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Kathy Griffin: The New Face of Terrorism. Chic Hag of “Comedy”?



Friends, I am absolutely shaking and weeping as I write this.  That horrible, horrible hate-filled vessel Kathy Griffin should be executed.  I cannot believe the audacity of these so-called “comedians” and “actors” — what if I had held up the decapitated head of one of my daughters?  What if I had used the head of black TRASH Michelle and Barack “PigLips” Obama?  Oh I’d be crucified and nailed to a cross on the spot!

But oh no, friends.  Because it’s chic to make fun of President Trump this lady gets a free pass for advocating the MURDER and BEHEADING of a sitting President?  What in the world is happening to this country?  President Trump is a humble man who inherited garbage from overspending blacks who had no regard for this country.  He is doing the best he can to protect us ALL.

My youngest daughter, Sonnia was so disturbed by the image that she had to be excused from dinner and has not returned since.  We raise our children and protect them from immodesty and violence only to have this garbage shoved in our faces on the nightly news? No sir and no ma’am!  Not in MY household.

Take a moment and form a circle with your family and have a discussion about why the mainstream media cannot force it’s lies and deception on us.  We must take a stand.  We must believe in the LORD and follow his timeline.  It absolutely crushes my heart to think about poor Barron and Melania and the anguish they must feel seeing such vulgarity.  I became so short of breath I was on the verge of hyperventilating.

I personally hope she is convicted and sentenced to death for war crimes and treason.  Clean up the TRASH, America!  We are better than this!

In personal health and restoration news, I am in the throes of sore throat pain.  I have gargled with ylang-ylang water mixed with lemon juice, honey, and a teaspoon of baking soda.  As we do not believe in modern medicine, I rely on Guatemalan home remedies passed down through my family or sometimes I make my own.  I ask for your prayers for my swift healing.  Pain is the rejuvenation.  Pain is the healing.

As we move into summer let us be carefree with our hearts.  Let us sing and rejoice openly.  Let us not bathe in evil thoughts and shower in negativity.  I challenge you to BE THE LIGHT.

My husband said he will return my phone by week’s end.  Without him by my side to protect and guide me I truly would be lost without a compass.  Marriage is forever.  I wish you all the blessings.



Ariana Grande’s Reign of Terror: Memorial Day Pondering



As we celebrate Memorial Day and those who have died to give us free speech I want to take a moment to remember my beloved abuela.  It was a long battle but she finally succumbed to the cancer.   I remember you.  I want to take a moment to remember Jesus Christ who suffered so much for our sins and our ability to speak our minds.  Not a single breath leaves my body that is not dedicated to Him.  I remember you.  Happy Memorial Day, friends.  May you be blessed and surrounded by loved ones.

The victims of Ariana Grande’s terror attack, however, cannot spend today with their families.  I’m sure that Ms. Grande is laying poolside in her smallest bikini without a care in the world.  Most certainly her most promiscuous behavior is on display for all to see, a satisfied smile plastered across her face.  We live in modern times where modesty has been thrown out the window.  What happened to wholesome role models for OUR daughters to look up to?

My daughters asked me why she must feel the need to display such raunch and immodesty for all to see.  I told them she is very much Anti-Christian and Anti-American and the alleged terrorists latched onto her beliefs in order to send a message from Jesus Christ that she MUST change her ways.

We must ask ourselves as parents what are WE doing wrong to place our children in harm’s way.  What business does an eight year old have at a prostitute’s concert? I am not blaming children, I am blaming the parents and the lustful acts of Ms. Grande.  Why do you think the alleged terrorists chose her venue in the first place? Her own life choices and decisions have placed millions in harms way and she doesn’t even care.  As long as she can continue her promiscuous and race-mixing lifestyle and get paid for it, why should she care?  Society tells her that it is ok.

Miss Ariana Grande, you have the blood of millions on YOUR hands.  So as you spend today tweak dancing beside a pool with your boyfriend and sipping on alcohol maybe you should take a few moments to remember and apologize to the thousands that you have murdered through your actions.  God will forgive.  I will not forget.

In other news, my husband has grounded me for a week.  He said I had neglected the family and he could see the abuse that I was receiving on Twitter was taking it’s toll on my health.  So to protect me he has taken my phone and changed my password until I feel better.  He will return it to me.  In the meantime, I have borrowed my housekeeper’s phone.  I appreciate so many of you reaching out to me and being concerned.  I’m taking this time to connect to God and meditate.

I love you all and may you continue to be blessed with God’s mercy.  Live vegan.  Live healthy.  ALWAYS be the light.



Sunday Poetry, a Spiritual Retreat



I see moonlight and cherry blossoms

I see heavenly sun rays and angels from above

I see children laughing and playing

We are but one humanity

We breathe the same air

Let us embrace and hold one another

The arms of Jesus open wide

And we run into His arms and cry

Oh Heavenly father do you hear my cries?

Only a mother will understand the pain

Only a mother knows true love from within

Only a mother will be by His side


Fear not friends.  I am alive and well.  My husband has refused to let me tweet, my phone has been confiscated.  I am not banned, I am on a retreat.  My husband wanted alone time with me and I must oblige him.  I hope you are all well.  I hope that you too may see the cherry blossoms and embrace every new morning with the same type of beauty and passion that I do.  With Jesus by your side you will never need a compass.

This week I received so much abuse and insults that I was reminded how similar I am to Jesus Christ.  He too was suffered for his beliefs.  He too was crucified in the name of free speech and right of expression.  Am I not allowed to believe what I believe?  Am I not allowed to speak with the tongue of Christ? I AM The incarnate.  I am the Messenger.  If not me, then who I ask?

If you cannot water my garden, do not leave your footprints in the mud.  MY home,  MY sanctuary.  MY God.