A Pig Gets Married


Today the fat piglet Valerie marries Shrek with the black teeth.  And they say 2017 wouldn’t be eventful.

A mockery of Holy Matrimony should be considered the ultimate sin.  For my stalker to enter into it after a life of promiscuity and race mixing just makes me nauseated to the pit of my soul.  Jesus is indeed weeping.

I do believe Valerie is nothing more than a gold digger.  This “man” with his black dentals must have money (obviously no dental insurance) so I am baffled.  Unattractive humans must attract the same.

I’m at a loss.  The tears of Jesus fall upon thy lap.  I embrace Him only.

Happy New Year to all of my fans and friends.  I cherish you all from the bottom of my heart.





I Am A Spiritual Bird In Flight


Friends often during this time of year I feel as though I am born again as Jesus was in that Holy Manger in Bethlehem.  I weep during this magical time of celebration and cherish the time I have with my family.

So it saddens me to see sad, lonely, desperate, and insecure women who are hellbent on crucifying and assaulting me on the social media landscape.  I make it my personal goal to block all negativity from my life.  The first step was to remove such trash from my online world.  And yet Jennifer Mayers consumes them still.  I should charge admission at this point ha ha, am I right?

Now believe me, I am strong and secure in my Faith and such bullying will never break my will. I pity women who should be celebrating upcoming weddings of convenience (albeit for money purposes, certainly not for looks) or women from across the seas who should be pondering when the Queen will pass away. Instead Jennifer is the name upon thy lips.

I am flattered.  However I wish them inner peace.  The young girls I mentor at church often tell me that the Bible passages that I suggest for them each week keep them grounded and humble.

I understand that they are jealous and envious of my life.  Many times I am stopped on the street by complete strangers who just want to say hello because my aura draws them in.  I have dealt with this since I became a wealthy socialite.  My husband’s dashing good looks combined with my beauty makes for  a powerful couple.  Even as a little girl my classmates were green with envy.

Never would I have thought that grown women would resort to online bullying and verbal rape of a minority Christian mother.  It saddens me.  But like Jesus in that manger, I may cry and I may be reborn.  But I will grow into royalty and on the Final Day I will have the ultimate judgement.

So ladies, hide behind your mobile devices from within your cardboard and polyester laden homes.  Cry beneath your cheap microfiber sheet sets.  I would implore you to find another hobby but I understand that I am the closest you will ever get to seeing pure elegance in the flesh.  Consider it my Christmas gift that I allow you into my world.

Do not hate me because I am wealthy and beautiful. Hate yourselves because you are not.

Glory be to God as always and Merry Christmas to all!



Abortion and Mixed Babies


Friends, I have been “arguing” with TRASH on Twitter over the past day or so over the issue of abortion and women’s rights.  Let’s get one thing straight:  If you SPREAD your legs for intercourse purposes outside of Holy Matrimony OR for race mixing purposes then you must accept the consequences of unwanted pregnancy.

A certain user has had dozens of abortions with mixed babies because she sees it as a form of birth control and a convenient way to carry on her sinful lifestyle.  I call it for what it is.  And that is MURDER.

Abortion is possibly the most horrible thing in the world besides being black.  Why would you think that you have the option to play God and murder an innocent child that YOUR sin of lust created? I am disgusted by this.

It is NOT your choice. You made the choice to lay down and procreate.  You no longer have the right to murder the fetus inside of you.

Now, as I’ve said the only ONLY time I approve of abortion is if the baby is mongoloid.  That is a true burden that I would not carry, nor would I expect any woman to suffer.  It would be an embarrassment to me and my family and I could not allow an imperfection like that in my hone.  And I do not have the time or patience to raise one of those.

I hear the complaints of “what about if the baby is from rape, or incest” — to you I say suck it up and deal with it.  Submission is not rape. As for incest I am in no position to speak on it but every child deserves a chance.

The next time you decide to lay down with a man of color think about the consequences.  I will not allow you to murder a child.  GOD is watching and together you will face the ultimate judgement.

Legal Update and the Blocking of STALKERS


Good evening friends and family!  I have received countless messages of support and your most common question is “How are you Jenn?” — Well I am GREAT because God is GOOD!

To update you on my current legal situation, my husband has retained one of the top civil rights attorneys in the country and we will be pursuing legal and monetary damages for my religious discrimination, persecution, harassment and pain and suffering due to online bullying.  I will donate 90% of any settlement to a charity of my choice.

My daughters are using this as a teaching experience that lesser races will play the “victim” and lash out in any way possible.  What a sad life it must be for black “trolls” and “homosexual lesbians” to be hiding behind computers and phones with nothing better to do than crucify a minority wife and mother online.

To further that point, I have made the decision to block and ignore any and all of my past stalkers and non-believers.  This includes morbidly obese Valerie who spends every waking moment consumed by my life.  This includes hideous homosexual lesbian Frankie who stalks me from another country while drowning in her depraved lifestyle.  This includes their minions and fellow white trash beasts who live vicariously through me because they are so poor and unhappy in their own life.  Not to mention their horrid appearances.

I consider it a cleansing of the body and soul.  Small steps lead to ultimate salvation.  May they find peace and a legitimate hobby. No longer will I be abused!

As for Twitter, they will be face consequences.  Religious discrimination is NOT going to be tolerated.

I cherish you all.  Blessings for this holiday season and remember JESUS is the reason for the season.




A Lesson To My Daughters: Jealousy


My two youngest daughters were in tears over this whole Twitter fiasco.  They said Mommy why does this happen?  I said girls,  in life you will ALWAYS have people who are less beautiful, less successful, and who are miserable in themselves who will try to bring you down. But you must never let them see you crumble.  You never show weakness.  Instead you keep your head held high and you come back stronger than ever.

I never keep secrets from my children.  They know that they aren’t as beautiful as I am.  They know that more than likely they will never have a husband who is as rich as their father.  But I always say that if they follow the Word of God and do as I instruct that they will have riches than mankind has never seen.

In today’s world we focus so much on negativity and online bullying and who can argue the best or have the last word.  The only WORD we should focus on is God.  In my years on Twitter I have been verbally assaulted, persecuted, crucified, slandered and vilified beyond belief.  But here I stand.

So-called “women” who have no life spend hours upon hours judging my beauty, fashion, and lifestyle because they are miserable and have no life or husband of their own.  The black and homosexual agenda of America MUST be stopped, friends.

Jesus give me strength.  Others may not be so strong.  What about them?  Who is there to protect and embrace them when the bullies emerge?

Let us pray for them and hope that together we can overcome the hate and jealousy and be ourselves. I will NEVER back down.  I will never change or abandon my beliefs for “modern” society.

Jesus knows me inside and out.  I live for Him. That is good enough for me.

As always, glory be to God above and I love and cherish you all for the kind words and support during this difficult time.  I have received an outpouring of love from friends, family, and celebrities encouraging me to keep spreading my positivity.  And I shall.






Twitter Suspension?


Excuse me?  My husband has demanded that I be reinstated or we will be taking legal action within 24 hours.  This is a discrimination of my FREE SPEECH that Jesus Christ died in order for me to have.

This is a crime against my faith.  Against my beliefs.  This is a crucifixion in the highest order.  President Trump will NEVER stand for this.

I assure you my team is working around the clock.  There will be consequences of the legal AND biblical kind.  Of this you can be sure.

I love and adore you all.  Never fear.  I WILL BE BACK.





BLACK Trash Thanksgiving



Hello to ALL my friends and fans.  I am so guilty for neglecting this blog but I confess that I can be lazy and the busy time of year with my family and the holidays sometimes gets the best of me.  I hope you all can forgive me.  I promise to try harder.  Neglecting my fans is something that I never intend to do.

That being said let me say, first and foremost, GLORY BE TO GOD that WE elected President Donald J. Trump on November 8th!  Every single one of my online bullies was served a piping hot dish of crow that day while I was surrounded in bliss with my entire family and sobbing as the results came in.  I have been preaching, supporting, and spreading His word the entire year and God himself spoke to me and told me the outcome would be victorious.  Nobody believed me.  But as I always say, God is GOOD and together we came through!  It made every day of online abuse, rape, slander, crucifixion and hate more than worth it.  Nail me to thy cross in the name of Jesus because on the final day WE will have the final say.  Amen in Jesus name!!

Today is Thanksgiving.  A day for white families to gather and be thankful for all that we have accomplished this year.  A sacred day to enjoy the company of one another and to feast on an elegant meal (preferably catered) but if you had to cook your own that is acceptable.  I always enjoy making an extravagant spread and enjoying the reaction of my family and the pride that they show for me. We never eat a morsel until my table is set up perfectly.  I confess a few years ago I wasn’t satisfied until well after 7pm and we had a festive late dinner.

It truly saddens me to think of all the black garbage families who will be using OUR hard earned tax money to make a welfare Thanksgiving dinner.  Or maybe they refuse to buy anything at all and pretend to be homeless and travel to a local church or shelter for a free meal.  It sickens me to my core.  The greed knows no end.  My grandmother always said it was in their DNA.  As this year has shown me time and time again, she is right.  Furthermore these same “needy” families will be the ones acting like rabid apes inside the various discount stores for the dreaded Black Friday sales. Again, the greed.

The fraud on the welfare system in America simply has to end.  It is abused on some of the most sacred days including Thanksgiving, into Black Friday and ultimately Christmas.  Is it worth it to PRETEND to be needy all for the sake of a free meal of dry turkey and a can of cranberry sauce?  Personally I wouldn’t be caught dead in such a scenario but the blacks are more than happy to haul their 12 cousins and grandkids and various “baby mamas” to any place they can get a free plate.  I am nauseated even thinking about it as I type this.

The smells from MY kitchen are glorious.  My caterer ultimately made it to my home and we have everything that we need.  Tomorrow I will use my organizational and decor skills to provide MY family with the ultimate display of thanks that they deserve.  Ponder that while you think of all the black families who throw their dignity away all in the name of free food.  Free ANYTHING.  It’s disgusting.

I bid you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and may your families be blessed always.  To God be the Glory forever.







Body Shaming: Overweight Pop Stars



As you all know I am a fierce advocate for personal fitness and keeping your body in excellent shape for your husband.   I do yoga daily and stick to a strict diet thanks to Weight Watchers Points Plus.  Of course, I occasionally indulge in a favorite sweet treat or two, but I have the will power to keep my body in impeccable condition.

Today I was horrified to see the failed pop star known as Demi Lovato body shaming other women for being thin.  To her that is not a “real” body.  I guess she is so used to seeing her overweight stomach and thighs in the mirror that this has becoming common for her.  I ask myself why is she so insecure in her own body that she would insult other women?

My personal motto is to spread positivity through Christ and I must admit that I was disgusted.  Ms. Lovato is a known drug addict, promiscuous sexual partner, and now she is insulting other women for having perfect bodies?  When did she become Jesus Christ?  When did she get to judge others based solely on appearance when her own closet is so full of sin and depravity?

Ms. Demi Lovato let me be clear.  YOU are overweight.  YOUR body is not normal.  YOU are insecure in your own skin.  Put some clothes on and change your social media banners.  Stop doing drugs and being the worst type of role model for my daughters.  Lose weight.  Moisturize your skin.  There is so much that YOU should be working on to improve yourself and you choose to lash out at others?

Your alleged “career” is in shambles.  Your body is a wreck.  Take a long look in a full body length mirror and realize that this is God’s way of showing you that NOW is the time to fix yourself. Shame your own body instead of others.  Punish yourself. I, for one, will not allow you to insult my thin body or my daughters because it is not normal for YOU.

I assure you Ms. Lovato that nobody cares about your failed career or your opinion. You are a promiscuous addict and nothing more.  My daughters never liked you anyway.

As always friends, I give ultimate praise to Christ and I wish you a blessed evening.



Race Mixing and Alleged “Robbery”


By now you all know that the race mixing garbage known as Kim Kardashian has allegedly been robbed at gunpoint in Paris.  Let me say that I have my doubts.  The woman with no morals who has laid down with many a black man out of wedlock now wants public sympathy for being bound, gagged, and thrown into a bathtub?  I think not.

I say IF this robbery were real and not a publicity stunt as I suspect, that she got exactly what she deserved.  The signs of Jesus Christ telling her to stop this life of sin and race mixing, not to mention the creation of two yellow babies who now must live in humiliation are EVERYWHERE.  When He speaks, it is our duty to listen.

Why are we devoting media attention to this prostitute?  Why does anyone care that she was a “victim” of a crime allegedly?  If anyone is a victim it is me and my daughters for having to be subjected to this nonsense.  What kind of role model is Ms. Kardashian?  What kind of example is she setting for the young white girls of America?

If she were truly held at gunpoint I can only express my disappointment that the alleged robbers did not have the audacity or strength to pull the trigger.

As always I give devotion in the name of Jesus Christ and I wish you all a blessed evening in this autumn season.