Martin Luther “Negro” King Jr. Day?


Happy Monday friends!  I hope you all have had a blessed weekend and that the new year of 2017 is treating you kindly.  I have to say for me it has been spiritually awakened and I feel very secure and tolerant in my family.  My daughters are thriving and my  husband is loving me more than ever.  I am inspired!

I must address this “holiday” celebrating black trash Martin Luther King Jr… first of all what did this man do for us? He is not a former President or a political leader or a martyr or white.  So WHY must our government and mainstream media not only take a day off but dare to celebrate this? It’s quite insulting that I can’t enjoy a normal day without seeing this old man plastered all over my television and mobile device screens.

Is it not enough that the blacks take the month of February to pat themselves on the back? I consider myself to be an educated woman but I cannot fathom why we must take a random Monday holiday in January to celebrate a thug who did nothing but incite black violence and gang mentality among the blacks in the 1960’s.

Their sense of entitlement is only worsened every time we take a moment to put a spotlight on black heroes.  For goodness sake we have had 8 LONG years of blackness dirtying up our White House and now before he FINALLY leaves the house we must endure yet another day of worship for a false black idol?  Not in my household, friends.

Why is it all of our white holidays celebrate real pioneers and heroes who led this country but the blacks can only find an assassinated thug from 50 years ago?  It speaks volumes.  I guess they should be happy to get a day off at all.  God forbid they actually work.  It’s just another excuse to have another EBT vacation day of free government assistance and cigarettes.

My husband says they should all be disgraced.  I can’t help but agree.  I know my daughters are not allowed to read any black literature of pamphlets celebrating this nonsense.  They will not be tainted by the blackness of the mainstream  media as long as I can help it.

Take a moment tonight and ponder in silence the America that is before us.  Think of the greatness that is on the cusp of 2017 as President Trump restores our greatness.  Let us not weep in the darkness, but celebrate in the joyous light that will shine upon us on January 20th.

I give my ultimate praise to God as always.  I cherish each and every one of you.  Find your strengh from within and BE THE LIGHT that Jesus intended you to be!





68 thoughts on “Martin Luther “Negro” King Jr. Day?

  1. No one is bullying you

    You say stupid (and are a) stupid shit and have a comment section and you are on twitter

    Foregone conclusion

    If you don’t like it…then;

    Close the comment section and your twitter


  2. 105 lbs? How tall are you? There’s no way. I thought you said 110 lbs? Using words like “lad” and signing off twitter using “xx”? I thought you disliked the British.

    What a walking contradiction. I feel so sorry for you. So many gaps in your story. Guaranteed Angie Best, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, and all the others have never heard of you and think you’re an ignorant cunt when you tweet at them pretending to know them.


  3. But on his brest a bloudie Crosse he bore,
    The deare remembrance of his dying Lord,
    For whose sweete sake that glorious badge he wore,
    And dead as living ever him ador’d:
    Upon his shield the like was also scor’d,
    For soveraine hope, which in his helpe he had:
    Right faithfull true he was in deede and word,
    But of his cheere did seeme too solemne sad;
    Yet nothing did he dread, but ever was ydrad.


  4. Your weak bones might explain the head tilt in all 3 of your photos. Maybe your right side is hurting from tilting your head all the time. “Do not be a sloth,” says the woman who spends her days sitting on her fat ass on Twitter all day, trolling people. Have a nice day, “Jenn.”


  5. They are all gone away,
    The house is shut and still,
    There is nothing more to say

    Through broken walls and gray,
    The wind blows bleak and shrill,
    They are all gone away

    Nor is there one today,
    To speak them good or ill
    There is nothing more to say

    Why is it then we stray
    Around the sunken sill?
    They are all gone away

    And our poor fancy play
    For them is wasted skill,
    There is nothing more to say

    There is ruin and decay
    In the House on the Hill:
    They are all gone away,
    There is nothing more to say.


  6. Has Leah Remini replied to you? What about all of your other celeb “friends”? We don’t see them tweeting you back. Poor Jenn, no friends she has to pretend.


  7. If you don’t acknowledge my comments soon, I will take every pill I can find in my sad little apartment. Then you’ll be sorry.


  8. You are a racist. I am sorry your mind is so very small. I try hope that you aren’t bringing up any children to think in such an ignorant and hateful way. Racists of the world are dying out. You are the oppressors and now, the minority. You are losing your power and that is why you are lashing out. God help you. Seriously. I hope you see how incredibly evil your words are.


  9. I feel sorry for you. But I mostly feel sorry for your children to have to be raised by such a pathetic human. The good thing is that as they grow older and learn about diversity and about great people like Martin Luther King Jr. They will look back on their childhood and realize how pathetic their mom was. And eventually they will feel sorry for you.


  10. “positivity” bitch the only things your ugly ass are capable of spreading are your legs and stupidity. Stop talking already, no one wants to hear that shit.


  11. If you actually knew what you were talking about you’d know that Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t promote violence. ALL of his protest were non violent. Read a freaking history book once in awhile or at least know your facts before you make ignorant blogs.


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