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Ariana Grande’s Reign of Terror: Memorial Day Pondering



As we celebrate Memorial Day and those who have died to give us free speech I want to take a moment to remember my beloved abuela.  It was a long battle but she finally succumbed to the cancer.   I remember you.  I want to take a moment to remember Jesus Christ who suffered so much for our sins and our ability to speak our minds.  Not a single breath leaves my body that is not dedicated to Him.  I remember you.  Happy Memorial Day, friends.  May you be blessed and surrounded by loved ones.

The victims of Ariana Grande’s terror attack, however, cannot spend today with their families.  I’m sure that Ms. Grande is laying poolside in her smallest bikini without a care in the world.  Most certainly her most promiscuous behavior is on display for all to see, a satisfied smile plastered across her face.  We live in modern times where modesty has been thrown out the window.  What happened to wholesome role models for OUR daughters to look up to?

My daughters asked me why she must feel the need to display such raunch and immodesty for all to see.  I told them she is very much Anti-Christian and Anti-American and the alleged terrorists latched onto her beliefs in order to send a message from Jesus Christ that she MUST change her ways.

We must ask ourselves as parents what are WE doing wrong to place our children in harm’s way.  What business does an eight year old have at a prostitute’s concert? I am not blaming children, I am blaming the parents and the lustful acts of Ms. Grande.  Why do you think the alleged terrorists chose her venue in the first place? Her own life choices and decisions have placed millions in harms way and she doesn’t even care.  As long as she can continue her promiscuous and race-mixing lifestyle and get paid for it, why should she care?  Society tells her that it is ok.

Miss Ariana Grande, you have the blood of millions on YOUR hands.  So as you spend today tweak dancing beside a pool with your boyfriend and sipping on alcohol maybe you should take a few moments to remember and apologize to the thousands that you have murdered through your actions.  God will forgive.  I will not forget.

In other news, my husband has grounded me for a week.  He said I had neglected the family and he could see the abuse that I was receiving on Twitter was taking it’s toll on my health.  So to protect me he has taken my phone and changed my password until I feel better.  He will return it to me.  In the meantime, I have borrowed my housekeeper’s phone.  I appreciate so many of you reaching out to me and being concerned.  I’m taking this time to connect to God and meditate.

I love you all and may you continue to be blessed with God’s mercy.  Live vegan.  Live healthy.  ALWAYS be the light.