Twitter Suspension?


Excuse me?  My husband has demanded that I be reinstated or we will be taking legal action within 24 hours.  This is a discrimination of my FREE SPEECH that Jesus Christ died in order for me to have.

This is a crime against my faith.  Against my beliefs.  This is a crucifixion in the highest order.  President Trump will NEVER stand for this.

I assure you my team is working around the clock.  There will be consequences of the legal AND biblical kind.  Of this you can be sure.

I love and adore you all.  Never fear.  I WILL BE BACK.





10 thoughts on “Twitter Suspension?

  1. Pretty sure it wasn’t Jesus who created the right to free speech, it was the Bill of Rights… and pretty sure “crucifixion in the highest order” involves actually dying. I’ll wait.


  2. Of course your husband is demanding legal action to get you back on twitter Jennifer

    He’s the Mort Goldman of Baton Rouge

    Who are you though ,Belle Watling? Ha! you wish never be the white woman you envy so much

    One Race Jenny

    The Human Race



  3. I’m not an expert typer

    But at least I am prettier (I am average looking) and nicer (way nicer) than you

    I’m not Prejudiced either

    HTH 🙂

    Will Twitter miss your Racism and your Fugly Tilty Head Photos

    Ah! Sweet Unmystery of Life


  4. You had a great comic thing going, but you messed it up with the race thing. Tedious, repetitive–you lost your footing there. But the “Christian fashion lady who wasn’t allowed to leave her house and looked like a 58-year-old overweight maid” was hilarious. Get someone to edit your tweets and you’ll last longer.


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