Losing Abuela 2017



Hello friends, it is me Jennifer.  Oh how I have missed you and our sacred circle of communication and fellowship.  Life is like a book and each day is a new page.  Today I am returned and resurrected in His name.

First of all I must share the news that my beloved grandmother lost her battle at the end of March.  Cancer is not an attractive disease and she managed the best that she could.  In the end everyone agreed that I was very composed and brave and that the funeral service was adequate given the circumstances.  Her small frame could no longer support designer clothes so I made the executive decision to have her buried in a tailored sea green bathrobe and towel set.  We chose to only have a one hour viewing at the funeral home and the casket was obviously closed for the funeral.  I refused to participate in the gathering otherwise.

I planned the event as though it was a dinner party for close friends.  Everything had to be arranged perfectly.  We chose an inexpensive casket because my husband would not pay much money for a box to just be buried in the ground and I agreed.  We covered it with chiffon linens and a spray of red roses.  Nobody could tell.  My daughters were excited to wear matching black dresses and I used the opportunity to wear my favorite fur trimmed Dior dinner jacket and slacks.

My husband wore a Tom Ford suit.  Even though Mr. Ford is a homosexual my husband says the seams and threading are the best quality he’s seen.  So I allow it for his happiness.

She was buried peacefully and I have not returned to the gravesite.  I don’t believein visiting the dead.   I find it tacky and a false representation of my beliefs.  The body is a shell.  SHE is in Heaven beside my Saviour and smiling down upon me.  There is no more pain.  There is no more sickness.  She is free.  Fly, abuela.  Te amo.

I will have more updates soon.  This has been a difficult time for me and I keep my inner turmoils private.  I scream for the Lord.  Not for sympathy.

I love you all and hope that your spring season is magical.  He Is Risen!







57 thoughts on “Losing Abuela 2017

  1. Isn’t it ALWAYS so adorable when Jenny answers with the same comment name as someone else, forgetting that the avatar doesn’t match? Good one Jenny! Suspended twice on Twitter yet you seem to forget the Michael Kors you so adore takes it (like you) up the ass on the daily. Glad that you and Roseanne Barr’s son are having a helluva good time on this fake account and existence. I happened to be in Baton Rouge 2 weeks ago and in your name to your Methodist Church, I tried to make a donation. They’d never heard of you. The day spa you plug ever so happily on your closed Twitter accounts, had no record of your existence and were horrified by all the tweets. All onwas trying to do was get you a body scrub and peel, and on me it was to be a gift. Nope. No record. I instead donated the money to a youth center for the homeless. Sad. You’ve got to me hating life because after your first Twitter went down, you barely managed to keep momentum. Sounds like someone hates not being the center of attention anymore.


    1. Why in the world would you want to treat this sick, vile person to a massage??? She spews hatred and incites violence! She uses religion and her supposed love of Jesus to say the most disgusting things and you want to reward her for this??? You are just as vile and disgusting!


  2. A Lamb goes uncomplaining forth,
    The guilt of all men bearing;
    And laden with the sins of earth,
    None else the burden sharing!
    Goes patient on, grow weak and faint,
    To slaughter led without complaint,
    That spotless life to offer;
    Bears shame and stripes, and wounds and death,
    Anguish and mockery, and saith,
    “Willing all this I suffer.”

    This Lamb is Christ, the soul’s great Friend,
    The Lamb of God, our Savior;
    Him God the Father chose to send
    To gain for us His favor.
    “Go forth, My Son,” the Father saith,
    “And free men from the fear of death,
    From guilt and condemnation.
    The wrath and stripes are hard to bear,
    But by Thy Passion men shall share
    The fruit of Thy salvation.”

    “Yea, Father, yea, most willingly
    I’ll bear what Thou commandest;
    My will conforms to Thy decree,
    I do what Thou demandest.”
    O wondrous Love, what hast Thou done!
    The Father offers up His Son!
    The Son, content, descendeth!
    O Love, how strong Thou art to save!
    Thou beddest Him within the grave
    Whose word the mountains rendeth.

    From morn till eve my theme shall be
    Thy mercy’s wondrous measure;
    To sacrifice myself for Thee
    Shall be my aim and pleasure.
    My stream of life shall ever be
    A current flowing ceaselessly,
    Thy constant praise outpouring.
    I’ll treasure in my memory,
    O Lord, all Thou hast done for me,
    Thy gracious love adoring.

    Of death I am no more afraid,
    New life from Thee is flowing;
    Thy cross affords me cooling shade
    When noonday’s sun is glowing.
    When by my grief I am oppressed,
    On Thee my weary soul shall rest
    Serenely as on pillows.
    Thou art my Anchor when by woe
    My bark is driven to and fro
    On trouble’s surging billows.

    And when Thy glory I shall see
    And taste Thy kingdom’s pleasure,
    Thy blood my royal robe shall be,
    My joy beyond all measure.
    When I appear before Thy throne,
    Thy righteousness shall be my crown—
    With these I need not hide me.
    And there, in garments richly wrought
    As Thine own bride, I shall be brought
    To stand in joy beside Thee.


  3. Dear Mrs. Mayers,

    As the head administrator at Broadmoor United Methodist, I can assure you: NO ONE came by and “tried to make a donation in your name” two weeks ago. Ignore these Christ-less liars.


    1. And if you at Broadmoor Methodist are responsible for the teachings which she preaches on this blog then my dear you in fact are the ones who are in most dire need of Christ and you should reevaluate the truth you prescribe to others


  4. I wish I could have been there by your side…
    For all the times I’ve made you weep and cry.

    Know from my heart, what I say is true…
    That I hurt for the pain I put you through.

    Never alone shall you ever be,
    Someday my love for you, ye shall see

    May your hopes and dreams one day come true,
    No matter where you are, I’ll be there for you.


  5. God bless you Ms Mayers in your time of grieving. My heart and prayers are with you. Sincerely, Danny Xen xxxxxx


  6. My dearest Jennifer,

    So wonderful to spend time with you recently. As usual, you looked radiant. And your poignant tales of being bullied online have inspired me to work as hard as possible on behalf of Christian ladies and children everywhere. The Internet must be cleansed in the tears of Our Savior.

    God bless, and see you at the next Fashion Week.



  7. First, English is not Melania’s first language, so it’s very doubtful that she writes that formally. The only person we know who does is our dear Jennifer.

    Second, secret service would never let you near her, given you’ve failed to prove your identity. You need at least a valid form of ID, which you cannot produce.

    Third, Kelly Ripa is white and married to a Latino. You are Latina, married to a white man. How is her race mixing not ok but yours is?

    Last, mainstream media isn’t making up facts about Trump and his infidelity, it’s well documented and public fact. He makes no secret that he cheated on many women with many women. How do you justify blaming the media for that?

    Good luck with your XM talk show, I hope they book you own Howard Stern and he eats you for lunch.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Valerie told me the good news about your return to Twitter, Mrs. Mayers. I thought I’d celebrate with one of our favorite hymns. Valerie and I sung it to each other during our wedding ceremony.

    All hail the power of Jesus’ Name! Let angels prostrate fall;
    Bring forth the royal diadem, and crown Him Lord of all.
    Bring forth the royal diadem, and crown Him Lord of all.
    Let highborn seraphs tune the lyre, and as they tune it, fall
    Before His face Who tunes their choir, and crown Him Lord of all.
    Before His face Who tunes their choir, and crown Him Lord of all.

    Crown Him, ye morning stars of light, Who fixed this floating ball;
    Now hail the strength of Israel’s might, and crown Him Lord of all.
    Now hail the strength of Israel’s might, and crown Him Lord of all.

    Crown Him, ye martyrs of your God, who from His altar call;
    Extol the Stem of Jesse’s Rod, and crown Him Lord of all.
    Extol the Stem of Jesse’s Rod, and crown Him Lord of all.

    Ye seed of Israel’s chosen race, ye ransomed from the fall,
    Hail Him Who saves you by His grace, and crown Him Lord of all.
    Hail Him Who saves you by His grace, and crown Him Lord of all.

    Hail Him, ye heirs of David’s line, Whom David Lord did call,
    The God incarnate, Man divine, and crown Him Lord of all,
    The God incarnate, Man divine, and crown Him Lord of all.

    Sinners, whose love can ne’er forget the wormwood and the gall,
    Go spread your trophies at His feet, and crown Him Lord of all.
    Go spread your trophies at His feet, and crown Him Lord of all.

    Let every tribe and every tongue before Him prostrate fall
    And shout in universal song the crownèd Lord of all.
    And shout in universal song the crownèd Lord of all.


  9. ^ nope. Everyone sees right through you Jennifer. You’ve stalked Valerie enough to know she didn’t have a Christian wedding. Jennifer is dabbling in fraud and impersonation… Mental illness is real.


  10. I’m so happy for the both of you! God is good, and blesses our little Twitter Family.

    Here is one of my favorite hymns:

    “Be not afraid, ’tis I, ’tis I,
    Though the storm rages wild;
    In thy sore need I’m passing by,
    Off’ring to help thee, hear thy cry—
    Be of good cheer, My child.”

    “Be not afraid, ’tis I,
    Be not afraid, ’tis I”;
    Though wild winds blowing,
    My bark o’erflowing,
    God rules in earth and sky:
    “Be not afraid, ’tis I,
    Be not afraid, ’tis I”;
    The storm can’t harm my trusting soul,
    For Jesus walks the waves that roll;
    His voice I hear, which calms my fear,
    “ ’Tis I, be not afraid.”

    Be not afraid, ’mid pressing foes,
    Jesus is watching near;
    He all thy deepest sorrow knows,
    Walked every step thy pathway goes;
    Trust Him, then; do not fear.

    Be not afraid, He knows thy heart,
    And He doth care for thee;
    Of all thy grief He shares a part,
    Stands by thy side, He’ll not depart,
    If thou wilt faithful be.

    Be not afraid, O helpless one,
    Trust in His boundless grace;
    Say from the heart, “Thy will be done,
    Finish the work Thou hast begun,
    Bring me to see Thy face.”


  11. I haven’t been feeling good about myself, Mrs. Mayers. Lately this song has been going through my head:

    Hello darkness, my old friend,
    I’ve come to talk with you again,
    Because a vision softly creeping,
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
    And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains
    Within the sound of silence

    In restless dreams I walked alone
    Narrow streets of cobblestone,
    ‘Neath the halo of a street lamp,
    I turned my collar to the cold and damp
    When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
    That split the night
    And touched the sound of silence

    And in the naked light I saw
    Ten thousand people, maybe more
    People talking without speaking,
    People hearing without listening,
    People writing songs that voices never share
    And no one dare
    Disturb the sound of silence

    “Fools” said I, “You do not know
    Silence like a cancer grows
    Hear my words that I might teach you,
    Take my arms that I might reach you”
    But my words like silent raindrops fell,
    And echoed in the wells of silence

    And the people bowed and prayed
    To the neon god they made
    And the sign flashed out its warning,
    In the words that it was forming

    And the sign said, “The words of the prophets
    Are written on the subway walls
    And tenement halls”
    And whispered in the sounds of silence

    Thank you for all you do on Twitter. You’re a Godsend.


  12. Jennifer

    Your support is everything to Donald and me.

    Please expect an invitation to the White House for Afternoon Tea

    Speciality is my Ham Sandwich; personally the more ham the better.




  13. Dear Mrs. Mayers,

    Valerie and I grieve for your sweet grandma’s passing. This is the time to let bygones be bygones, so why not unblock Valerie and let her comfort you directly?

    Most Respectfully,


  14. Hey V.D

    Glad you asked 🙂

    Speaking for my own experience you can be both

    But Penetration before Pregnancy 🙂

    But if you are heavy be confident like me: I am under 5ft and 300lb just look at my photo!!

    Do I let it hold me back?!

    No Siree Bob! Whoever that is. Hopefully a white dude!

    I have no alibi


  15. Curious Jennifer, how do you feel about “your church” having hired a black associate pastor?

    I can’t find any information about the bazaar online or you as a chair-person… interesting. I’ll have to call to make a donation!


  16. Online review of the company Valerie’s husband runs:

    We hired [XXX] Construction to add a small deck and window to our home in August. By April, still no deck and no window. Do not use this contractor.


  17. My dear Mrs. Mayers,

    Here is a hymn that means a great deal to me:

    ’Twas the commission of our Lord,
    “Go teach the nations, and baptize:”
    The nations have received the word
    Since He ascended to the skies.

    He sits upon th’eternal hills,
    With grace and pardon in His hands;
    And sends His cov’nant with the seals,
    To bless the distant darkened lands.

    “Repent, and be baptized,” He saith,
    “For the remission of your sins:”
    And thus our sense assists our faith,
    And shows us what His Gospel means.

    Our souls He washes in His blood,
    As water makes the body clean;
    And the good Spirit from our God
    Descends like purifying rain.

    Thus we engage ourselves to Thee,
    And seal our cov’nant with the Lord;
    O may the great eternal Three
    In Heav’n our solemn vows record!

    May Christ guide you, sweet lady.

    Sincerely yours,
    Frances Glover


  18. Your Abuela deserved to die because she was promiscuous. God punished her like he punished Manchester. You are a whore’s child. You are cursed by God


  19. I’m speechless. You call yourself a Christian, but take great pleasure when a suicide bombing happens? What is wrong with you??? Another person who sadly hides behind Christ to do evil. How anyone can tweet about the Manchester bombings like you did, and say it was “God’s punishment” against the artist is beyond me


  20. If God chooses our punishments what did you accuse your grandmother of when she was diagnosed with cancer?
    If you’re really a devout Christian why do you parade round your appearance, your alcohol, your Dior jacket. Why treat people as if you are above them? We should love one another, we are all equals. We should encourage people through our actions to seek Christ or at least want to know more – not criticise them, attack them and show them everything they wouldn’t want to be. If being a Christian meant acting the way you do to others I would turn my back on Christianity after 18 years and never come back. I pray you see the errors in your judgement and words.


  21. You were right, Mrs. Mayers. My whorish ways have brought destruction and chaos raining down on Manchester. I feel nauseous with remorse.


  22. Hi Mrs. Mayers,

    Michael from Broadmoor here. I’ve gotten several “crank calls” about you in the last few days. As you know, we never disclose any information about our congregants. Just wanted to reassure you.

    Yours in Christ,


    1. I believe, Reverend-or-whatever, that this is because she is a crank. She said some really abusive and un-Christian things about the bombing attacks, and if you approve of them, I’m not so sure I could even consider you and your sect a Christian one.

      Sorry you had to deal with the consequences of her folly, though, regardless of whether you actually somehow support her anger and hatred.


  23. You’re just such a sanctimonious mess, trying to pretend that a terrorist act was the will of god. Especially over a bunch of grievances that JESUS HIMSELF NEVER ESPOUSED ANYWHERE amid all his VERY CLEAR instructions to be kind.


  24. I assure you: we are no “sect.” And our congregants are free to voice their opinions in public, just like any other Americans.

    Be blessed in Christ,


  25. You misrepresent the Christian God and his measure. You are the wicked.

    Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full–pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.”



  26. By the way, I’ve gotten to know Valerie and do think you should unblock her. Thank you, Mrs. Mayers, and keep up your good work.


  27. Jennifer,
    After being out so long dealing with my eldest’s cancer diagnosis I had returned to Twitter and the blogging world to find you were gone from Twitter and that this was the most recent post from you. My family is so sorry for your loss; your grandmother sits at the feet of Christ and praises Him with the angels. May the blood of Jesus bring you peace until you see her again.
    I hope you are well. If you have another private account on social media that I can follow, please let me know!


  28. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing. What’s her name so that my family and I can pray for her.


  29. You turned your grandmothers funeral into a designer sideshow instead of the memorial it is intended to be- you are a sad disgusting woman. From a true designer southern belle there is not a snowballs chance in hell I would hire you to flip my burgers let alone design rooms in my home!


  30. YOU SICK CUNT!! This is spreading positivity through Jesus?!?!. there is no place for this, you will NOT GO TO HEAVEN, you are a hateful piece of crap!! and this hateful website should be removed, Im sure its not Christian is it!!?? Love thy neighbor, unless he is Hispanic, Black or not white!!! you make me sick!


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