Sunday Poetry, a Spiritual Retreat



I see moonlight and cherry blossoms

I see heavenly sun rays and angels from above

I see children laughing and playing

We are but one humanity

We breathe the same air

Let us embrace and hold one another

The arms of Jesus open wide

And we run into His arms and cry

Oh Heavenly father do you hear my cries?

Only a mother will understand the pain

Only a mother knows true love from within

Only a mother will be by His side


Fear not friends.  I am alive and well.  My husband has refused to let me tweet, my phone has been confiscated.  I am not banned, I am on a retreat.  My husband wanted alone time with me and I must oblige him.  I hope you are all well.  I hope that you too may see the cherry blossoms and embrace every new morning with the same type of beauty and passion that I do.  With Jesus by your side you will never need a compass.

This week I received so much abuse and insults that I was reminded how similar I am to Jesus Christ.  He too was suffered for his beliefs.  He too was crucified in the name of free speech and right of expression.  Am I not allowed to believe what I believe?  Am I not allowed to speak with the tongue of Christ? I AM The incarnate.  I am the Messenger.  If not me, then who I ask?

If you cannot water my garden, do not leave your footprints in the mud.  MY home,  MY sanctuary.  MY God.





Losing Abuela 2017



Hello friends, it is me Jennifer.  Oh how I have missed you and our sacred circle of communication and fellowship.  Life is like a book and each day is a new page.  Today I am returned and resurrected in His name.

First of all I must share the news that my beloved grandmother lost her battle at the end of March.  Cancer is not an attractive disease and she managed the best that she could.  In the end everyone agreed that I was very composed and brave and that the funeral service was adequate given the circumstances.  Her small frame could no longer support designer clothes so I made the executive decision to have her buried in a tailored sea green bathrobe and towel set.  We chose to only have a one hour viewing at the funeral home and the casket was obviously closed for the funeral.  I refused to participate in the gathering otherwise.

I planned the event as though it was a dinner party for close friends.  Everything had to be arranged perfectly.  We chose an inexpensive casket because my husband would not pay much money for a box to just be buried in the ground and I agreed.  We covered it with chiffon linens and a spray of red roses.  Nobody could tell.  My daughters were excited to wear matching black dresses and I used the opportunity to wear my favorite fur trimmed Dior dinner jacket and slacks.

My husband wore a Tom Ford suit.  Even though Mr. Ford is a homosexual my husband says the seams and threading are the best quality he’s seen.  So I allow it for his happiness.

She was buried peacefully and I have not returned to the gravesite.  I don’t believein visiting the dead.   I find it tacky and a false representation of my beliefs.  The body is a shell.  SHE is in Heaven beside my Saviour and smiling down upon me.  There is no more pain.  There is no more sickness.  She is free.  Fly, abuela.  Te amo.

I will have more updates soon.  This has been a difficult time for me and I keep my inner turmoils private.  I scream for the Lord.  Not for sympathy.

I love you all and hope that your spring season is magical.  He Is Risen!







Homemade Facials and Organic Life


I’ve been on a spiritual retreat with just my thoughts and in my spare time I looked up the recipe for an organic homemade facial on Pinterest.  I used pure egg whites with a hint of agave nectar and a pureed cucumber into a fragrant paste.  If you apply it generously to your entire face and neck area you can feel your pores drinking in the health and positive nutrients deep inside to your soul.

As a busy wife and mother I find it helpful to reflect and meditate in times of strife.  I spend so much time dealing with human garbage and bullies on social media that a little pampering for myself is always deserved.

Demanding the best for your home as well as your body is a motto that I live by daily.  When I go out on the town I know that I am the center of attention no matter where I go.  I treat my household the same way.  If I am in the hallway, then it is MINE to own and walk with confidence and beauty.

With my husband on my arm, no woman can compete with us. This inner strength is often intimidating to weaker women in the online world. The ones who stalk and abuse in the name of jealousy.  However, they fail to realize that I always win.  No matter what I will be at home in my luxury while they cry and talk about Jennifer.

I win.  I always do.

To God be The Glory, and I implore you to look up some helpful homemade tips of your own.  There are even some home remedies for teeth bleaching for a certain ogre.  🙂


Jenn xx

A Father’s Touch



The first time my father touched me, he told me that it was God’s Will.  He said that the Holy Spirt had spoken to him and wanted him to share the most precious message with me.  From that moment I knew that I was God’s chosen messenger.

Alot of bullies and uneducated trash have tried to accuse me of being a victim of abuse or molestation, but I stand proudly and say that not long after my father touched me with the hands of God, that I began to hear the voice of Christ himself.  He instructed me to live a life under His guidance.  And to Him alone would I be faithful and true.

My father was a a good, devout Christian and together we had a bond that was unlike any other that I’ve known.  He would hold me in his arms and tell me how much Jesus loved me and that together we would be the chosen ones to guide others to their path of righteousness.  The warm sensations that ran through my body and the clarity with which I saw the face of God were truly a divine experience.

When my father passed on I knew that it  was my mission to carry on God’s word as he had told me when I was just a child.  I devoted myself to spreading God’s Word and making myself a soldier in His name.   My father’s hands never touched me with malice.  It was with nothing but love and God’s expectations of me to be his chosen incarnate.

With his guidance and approval it had given me the strength to preach His Gospel to the less fortunate with hopes that I may inspire others to follow on his path.  Never be afraid.  Never question His undying love for you.  Christianity is the way to ultimate salvation.

And on THE day of Final Judgement, Jesus Christ and myself will have the divine task of allowing you into heaven and the eternal prosperity.

I encourage you all to take a few quiet moments and ponder where you would be without the love of Jesus Christ Almighty.

Blessings to you all and a love-filled Valentine’s Day in HIS name


Jenn xx



An Angry Husband on Super Bowl Weekend?



Good evening friends.  I hope you all are having a glorious weekend as you prepare to begin the new week.  I’ve had a thought provoking few days and wish to speak on it.

First and foremost, this whole “Super Bowl” fiasco is always disheartening to me.  I fully believe organized sports do nothing but promote gang mentality among minorities and gives black people an excuse to gamble illegally and become intoxicated.  Take a moment and think of how much of YOUR tax money has gone to support an EBT fueled game celebration? It’s not something I can support.

As some of you are aware, my husband had the day off of work on Friday so he invited me to the country club to accompany him on the golf course so that I could carry his equipment while he played. I was very excited because I rarely get to leave the house during the week and because it meant alot that he would want me to go with him.  A romantic afternoon on the greens.

The day started off pleasant enough until we arrived and I decided to take a picture of us together.  Now, I know he doesn’t like having his picture taken and for that I accept responsibility.  Maybe he was startled but for whatever reason  he quite forcefully slapped the phone from my hand. I was surprised because he hadn’t struck me in years since our youngest daughter was a child.  I apologized and we went on about the day but his mood hasn’t fully restored.  Tonight he is with some work friends to watch this dreadful game and I am pondering.

I know it’s my fault he is angry with me I just want to do something extravagant to make it up to him.  He hasn’t been speaking to me much other than on our veranda last evening and this morning at church.  I feel he is still angry and upset with me. Should I make his favorite foods or perhaps dress in my finest evening wear? I cannot live if he isn’t happy with me.  I feel as though my soul is being drained.  If he is unhappy then I am failing in my vows and I refuse to accept that.

Matrimony is the most Holy thing in my life and I take my vows seriously with every breath.  As a wife it’s my responsibility alone to ensure that my husband is happy in every way.  Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? He hasn’t been violent in years and to see that sort of fire again has me feeling as though I am failing in a way that I can’t comprehend.


As always I wish you all positive auras and a fulfilled week.  I do cherish each and every one of you.  To God be the ultimate glory.



I Support The Muslim Ban : A Christian Mother Speaks


My name is Jennifer Mayers and I support President Trump’s ban on Muslims from entering this country.  And you should too.  This is NOT a race issue.  This is an issue about protecting us from Arabs who wish to blow us up and recruit our citizens into their depraved sick world.

Maybe the liberals and Hillary supporting trash should stop whining and take a few seconds to ponder a few things.  What IF they were in the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. What IF they were having a cup of morning tea in a roadside cafe only to be blown up by a suicide bomber.   What IF their friends and family had been on an airliner and exploded to bits due to an angry Muslim thinking he was acting in the name of “Allah” — maybe then you’d support the ban as well.

President Trump is protecting ALL of us.  This is about keeping our families safe and protected at night when we dream of peace and prosperity.  This is about restoring our dignity and superiority in the world.  If a few Arabs have to be stranded at airports around the country in the name of MY safety, then so be it. Keep them out of MY country.  Build the wall.  As the new President said earlier this week “A country without borders is not a country”

My daughters will not grow up in a country where they will be scared to go outside in fear of being blown up by Muslims.  They will not be afraid to worship in a CHRISTIAN church in fear of a suicide bomber robbing them of their innocent lives.  The era of Trump is about restoring us to a time before Obama ruined us and left us vulnerable to crime and assault and online bullying.

Stop whining behind your keyboards and on your social media.  Keep your silly marches to yourself.  You’re making utter fools of yourself.  Believe in life.  Believe in love.  Believe in TRUMP.


Martin Luther “Negro” King Jr. Day?


Happy Monday friends!  I hope you all have had a blessed weekend and that the new year of 2017 is treating you kindly.  I have to say for me it has been spiritually awakened and I feel very secure and tolerant in my family.  My daughters are thriving and my  husband is loving me more than ever.  I am inspired!

I must address this “holiday” celebrating black trash Martin Luther King Jr… first of all what did this man do for us? He is not a former President or a political leader or a martyr or white.  So WHY must our government and mainstream media not only take a day off but dare to celebrate this? It’s quite insulting that I can’t enjoy a normal day without seeing this old man plastered all over my television and mobile device screens.

Is it not enough that the blacks take the month of February to pat themselves on the back? I consider myself to be an educated woman but I cannot fathom why we must take a random Monday holiday in January to celebrate a thug who did nothing but incite black violence and gang mentality among the blacks in the 1960’s.

Their sense of entitlement is only worsened every time we take a moment to put a spotlight on black heroes.  For goodness sake we have had 8 LONG years of blackness dirtying up our White House and now before he FINALLY leaves the house we must endure yet another day of worship for a false black idol?  Not in my household, friends.

Why is it all of our white holidays celebrate real pioneers and heroes who led this country but the blacks can only find an assassinated thug from 50 years ago?  It speaks volumes.  I guess they should be happy to get a day off at all.  God forbid they actually work.  It’s just another excuse to have another EBT vacation day of free government assistance and cigarettes.

My husband says they should all be disgraced.  I can’t help but agree.  I know my daughters are not allowed to read any black literature of pamphlets celebrating this nonsense.  They will not be tainted by the blackness of the mainstream  media as long as I can help it.

Take a moment tonight and ponder in silence the America that is before us.  Think of the greatness that is on the cusp of 2017 as President Trump restores our greatness.  Let us not weep in the darkness, but celebrate in the joyous light that will shine upon us on January 20th.

I give my ultimate praise to God as always.  I cherish each and every one of you.  Find your strengh from within and BE THE LIGHT that Jesus intended you to be!




A Pig Gets Married


Today the fat piglet Valerie marries Shrek with the black teeth.  And they say 2017 wouldn’t be eventful.

A mockery of Holy Matrimony should be considered the ultimate sin.  For my stalker to enter into it after a life of promiscuity and race mixing just makes me nauseated to the pit of my soul.  Jesus is indeed weeping.

I do believe Valerie is nothing more than a gold digger.  This “man” with his black dentals must have money (obviously no dental insurance) so I am baffled.  Unattractive humans must attract the same.

I’m at a loss.  The tears of Jesus fall upon thy lap.  I embrace Him only.

Happy New Year to all of my fans and friends.  I cherish you all from the bottom of my heart.





I Am A Spiritual Bird In Flight


Friends often during this time of year I feel as though I am born again as Jesus was in that Holy Manger in Bethlehem.  I weep during this magical time of celebration and cherish the time I have with my family.

So it saddens me to see sad, lonely, desperate, and insecure women who are hellbent on crucifying and assaulting me on the social media landscape.  I make it my personal goal to block all negativity from my life.  The first step was to remove such trash from my online world.  And yet Jennifer Mayers consumes them still.  I should charge admission at this point ha ha, am I right?

Now believe me, I am strong and secure in my Faith and such bullying will never break my will. I pity women who should be celebrating upcoming weddings of convenience (albeit for money purposes, certainly not for looks) or women from across the seas who should be pondering when the Queen will pass away. Instead Jennifer is the name upon thy lips.

I am flattered.  However I wish them inner peace.  The young girls I mentor at church often tell me that the Bible passages that I suggest for them each week keep them grounded and humble.

I understand that they are jealous and envious of my life.  Many times I am stopped on the street by complete strangers who just want to say hello because my aura draws them in.  I have dealt with this since I became a wealthy socialite.  My husband’s dashing good looks combined with my beauty makes for  a powerful couple.  Even as a little girl my classmates were green with envy.

Never would I have thought that grown women would resort to online bullying and verbal rape of a minority Christian mother.  It saddens me.  But like Jesus in that manger, I may cry and I may be reborn.  But I will grow into royalty and on the Final Day I will have the ultimate judgement.

So ladies, hide behind your mobile devices from within your cardboard and polyester laden homes.  Cry beneath your cheap microfiber sheet sets.  I would implore you to find another hobby but I understand that I am the closest you will ever get to seeing pure elegance in the flesh.  Consider it my Christmas gift that I allow you into my world.

Do not hate me because I am wealthy and beautiful. Hate yourselves because you are not.

Glory be to God as always and Merry Christmas to all!



Abortion and Mixed Babies


Friends, I have been “arguing” with TRASH on Twitter over the past day or so over the issue of abortion and women’s rights.  Let’s get one thing straight:  If you SPREAD your legs for intercourse purposes outside of Holy Matrimony OR for race mixing purposes then you must accept the consequences of unwanted pregnancy.

A certain user has had dozens of abortions with mixed babies because she sees it as a form of birth control and a convenient way to carry on her sinful lifestyle.  I call it for what it is.  And that is MURDER.

Abortion is possibly the most horrible thing in the world besides being black.  Why would you think that you have the option to play God and murder an innocent child that YOUR sin of lust created? I am disgusted by this.

It is NOT your choice. You made the choice to lay down and procreate.  You no longer have the right to murder the fetus inside of you.

Now, as I’ve said the only ONLY time I approve of abortion is if the baby is mongoloid.  That is a true burden that I would not carry, nor would I expect any woman to suffer.  It would be an embarrassment to me and my family and I could not allow an imperfection like that in my hone.  And I do not have the time or patience to raise one of those.

I hear the complaints of “what about if the baby is from rape, or incest” — to you I say suck it up and deal with it.  Submission is not rape. As for incest I am in no position to speak on it but every child deserves a chance.

The next time you decide to lay down with a man of color think about the consequences.  I will not allow you to murder a child.  GOD is watching and together you will face the ultimate judgement.