BLACK Trash Thanksgiving



Hello to ALL my friends and fans.  I am so guilty for neglecting this blog but I confess that I can be lazy and the busy time of year with my family and the holidays sometimes gets the best of me.  I hope you all can forgive me.  I promise to try harder.  Neglecting my fans is something that I never intend to do.

That being said let me say, first and foremost, GLORY BE TO GOD that WE elected President Donald J. Trump on November 8th!  Every single one of my online bullies was served a piping hot dish of crow that day while I was surrounded in bliss with my entire family and sobbing as the results came in.  I have been preaching, supporting, and spreading His word the entire year and God himself spoke to me and told me the outcome would be victorious.  Nobody believed me.  But as I always say, God is GOOD and together we came through!  It made every day of online abuse, rape, slander, crucifixion and hate more than worth it.  Nail me to thy cross in the name of Jesus because on the final day WE will have the final say.  Amen in Jesus name!!

Today is Thanksgiving.  A day for white families to gather and be thankful for all that we have accomplished this year.  A sacred day to enjoy the company of one another and to feast on an elegant meal (preferably catered) but if you had to cook your own that is acceptable.  I always enjoy making an extravagant spread and enjoying the reaction of my family and the pride that they show for me. We never eat a morsel until my table is set up perfectly.  I confess a few years ago I wasn’t satisfied until well after 7pm and we had a festive late dinner.

It truly saddens me to think of all the black garbage families who will be using OUR hard earned tax money to make a welfare Thanksgiving dinner.  Or maybe they refuse to buy anything at all and pretend to be homeless and travel to a local church or shelter for a free meal.  It sickens me to my core.  The greed knows no end.  My grandmother always said it was in their DNA.  As this year has shown me time and time again, she is right.  Furthermore these same “needy” families will be the ones acting like rabid apes inside the various discount stores for the dreaded Black Friday sales. Again, the greed.

The fraud on the welfare system in America simply has to end.  It is abused on some of the most sacred days including Thanksgiving, into Black Friday and ultimately Christmas.  Is it worth it to PRETEND to be needy all for the sake of a free meal of dry turkey and a can of cranberry sauce?  Personally I wouldn’t be caught dead in such a scenario but the blacks are more than happy to haul their 12 cousins and grandkids and various “baby mamas” to any place they can get a free plate.  I am nauseated even thinking about it as I type this.

The smells from MY kitchen are glorious.  My caterer ultimately made it to my home and we have everything that we need.  Tomorrow I will use my organizational and decor skills to provide MY family with the ultimate display of thanks that they deserve.  Ponder that while you think of all the black families who throw their dignity away all in the name of free food.  Free ANYTHING.  It’s disgusting.

I bid you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and may your families be blessed always.  To God be the Glory forever.







13 thoughts on “BLACK Trash Thanksgiving

  1. Can women in their seventies have children without IVF?!

    Surely you don’t still have a Visitor

    Breaking News

    Seventy Year Old Woman Menstruating in Louisiana


  2. I can’t believe you let your husband say when you can get up.

    Do you have a mental age of five?

    Oh wait.


  3. How’s it feel to be suspended from Twitter? Bet you’re choking on you’re “I’ll wait, hon” comment, aren’t you? You thought you were untouchable! Bahahahaha!


  4. I have only seen white people use EBT. I know you’re an ignorant racist, but citizens of every race in this country use EBT. You let your religion blind you and make you ignorant, and a downright awful human being. I am truly sorry for you. I feel so lucky not to have ever had religion apart of my life and to be an atheist. While I know many religious people who aren’t racist/homophobic/ignorant, it seems that your religion has played a role in making you think the way you do. I hope you get some clarity one day.


    1. She’s not real, she’s a troll. This post clinches it for me. I wonder why on earth someone would go to this much trouble to piss people off. She has gone to a lot of trouble to hide her real identity because she knows she’d be getting death threats. What frightens me are the people who agree with her; by writing this blog, she is encouraging and validating the things she thinks she is satirizing.

      I hate having to say this, Jenn, but you’re not funny. You’re stupid.


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