Abortion and Mixed Babies


Friends, I have been “arguing” with TRASH on Twitter over the past day or so over the issue of abortion and women’s rights.  Let’s get one thing straight:  If you SPREAD your legs for intercourse purposes outside of Holy Matrimony OR for race mixing purposes then you must accept the consequences of unwanted pregnancy.

A certain user has had dozens of abortions with mixed babies because she sees it as a form of birth control and a convenient way to carry on her sinful lifestyle.  I call it for what it is.  And that is MURDER.

Abortion is possibly the most horrible thing in the world besides being black.  Why would you think that you have the option to play God and murder an innocent child that YOUR sin of lust created? I am disgusted by this.

It is NOT your choice. You made the choice to lay down and procreate.  You no longer have the right to murder the fetus inside of you.

Now, as I’ve said the only ONLY time I approve of abortion is if the baby is mongoloid.  That is a true burden that I would not carry, nor would I expect any woman to suffer.  It would be an embarrassment to me and my family and I could not allow an imperfection like that in my hone.  And I do not have the time or patience to raise one of those.

I hear the complaints of “what about if the baby is from rape, or incest” — to you I say suck it up and deal with it.  Submission is not rape. As for incest I am in no position to speak on it but every child deserves a chance.

The next time you decide to lay down with a man of color think about the consequences.  I will not allow you to murder a child.  GOD is watching and together you will face the ultimate judgement.

28 thoughts on “Abortion and Mixed Babies

  1. So if the only time abortion is okay, according to you, is if the fetus is disabled, then if a black man rapes you and you get pregnant, you must carry that fetus to term. No choice. Is your husband white? That makes your daughters mixed-raced. Guess you should have aborted them. You play God every day by saying you think blacks and homosexuals should be deported or put to death. So what IS rape to you? You repel me.


    1. I feel very sorry for you. To put down such a remarkable person and true example of what it means to be a lady only shows how unhappy you are.


  2. Again, Ms Mayers your words are a light in a dark world. If only young people would read and live by your ideals we would all be in a much better place.
    Keep up your good work, you are truly a woman ahead of her time.
    God Bless You, Danny Xen


  3. Jennifer

    Are you over 65? Your picture says yes; but I digress. My point is it is called Down Syndrome. Anyway you are a Hypocrite criticising anyone with Down’s as it obvious from your blog and twitter that you are as Mad as a March Hare.

    Too late to abort now though 😦

    Where did you get your red blouse? I am sure I have seen them in K-Mart


  4. If anyone rapes ever rapes you pregnant Jennifer I strongly suggest you abort. because…
    Desperado Rapist + Raving Lunatic = Fucking Disaster


  5. Unblock Valerie

    Twitter Fight please; Donald Trump would have a Twitter Fight are you saying you know better than Trump?



  6. Do you have Glaucoma?

    Wearing the same hat doesn’t make you look like Eva Longoria

    You look like the remains of a Mayan Burial Site discovered centuries later all desiccated

    While somehow still able to look fat


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