A Lesson To My Daughters: Jealousy


My two youngest daughters were in tears over this whole Twitter fiasco.  They said Mommy why does this happen?  I said girls,  in life you will ALWAYS have people who are less beautiful, less successful, and who are miserable in themselves who will try to bring you down. But you must never let them see you crumble.  You never show weakness.  Instead you keep your head held high and you come back stronger than ever.

I never keep secrets from my children.  They know that they aren’t as beautiful as I am.  They know that more than likely they will never have a husband who is as rich as their father.  But I always say that if they follow the Word of God and do as I instruct that they will have riches than mankind has never seen.

In today’s world we focus so much on negativity and online bullying and who can argue the best or have the last word.  The only WORD we should focus on is God.  In my years on Twitter I have been verbally assaulted, persecuted, crucified, slandered and vilified beyond belief.  But here I stand.

So-called “women” who have no life spend hours upon hours judging my beauty, fashion, and lifestyle because they are miserable and have no life or husband of their own.  The black and homosexual agenda of America MUST be stopped, friends.

Jesus give me strength.  Others may not be so strong.  What about them?  Who is there to protect and embrace them when the bullies emerge?

Let us pray for them and hope that together we can overcome the hate and jealousy and be ourselves. I will NEVER back down.  I will never change or abandon my beliefs for “modern” society.

Jesus knows me inside and out.  I live for Him. That is good enough for me.

As always, glory be to God above and I love and cherish you all for the kind words and support during this difficult time.  I have received an outpouring of love from friends, family, and celebrities encouraging me to keep spreading my positivity.  And I shall.






6 thoughts on “A Lesson To My Daughters: Jealousy

  1. What kind of mother are you? My mom has always told me I was beautiful. If she hadn’t, I’d probably be dead right now. Parents should support their kids, not compare them to theirselves. You are a sickening excuse for a human.


  2. You do realize that the image you have used on this post is a publicity still from the HBO production of Angels in America, right? Are you aware of what that cinematic masterpiece is about?


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