in it and why is your head tilted. Head tilting looks cute in puppies and kittens not humans. Are you trying to look sweet and coy?

    Donald Trump is not going to hire you as a Personal Assistant; as far as he is concerned you are Mexican. All of South/Latin America is Mexico to Don. Therefore you are Mexican.


  9. You write your own songs?

    Bless 🙂

    If you are stuck here are some lyrics

    My Name is Jennay
    I’m not Gay
    I’m hot for Mel
    Mel can Sell
    So can Jenn
    I give to Man
    All I Can
    Especially My Ass
    I Have No Class
    I’m so Banal
    But I Love Anal


  10. Donald Trump is My Hero
    Everyone Thinks He is a Zero
    Except for Idiots and Hoes
    Hoes and Rakes
    For Fucks Sake
    Sluts on the Make


  11. what the fuck is wrong with you, who the hell are you to say anything about anyone elses life while you take time out of your “perfect” life to spread your religion of hate


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