Legal Update and the Blocking of STALKERS


Good evening friends and family!  I have received countless messages of support and your most common question is “How are you Jenn?” — Well I am GREAT because God is GOOD!

To update you on my current legal situation, my husband has retained one of the top civil rights attorneys in the country and we will be pursuing legal and monetary damages for my religious discrimination, persecution, harassment and pain and suffering due to online bullying.  I will donate 90% of any settlement to a charity of my choice.

My daughters are using this as a teaching experience that lesser races will play the “victim” and lash out in any way possible.  What a sad life it must be for black “trolls” and “homosexual lesbians” to be hiding behind computers and phones with nothing better to do than crucify a minority wife and mother online.

To further that point, I have made the decision to block and ignore any and all of my past stalkers and non-believers.  This includes morbidly obese Valerie who spends every waking moment consumed by my life.  This includes hideous homosexual lesbian Frankie who stalks me from another country while drowning in her depraved lifestyle.  This includes their minions and fellow white trash beasts who live vicariously through me because they are so poor and unhappy in their own life.  Not to mention their horrid appearances.

I consider it a cleansing of the body and soul.  Small steps lead to ultimate salvation.  May they find peace and a legitimate hobby. No longer will I be abused!

As for Twitter, they will be face consequences.  Religious discrimination is NOT going to be tolerated.

I cherish you all.  Blessings for this holiday season and remember JESUS is the reason for the season.




106 thoughts on “Legal Update and the Blocking of STALKERS

  1. Does your Debauchery have no bounds?!

    It is highly inappropriate the have a Passionate Love Affair with Christ

    Not to mention the breaking of the 7th Commandment


  2. Most parents use Discipline

    The biting on soap is fucking weird

    You Are Weird

    Plus I guarantee your daughters are swearing out of earshot regardless


  3. p.s

    You must have cheated him as you don’t believe in race mixing and Mayers is a German -Jewish Surname

    Get a Divorce Woman!!!!!!!!!

    You are in a Mixed Race Marriage


  4. What does my life consist of? I look around and see only acres upon acres of Nothingness.



  5. I have seen that you think people are jealous of you

    You are a Stupid Racist Fat Ugly Slore

    So explain why anyone would be jealous


  6. Did you actually model vaginas with bread and ham?!

    Yours is probably this wide ( )

    Like chucking a sausage into the Grand Canyon

    ( I )

    as above

    Labia are for men to get on their knees and suck 🙂

    They have nothing to do with tightness

    Do you have Cervical Dysplasia

    You get it from being a slut


  7. A lot wider than the diagram shows obviously

    Sluts like anal as well

    I would never do anal

    It’s ok for gay/bisexual men

    A woman who does it is a filthy submissive cumbucket


  8. Women should only

    Give a BJ as foreplay
    Never swallow or have semen in her mouth (gross)
    Insist on an orgasm before, during or after vaginal intercourse
    Never ever do anal that is revolting
    Any sexual activity that means no orgasm for the woman is to be avoided
    Own vibrator(s)

    That way you are not some cumwhore


  9. Leave Jenn alone Because!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just because you think women are entitled to an orgasm as much as a man is doesn’t mean Jenn has to agree

    You don’t believe women should be sex slaves and Jenn does?

    Well that is Jenn’s issue

    Vengeance is mine saith the Lord


  10. Oy Vey!!!!!!

    Why are youse such Schmendricks to my Daughter in Law?!

    Our Jenny makes my Irving happy 🙂

    Yes she thinks she is pretty

    So what?

    Delusional Disorder isn’t a crime


  11. klackerman717 / i gt 125 on demolition spawn kill technique and if you wanna play with me add klackerman717 on psn and dnt say ps3 shit coz u clearly r just ungreatful be thankfull u have something to play on think of poor african kids you think they got PS3


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